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    A specialist energy consultancy

    Technical due diligence and advisory services

  • Technical due diligence and advisory services TNEI works on behalf of international banks, investors, asset owners and developers to provide technical due diligence and advisory services. We have extensive experience of renewable energy and conventional generation through our diverse team of civil and electrical engineers, acousticians, environmental and consenting professionals.

    Our expert technical due diligence and advisory services cover the key sectors of generation, transmission and distribution, providing support to both public and private sector organisations around the world. We can add value to projects and help our clients unlock the potential of their assets, by identifying and quantifying risks and advising on complex technical issues. We have delivered services to clients both independently and collaboratively with our partners in the UK, Europe and emerging markets in Africa and South America.

    TNEI can provide expertise ranging from technical due diligence, policy and strategy development and power systems analysis through to scheme design, project consenting, project management, environmental assessment, environmental management, Owner’s Engineer and Technical Advisor.

    Our technical due diligence services include red flag identification and analysis of project critical risks and detailed due diligence assessments covering any one, or a combination of the following areas:

    • Technology assessment • Grid connection arrangements, offers and agreements • Grid code compliance • Electricity regulation • Civil and electrical design assessments • Ground risk • Construction contracts, interfaces and programmes • Resource assessment and energy yield (with our selected partners) • Capital cost assessments • Stakeholder analysis • Operation and maintenance • Consenting and permitting • Environmental aspects • Noise monitoring and assessment • Site monitoring, inspections and investigations.

    TNEI is an independent specialist energy consultancy providing technical, strategic, environmental and consenting

    advice to organisations operating within the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

    Technical due diligence and advisory services

  • Case studies Service: Electrical design and grid connection and due diligence Client: Confidential

    TNEI reviewed a portfolio of South American operational and in- construction wind projects totalling over 700MW in capacity. The review comprised an initial red flag review followed by a detailed assessment. The client used TNEI’s assessment to determine OPEX risks and refine their bid for acquisition of the portfolio. TNEI identified risks associated with grid curtailment which led to reduced generation export and revenue losses and also identified issues with the electrical site infrastructure design which presented potential risks to the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of the projects.

    Service: Grid connection due diligence Client: Confidential

    TNEI assessed a portfolio of 16 UK wind projects varying in capacity from 20MW to 100MW, with a mixture of transmission and distribution connected schemes for a European utility. The assessment of the grid connection opportunities and risks for each project were used by the utility in their preparation of a bid for the portfolio of wind farm projects. For each project, TNEI provided a review and assessment of the connection documentation available and an assessment of the grid connection costs including use of system charges and embedded benefits. TNEI also provided advice on the timescale of the connection, network constraints and potential curtailment.

    Service: Noise impact due diligence Client: Confidential

    To inform our client’s bid process, TNEI’s acoustics team carried out a review of a portfolio of wind energy sites across the UK. The sites were at varying stages of development ranging from initial feasibility through to having gained planning consent. All required some degree of noise modelling and analysis and review of third party assessment. Several sites were subject to complex cumulative noise issues. Our assessment was undertaken to tight timescales allowing our client to focus on the sites that matched its risk and investment criteria and to proceed through the bid process.

    Service: Consenting and environmental due diligence Client: Confidential

    To support a legal action, TNEI undertook a review of the consenting process and of the assessment and application works undertaken by a third party on a portfolio of wind energy sites. Expert opinion on the appropriateness of the works and compliance with statutory requirements and best practice based on our extensive wind energy experience were provided.

    Jason McGray Environmental & Consenting Lead

    Jason leads TNEI’s EIA capability, including management and coordination of EIAs and planning submissions for renewable energy developments. He has been involved in site assessment through to obtaining planning permission for a variety of projects, ranging from an extensive multi-site micro generation project for a large retail client to Section 36 greenfield wind farm schemes. Additional experience includes site finding and feasibility assessment, environmental input into FEED projects, socio- economic impact assessment and organising and

    conducting programmes of community consultation. Jason has carried out environmental and consenting due diligence on renewable generation and electrical infrastructure projects and has an understanding of the financial modelling and development valuation process, undertaking financial modelling for a range of energy developments. He is an IEMA accredited Registered EIA Practitioner and Associate IEMA Member.

    Email: [email protected] Tel: +44(0)191 211 1430

    Steve Dixon Offshore Renewables Lead

    Steve is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the design, installation and commissioning of projects within the power industry and has a broad range of experience in power systems studies, grid code compliance, technical strategy and project management for the power sector, including offshore transmission and offshore wind. He has also worked closely with offshore wind developers, Ofgem, OFTOs and NGET on a variety of projects including due diligence studies, conceptual design studies, and

    technical assessment of HVAC versus HVDC systems, full life system costs and detailed technical work such as harmonics assessment, filter design and submission of design information to NGET.

    Email: [email protected] Tel: +44(0)161 233 4816

    Get in touch We are a specialist, independent company. That’s why we can offer a flexible, personal service and help our clients quickly and efficiently, without all the big corporate distractions.

    But most of all, we love to solve problems.

    For more information about our due diligence and advisory services, please contact one of our experts on the methods above.

    Service: Electrical systems due diligence Client: Confidential

    TNEI completed a due diligence project to examine two German offshore HVDC interconnector projects, Dolwin1 and Sylwin1. Our role was to provide due diligence advice from the perspective of the electrical systems. This involved discussions with legal teams, financial teams and regulatory experts in order to explain the technology, analyse the technical risks and provide advice regarding the risk of unavailability and failure. Discussions with TenneT, one of the German System Operators, and regulatory advisors developed an understanding of the German electricity market and regulatory system.

    Service: Technical due diligence (multi-discipline) Client: Confidential

    TNEI was appointed to provide specialist input on grid, power systems, noise and consenting aspects for a portfolio of wind farms in Ireland, on behalf of an investor. The scope of works comprised an initial red flag review highlighting key portfolio risks, which was later followed by detailed assessment of each project. TNEI also provided input to the client’s financial advisor on operating costs and technical revenue factors to be considered in the valuation.

    Key contacts James Hollender Director of Developer Support

    James is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has been involved in due diligence projects since 2008 for the acquisition, financing and refinancing of onshore wind, solar and STOR projects, acting on behalf of vendors, purchasers and institutional lenders. James’ experience in due diligence extends across the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and South Africa.

    Following on from the initial due diligence exercises, James has acted as Technical Advisor on behalf of capital investors on several onshore wind farms in both the UK and Ireland, during the construction phase.

    Email: [email protected] Tel: +44(0)191 211 1405

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    We are a specialist, independent company. That’s why we can offer a flexible, personal service and help our clients quickly and efficiently, without all the big corporate distractions.

    But most of all, we love to solve problems.

    For more information about who we are and what we do, please contact: [email protected]

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