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Presentation given to REALCOMM CIO Forum in London on the 16th October 2013.

Transcript of Tech megatrends

  • 1. 4 Tech megatrends Antony Slumbers, MD, Estates Today

2. a solution in search of a problem 3. Mobile 4. 207,000,000 Smartphones Q4 2012 5. One in three of all page views are now from phone or tablet 6. 13-fold growth in data traffic predicted from 2012-2017 7. 90 seconds 8. 262% 9. 87% 10. The UKs first mobile Christmas 11. The Connective Tissue that allows the modern world to function 12. HelloGoodbye 13. iPhone just 6 years old.Do you remember the clamshell razr? Smart phones are not phones 14. fibre = Driverless cars Real time language translation Real time satellite mapping Voice controlled search 15. UK government aims for 2 Mb/s by 2015South Korea: 2 Gb/s 16. 3 The Cloud Freedom at last 17. Freedom 18. to compete on a level playing field 19. to Bring Your Own Device 20. that comes from always being up to date 21. to work where and when you want 22. 4 The Internet of Things 23. 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 24. Why is this a megatrend for commercial property? 25. The Smart City is comingOpportunity to develop wide range of new services 26. Is there a roadmap? 27. Real time information on the availability of parking spaces. And of course directions to get to them 28. Street lighting that adapts to weather, time of day and traffic or pedestrian flows 29. Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas 30. Self-monitoring equipment, providing advance warning of problems 31. Self-monitoring equipment, providing advance warning of problems 32. To sum up 33. You and your people will work differently :whatever information you need will be available wherever 34. 20 Fenchurch Street The Walkie Talkie Size: 62,895 sqm Availability: 29,446 sqm Developer: Canary Wharf Group PLC Land Securities Agent: Knight Frank, CBRE 35. Filter failure will give way to contextual serendipity 36. How clients - everyone - uses real estate will change. 37. Computing is not about computers any more.It is about living. Nicholas Negroponte, Founder MIT Media Labs