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A novel approach to individual professional development that maximizes investment in employees.

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  • 2. 2 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Comprises a Virtual Network Of Specialists that Function within a Matrix Management Model Core Individuals Have Over 100 Years of Combined Business Leadership and Consulting Experiences
  • 3. 3 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Professional Development of People Rationale People are the Engine for Success Within all Organizations People are a Major Investment in the Life Cycle of an Organization Cost to Hire & Train Costs to Maintain (Loaded Salary) Major Investments Should Continually Provide Organizational Returns Development is one way to do it
  • 4. 4 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Professional Development of People Iterative Process Part of Continuous Improvement of HR Positively Impacts: Organizational Bench Strength Workplace Productivity, Effectiveness, & Creativity Raises the Performance Bar Employee Understanding of Strengths and Challenge Areas Employee Motivation & Company Loyalty Positive Impact on Revenues/Metrics
  • 5. 5 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Professional Development of People The Essence Even if You are on the Right Track, Youll Still Get Run Over if you Just Sit There. - Will Rogers
  • 6. 6 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS People Development Are We On The Right Track? We Believe So! Not telling people where they stand deprives them of the information they need to take responsibility for their development, and make informed decisions about their career. - Harvard Business Review (1/02) Telling people to improve without providing the requisite coaching is unhelpful . . . It requires the supervisor to provide frequent coaching to help the person achieve these new behaviors. - Harvard Business Review (1/02)
  • 7. 7 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Genesis of the Sales Model A Simple Question was Asked: What is it that Our More Successful People do that Differentiates Them from Others? What Activities are They Doing that Others are not Doing? A Simple Answer was Given: It Might not be What They do but Rather how They do it . . . . the RENDITION . . . . not Just Activities
  • 8. 8 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS At the End of the Day . . . Success = Effective Processes Improved Metrics
  • 9. 9 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Sales Performance Model The Roadmap to Targeted Professional Development Drivers of Field Success Identified Benchmarking of High & Low Producers Drivers of Success Prioritized Performance Inventory Individual Plan of Action (IPA) Resources for Skill Improvement Management Coaching for Implementation
  • 10. 10 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Sales Performance Model Outcomes Highlight Areas for Professional Development MACRO PICTURE MICRO PICTURE Utilizes quantitative and subjective data sources to create sales representative composite ratings & rankings Pinpoints what specific factors contribute to success according to best demonstrated practices Creates an individual profile for each sales representative that assesses performance on all relevant variables Reflects how each sales rep rates relative to peers Individual Plan of Action (IPA) developed for each sales rep indentifying areas of further development and a guide for ongoing reference Manager reviews progress as part of joint visits to assure that IPA is moving forward
  • 11. 11 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Performance Management Cycle Seamless Integration Pre-Call Plan Ongoing Dialogue & Follow-up Customer Visits Plan Post Call Plan Management Coaching Strategic/Tactical Dialogue Execute Field Trip Assessments (MCRs) Sales Performance Model Discussions (IPAs) Agree on Next Steps & Action Items
  • 12. 12 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Return on Investment A Documented Case Overall Increase in Sales of >20% Overall Increase in market Share >20% Percent Improvement of Success Drivers of 8% points 35 of 40 Territories Improved in Sales, Market Share, and Qualitative Measures Sales Force Rated First in Class Amongst Competing Company Sales Forces for the First Time 8th Consecutive Year of Survey (Blinded) Customer & Non-Customer Base
  • 13. 13 CHELSEA MARKETING ADVISORS Sales Performance Model Deliverables for Future Professional Development Drivers of Field Success Identified Key Drivers of Field Success Prioritized Behaviors of Higher & Lower Performers are Benchmarked Performance Inventory Generated for each rep Individual Plan of Action is Developed Resources Identified for Improving Skill Sets Management Coaching for Successful Implementation