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Tax Defense Network provides a variety of tax services to consumers. The services include everything from help with navigating sticky issues with the IRS to simply filing taxes. This Slideshare is designed to help give you a better picture of who they are and what they have to offer. If you're interested in learning more, check out or click the link in the presentation above.

Transcript of Tax Defense Network Review

  • Tax Defense Network!
  • Who They Are! Tax Defense Network has been in business since 1997. With more than a decade worth of experience, the professionals here follow a strict code of ethics in their ofce that will keep you from getting entangled with any scandals that many other companies nd themselves involved with. Their Fire and Ice philosophy ensures that you are Fully Informed with Realistic Expectations about their services and your specic tax issue. Ice is referred to as an Ideal Client Experience which includes doing transparent business and working with you as a team.!
  • They can help you with the following tax issues: IRS Tax Liens IRS Bank Levies IRS Wage Garnishments Payroll Tax Issues PenalAes & Interest Unled Taxes Services!
  • The Tax Professionals They have a team of licensed tax professionals at your service. Some of them include: Jonathan Bochese Beth Caudill Jesse Seaman Eric Roer Catharine OConnor Daniel Petri Tyler Jones Michelle Montano Laura Kennington Jason Agate Sarah Deierlein Vanessa Borges Naydali Hurst
  • Additional Services! Installment Agreements Oer in Compromise Penalty Abatement Innocent Spouse Relief Currently Not CollecAble IRS Appeals Compliance
  • Do They Offer Debt Education Resources?! There is a blog with many entries that cover a variety of tax topics that you might nd useful. Though there are not dates so we are unsure how oUen they update the blog. Videos can also be accessed and watched as Tax Defense Network has shown up in the media to educate the public. You can view a number of press releases as well.
  • FAQs and Additional Resources! Their FAQs secAon is a bit light with only ve topics, which are listed below. Payment opAons Penalty abatement waiving penalAes and interested from your tax account. How to stop the IRS from garnishing wages. Documents needed for the IRS. Can the IRS put you in jail for not ling?
  • This is an accredited business since June 2008. They have an A+ raAng. 43 complaints have been closed within the last three years with 21 closed in the last twelve months. 1 issue was for adverAsing and sales issues, 2 were for billing and collecAon issues, 1 was for guarantee and warranty issues, with 39 being for problems with product or service. BBB Rating!
  • What Do They Charge?! Cost will vary from case to case. In a scenario of owing $20k in tax debt, we were quoted a at rate of $3,950. Monthly payment plans can be set up if needed. Financing is also available.
  • Do They Have a Refund Policy?! Yes! They will refund you any money for work that has not been done if you decide to cancel services with them. This is done on a case by case basis. However, they will work hard for you to help resolve any issue you have so you can conAnue business with them in a saAsfactory manner.
  • Yes, they have both, as well as enrolled agents. You will have access to mulAple professionals from various elds. Do They Have CPAs and Tax Attorneys on Staff?!
  • Free ConsultaAons Not only do they handle tax issues, but they can help you le your taxes if you are behind. They do not need a full retainer up front to begin working on your case. Price is preiy standard for the industry. The Positives!
  • The website is preiy basic and does not seem to have quite as much informaAon as others in the industry. There are a few complaints listed on the BBB, so you might want to take a look and read through the resoluAons that were made to those complaints. The Negatives!
  • The Bottom Line! We feel that Tax Defense Network is a great company to consider for your tax needs. They have been in business for a long Ame, seem to have a high standard of doing business and their prices are neither too inated or underinated to raise any red ags. We recommend them.
  • How Can I Learn More?! You can learn more by visiAng their review on at the following link: hip:// tax-defense-network-review/
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