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  • 1. Targeted it just worksJim ThompsonWorldnowSVP Local Sales@jtpush2

2. What is ? Its about delivering your advertisers message to the right local userTargeting OptionsGeography: Target users by market or zip codeContext: Target users viewing relevant contentBehavior:Target users based on their interestsDemographic: Target users based on age, gender, income Retarget:Target users who visited advertisers website 3. Local Media Case Studies 1. Tapping out-of-market B2B dollars 2. Targeting local travelers 3. Locating brand enthusiasts 4. Case Study: Tap out-of-market B2B dollars Opportunity: Clean energy building solutions company Wants to reach construction decision makers in multiple markets Kansas City Meredith Broadcasting 5. Case Study: Tap out-of-market B2B dollars Customized Recommendation 3-markets Chicago, Dallas, Miami Decision makers, business owners B2B, construction, energy, real estate Campaign commitment $125K+ Why it worked for advertiser Architects and building managers are thedecision makers that we needed to get in front ofand Worldnow Targeted has allowed us to do that.-- Derbigum Marketing Manager 6. Case Study: Targeting local travelers Opportunity: Raise awareness about expanded flight options Seeking in-market travelers Cedar Rapids-Waterloo-Iowa City- Dubuque Quincy Broadcasting 7. Case Study: Targeting local travelers Customized Recommendation Focus on local market only Users w/ travel interest, viewing travel content Campaign commitment $36K, 12 months Why it worked for advertiserThe client uses Worldnow Targeted to gain acompetitive edge over other airports in the area by developing a strong local presence.-- Abbie Vandenakker, Digital Sales Specialist, KWWL 8. Case Study: Seeking brand enthusiasts Opportunity: Promote sales events Seeking Harley- Davidson enthusiasts in and out of market Las Vegas Meredith Broadcasting 9. Case Study: Seeking brand enthusiasts Customized Recommendation Las Vegas market Male, motorcycle, automotive, Harley-Davidson Remarketing enabled in and out of market Campaign commitment $10K Why it worked for advertiser Advertiser directly credited the sale of at least one motorcycle to the Targeted program and has renewed twice since the original campaign. -- Holly Spoor, Digital Sales Manager, KVVU 10. Multi-category application 11. More information:Jim Thompson | @jtpush2jthompson@worldnow.com212.389.5197Lori Morganlmorgan@worldnow.com502.412.0434