Tangible benefits from SharePoint IM summit 2010 wellington - chandima

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Chandima Kulathilake Director – Knowledge Cue Consulting www.knowledgecue.com Extracting Tangible Benefits to Working Processes from SharePoint
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Session from the Wellington Information Management Summit (2010)

Transcript of Tangible benefits from SharePoint IM summit 2010 wellington - chandima

  • 1. Extracting Tangible Benefits toWorking Processes fromSharePoint Chandima Kulathilake Director Knowledge Cue Consulting www.knowledgecue.com
  • 2. Introduction Solutions Architect Help organisations with strategy, planning, governance and best practices by mentoring, facilitating and collaborating on SharePoint projects SharePoint early adopter and practitioner since 1999 (Tahoe) Director at Knowledge Cue http://www.knowledgecue.co.nz Follow @knowledgecue on twitter.com [email protected] Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 2 5 January 2011
  • 3. Knowledge Cue Help with Strategy and Planning for SharePoint Sense making for large enterprise projects http://www.sevensigma.com.au Pre RFP stage expectation setting SharePoint best practices/ real world balancing act Consulting and deployment SharePoint Training for all levels Microsoft Certified SharePoint ExpertsKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 3 5 January 2011
  • 4. We work along side and share our expertise with Kiwibank Transpower Toyota New Zealand Whitireia Open Polytechnic Bank of New Zealand Plus many more We also provide independent reviews and health checks for existing deploymentsKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 4 5 January 2011
  • 5. SharePoint 101 Video http://www.microsoft.com/showcase/en/us/details/76 e8d3af-c2bd-42a6-bb12-befcbd041bf1Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 5 5 January 2011
  • 6. How can I get SharePoint? NOW!! Available as a Software + Services (aka SaaS) http://tinyurl.com/TrialMSOnlineKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 6 5 January 2011
  • 7. Consider SharePoint Online for Accelerating your move to SharePoint Affordable alternative to on-premises deployment Complementing your existing on-premises deployment Quick, secure project-specific infrastructure Collaboration with partners (extranet) Highly mobile and/or deskless workforce
  • 8. How can I get SharePoint? (On Premise) Licensing via Micro$oft free version Windows SharePoint 3.0 SharePoint Foundation 2010 May 12th 2010 SharePoint 2007 Enterprise SharePoint 2007 StandardKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 8 5 January 2011
  • 9. SharePoint 2010 LandscapeKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 9 5 January 2011
  • 10. The Power of Choice! On-Premises and Online Hosting On-Premises SharePoint SharePoint Deployments Online Standard Online Dedicated Self-hosted and managed Multi-tenant hosting Dedicated Hosting Direct access to physical Shared Hardware Dedicated Hardware machines Outsourced IT management Outsourced IT management Central admin access Hosted within MS data centers Hosted within MS data centers Hosted within own data Partial trust code support Most of the environment is centers Support for SharePoint customizable (Full and Partial Entire environment Designer based customizations Trust Code Support) customizable Certificate authentication Machine and Process accounts All accounts, machines, and (today) or Forms based in a different AD Forest data within a single AD Forest authentication (2010) NTLM Authentication Available to companies of any Available for companies with Available for companies with size. 5+ seats 5000+ seats
  • 11. Evaluating SharePoint fit for your organisation Has a Microsoft bias in your Technology strategy SQL Server, Exchange Server, Office 2007 > 2010 People and Profiles via Active Directory or LDAP compliant source Data storage growth and backup, archive and retrieval Desire to learn and adoptKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 11 5 January 2011
  • 12. Choosing where to start Ensuring the platform (SharePoint) you choose is implemented correctly Operating System Layer Data Layer (Backup, Redundancy, Recovery) IT SLAs Separate the technical foundation deployment from functional (ex: Intranet, DM, RM)Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 12 5 January 2011
  • 13. Quantifying Tangible valueKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 13 5 January 2011
  • 14. SharePoint is an extensible platform Understand your solution scope Configure, Extend or Customise Buy, Bend or BuildKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 14 5 January 2011
  • 15. Lets look at some ExamplesKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 15 5 January 2011
  • 16. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 16 5 January 2011
  • 17. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 17 5 January 2011
  • 18. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 18 5 January 2011
