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  • 1.Task 8

2. Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Masthead Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy Body copy 3. Masthead Images /inside stories Advert image Copy 4. For this task we had to make a tabloid layout for our article. I started off with adding the copy to the right side of the page and adding the masthead to the top left, I kept the fonts the same as I did on the broadsheet front page as I though the font was effective and made it stand out. As the copy did not all fit I wrote continues of page 4 at the bottom to tell people there is more. 5. I then added the image of Tupac to the left side of the page taking up most of the room, I made the image big so before people read the copy they know who the article is about. I kept the image black and white as I think it looks more effective and better than it would in colour, also because the article is not a pleasant one as its about death, I thought maybe keeping the colours dark could show this as things in colour seem happy and I didnt want people to think this article was a happy thing. 6. I added a date line to the front page as every newspaper has one and I forgot to put on in at the start, I also found a voucher online and decided to put it on the front page, however after looking at the design I thought it was too boring and did not look like a professional paper at all so I decided to change most of the things and the layout of it all to make it look like something you would see in shops. 7. After looking at the layout I did first, I thought it looked boring and not something that you would see in the shop when looking at other papers, so I decided to get a picture of The Sun newspaper logo to put onto my layout because I do not think mine was any good. I also made the writing slightly bigger and tried to make it the same height as the image used. I kept the date line on the paper because I thought it was important and I placed it just underneath the masthead which I think works well. I also made the image smaller and positioned it further down the page, so I could fit in the headline and make that bigger so it catches peoples attention. 8. I also noticed that most tabloid papers include the latest sport news and because Ronaldo is quite big I decided to take an image and write about what pages people can find it on. However I think I might add more football pictures to the front page because I still think it looks quite simple and boring. Also after I have positioned the header underneath the masthead I still think there might be more white space than intended but I think if I had more sport images I think it would fill it nicely. 9. I also wanted the copy to look more interesting and more appealing for people to read, so I decided to add a drop capital to the start, this was to make it more effective and stand out more. I also spaced out the letters more where it says Latest sport news I did this because I thought it would be easier to read at a glance and most people who read papers like The Sun are into sports so by making it clear there are 7 pages of sport may appeal to some people more than others. I also made the red box where the masthead is a little bigger so I could add the dateline and the price just underneath and keep the text white as I think it works well with the red background as it makes it easier to read and the price is stated clearly. 10. I decided to change the image of Ronaldo on the top right because I wanted to make it seem more interesting so I also got a picture of Gareth Bale to position there as well. I also added the headline for my article which is simple but tells people what has happened. I made the font large so it is easy to read far away and also Haettenschweiler as this font makes the headline stand out more, however I still think this front page looks simple and boring as it has too much white space. 11. I decided to create a whole new layout for the tabloid style paper. I chose The Sun papers masthead as this paper is quite popular and their masthead is clear and easy to read and the colours they use work well. I then created a black box for the centre of the page where I positioned an image of Tupac along with the headline, I made the headline white as I thought this stood out more against the black box, I also created a white box where I would put the copy and placed this to the right of the image. Also because Tupac was such an inspiration to some people I thought his date of birth to the date he died would put good to add to this page, so I wrote this is read to stand out again the white background and also made it centred which I think looks better than having it to the left. After I did all this I realised the top right of the paper was plain, so I went onto TMZ for some celebrity news as that is what most tabloids include and did a section on Chris Brown and also included what page would have the whole story on. I then added the dateline and the price and then a barcode.