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  • 1. Creating a Targeted Resume
    Kristin Conner
    Jozsef Horvath
    L&I 798
    May, 7, 2011

2. Executive Summary
75 applications on averagefor each opening (CareerBuilder, 2009).
38% spend less than a minute reviewing a resume ( 18%>.30s).
The biggest mistake is a lack of customization.
79% of human resource managers said they pay a lot more attention to resumes that are tailored to their open positions(CareerBuilder, 2010).
70% of seniors would use acareer centers to develop their resumes (NACE, 2010).
Majority of Stanford undergraduates can not create atargeted resume butwould attendresume workshop (SUCDC Learner Survey, 2011).
The purpose of REIW is to bridge that GAP.
3. SUCDC Learner Survey2011
3 part Likert-3 type instrument (Y, S, N).
Given to students, experts and employers
Purpose: to measure students ability:

  • Describe experiences in AVFsentences

4. Create AVF sentences 5. Create targeted resume. 6. Willingness to attend workshop