  • 19. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 19 5 January 2011
  • 20. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 20 5 January 2011
  • 21. Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 21 5 January 2011
  • 22. More Examples at http://www.topsharepoint.com/tag/new-zealand http://www.wssdemo.com/Pages/websites.aspxKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 22 5 January 2011
  • 23. Enterprise deployments Using on a true enterprise scale.. One platform many uses on managed SLA Project sites Custom Apps Collaboration IntranetKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 23 5 January 2011
  • 24. Support for Collaboration (ad-hoc)Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 24 5 January 2011
  • 25. Support for Projects (Structured, Process activity driven)Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 25 5 January 2011
  • 26. Support for Projects (Structured, Process activity driven)Knowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 26 5 January 2011
  • 27. Realising value Dedicated team and distributed ownership Continuous engagement with your end users and stakeholders Provide mechanisms for feedback Review, prioritise plan to improve ImplementKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 27 5 January 2011
  • 28. Whats in store with SharePoint 2010 Lots of improvements Lots of complexitywith great power comes greater responsibilityKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 28 5 January 2011
  • 29. Key Features and Benefits Building communities People Profiles Photographs and Presence Ask Me About Recent Activities Note Board Organization Browser Add Colleagues Social Bookmarks
  • 30. Shared Environments Participating in teams My Network Blogs Wikis Enterprise Wikis Tags Tag Clouds Tag Profiles Ratings Colleague and Keyword Suggestions
  • 31. People Search1. Refine by query type, and many 2. Phonetic and other pivots nickname matching 3. Sort by relevance, name or social distance 4. Find me (Vanity) search 6. Improved result 5. Recently authored layout and hit- content highlighting
  • 32. Document Management Office integration Word Automation Services The Content Organizer Metadata Navigation Compliance Multi-stage disposition Accessibility
  • 33. Whats Makes A SharePoint DocumentDifferent? Metadata Finding content Managed metadata services Content Types Rich media management Document Sets
  • 34. Whats in store with SharePoint 2010 Lots of improvements Lots of complexitywith great power comes greater responsibilityKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 34 5 January 2011
  • 35. SharePoint Deployment Planning Services The NEW SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning service from SDPS WHAT AM I ENTITLED TO?PLAN EARLYGet a customized roadmap for 1, 3, 5 , 10 or 15 days ofyour 2010 upgrade, Strategy deployment planning servicesBriefing and Architecture depending on your SA benefitDesign Sessions*, Proof-of- level delivered by a certifiedConcept* SDPS PartnerCONTACT US Paid for by [email protected] SA Benefits!
  • 36. SDPS Engagement Day DetailsDays Details1 Includes a Strategy Briefing Session to introduce SharePoint 2010 and discuss the immediate and future value of moving to 20103 Includes an Architecture Design Session to document the current 2007 deployment end to end and discuss upgrade options and flags areas of potential concern (in addition to the Strategy Briefing Session)5 Includes an Upgrade Plan to provide formal documentation of the upgrade based on data collected (in addition to the Strategy Briefing and Architecture Design Session)10 and 15 Both the 10 and 15 day engagement includes a Pre-Upgrade Checker that executes the pre-upgrade checker tool to assess upgrade readiness and provide a formal analysis of the results along with recommendations for problem resolution (in addition to the Strategy Briefing, Architecture Design Session, and Upgrade Plan)
  • 37. Resources SharePoint End User Adoption (Hosted) http://tinyurl.com/SPAdoption http://www.endusersharepoint.com/ http://tinyurl.com/AIIMSharePointKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 37 5 January 2011
  • 38. Upcoming SharePoint CoursesCourse Date Course Name Facilitator22 24 March 2010 Power End User Mark Orange3 7 May 2010 Designer Russell Norton For details contact [email protected]
  • 39. SharePoint User Groups Started in 2006 based in Wellington http://www.sharepointusergroup.net.nz Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay Free to attend (Monthly sessions) Follow @nzsharepointKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 39 5 January 2011
  • 40. NZ CommunitySharePoint Conference 2010 www.sharepointconference.co.nz 9th & 10th June 2010 Duxton, Wellington $600 ex GST (Over 250 attended in 2009) Pre and Post Conference training (extra cost) [email protected] @NZSharePoint on twitter.com
  • 41. Thank You [email protected] www.knowledgecue.com www.chandima.net/BlogKnowledge Cue - www.knowledgecue.com 41 5 January 2011