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Tata Motors, one of the leading automobile companies of India was looking for an idea to make it a truly integrated customer experience to position their next generation vehicles and engineering capabilities. The one-line brief was to bridge the gap between digital and the on-ground exhibit area to get more footfalls with increased engagement for a holistic consumer experience at the Tata Motors pavillion at the 12th Delhi Auto Expo 2014.

Transcript of Tata Motors Horizonext Delhi Auto Expo 2014 - Runtime Solutions

  • TATA Motors Horizonext 2014 The next digital frontier at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014
  • The Delhi Auto Expo The Delhi Auto Expo is the largest expo and the ultimate show, which witnesses unveiling of new cars from various Indian and global automobile players. Every year the auto expo witnesses a footfall of more than 5 lakhs and more than 75,000 people visit it every day The expo gives an indication to the people of what of lies ahead in the automobile industry.
  • The Challenge Tata Motors, one of the leading automobile company of India approached us for an Idea to make it a truly integrated customer experience. The one-line brief was to bridge the gap between digital and the pavilion to get more footfalls with increased engagement for the Tata Motor stall at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014.
  • The Route More than 12 million Indians use the internet daily. 3 hours of their daily time is spent on social media With this Target audience in mind, we designed a campaign to connect college students, youth and youngsters who were inclined towards the automobile with TATA motors.
  • The Solution We designed and built a riveting microsite for the Horizonext called connect.tatamotors.com for the customers to connect with TATA Motors. Currently live on: http://www.runtime- solutions.com/tmconnect/index1.php We had a counter which counted down the minutes, hours and days to the Big Event building the hype.
  • Home Page Look
  • Teaser Campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxD8KkoJt94
  • Engagement Driver In order to drive engagement, we custom- made a video jigsaw application The jigsaw contest went live through the Horizonext website Visitors to the website had to solve a video jigsaw of a jumbled-up TVC featuring the NANO car Fastest users were given prizes.
  • Facebook as an identifier
  • Video Jigsaw
  • Play the Game
  • Play the Game
  • Scoring Scores was based on how little time visitors could crack the jigsaw puzzle
  • Winning Daily winners were given passes for the Auto- Expo Weekly winners were given Flipkart vouchers The idea was to capture the attention of the customers before the Auto Expo commenced The month long contest witnessed more than 20,000 people playing the contest and accumulating points for the bumper gift voucher on the day of auto-expo.
  • Leaderboard
  • Share
  • Video Jigsaw Login into Facebook on a browser window Open this link on another window: http://www.runtime- solutions.com/tmconnect/videoJigsaw.php Note: Wait for some time to load the flash
  • Live Webcast We live cast the launch of the new Revotron Engine
  • On-ground Experience Users would have to find the 20 registration desks to claim their Horizonext Bands These are RFID Bands (Image on next slide) which have smart chips embedded in them These would get programmed to the users Facebook ID at the registration desk Once they had put the wrist bands on, they could walk about the Pavillion and freely interact with the Product and Activity Pods
  • RFID Bands - Horizonext RFID technology involves giving the wrist-bands and setting up screens for reading the same.
  • Pavillion Layout
  • Product Pod Passenger Vehicles There were 9 such product pods for each of the Passenger Cars which users could interact with via the touch screens
  • Zest from TATA Motors
  • Bolt from TATA Motors
  • Safari Ladakh
  • Product Pods - Commercial There were 9 such product pods for each of the Commercial Vehicles
  • Primo Racing Truck All the tabs were touch-enabled
  • Primo Trucks
  • Activity Pods Video jigsaw on a tablet where users could have fun assembling the video jigsaw puzzle. Their interactions would then be shared on their Facebook walls, thereby ensuring social virality.
  • The Effects Users could register for the event by simply filling the main registration form From moms to children, from tech people to government employees, from professionals to armatures we gave them all a reason to connect with Tata Motors. The microsite was promoted on media channels, automobile sites and social media. More than 100,000 users registered
  • The results The Horizonext website saw more than 3 million page views More than 403,604 unique visitors visited the website in a span of 28 days The average visit duration was 1:37 minutes More than 84,989 people registered for the RFID bands
  • On-Ground Verdict There were 35,000+ Interactions across all the days at all the Activity Pods combined Visitors were enthralled by the experience
  • RFID Bands
  • Product Pod
  • Social Media Leadership Within 3 days of launching the RFID bands TATA Motors was among the top 3 brands, which created buzz on the social media.
  • Snapshots January 15th to 31st saw a huge spike in Unique Visitors and Page Views
  • On-Ground (at the Delhi Auto Expo) Registration at the desks Number of RFID Bands issued 84,000 + Social Interaction 150,000+ Impressions across platforms