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Transcript of Take the pain out of managing app reviews with Appbot

  • Managing app reviews is painful.

  • With reviews from all over the world...

  • ...from multiple app stores...

  • containing data thats valuable to several different teams

  • and with users often expecting a reply

  • it can feel overwhelming.

  • Users

    Your Team Reviews

    Everyone needs this app!A must have!

    Cant open the appBugs everywhere

    Needs more love like the...The iOS app is betterLove it! Though there are...

    Awesome app!

    Great app but needs workImproved my life

    Imagine if it felt more like this:

  • Welcome to Appbot

  • Needs better integration

    Too basic

    Crashes constantly


    Crashes c


    How do I

    do this

    Im just trying to add cat

    photosHow do I do add m


    If you dont have it. Get it.Must have!

    Needs more features

    Theres better

    I cant get the image

    sCant download

    Crashes when logging in.

    Dont bother

    Great app but needs work

    Improved my life

    Needs b

    etter int



    Too ba



    Our mission at Appbot is simple.We turn your app reviews from this:

  • Into this...

  • To help you build an app that users love!

  • How?

  • Good, but too simpleBetter out there

    Crashes on loginUseless!

    Great app but needs workImproved my life

    A must have!Saving a tonne of moneyDont download!

    Save your money!!!!Missing featuresNot as good as the iOS app

    Great app!Love it, but it crashes some...

    Fast and reliableGreat app but needs work

    Need more infoI want more flight info befo...

    Love it!Awesome app, just needs...

    So easy to useMy go to app for flight compar...

    We find every new review for your apps

  • We use data science to group your reviews into topics

  • ..analyze how each user feels about your app

  • Marketing





    and then automagically send that information to the teams that need it.

  • Appbot makes app reviews part of your support workflow

    by integrating with your favorite tools, and helping you manage review replies.

  • Feature

    Feature Feature Feature

    Before Appbot

    After Appbot

    v1.3.2 Fixes Login Issues

    We help your product team make faster, smarter decisions about what to build next

    and help them understand what users really think of each new update.

  • 5 Stars4 Stars3 Stars2 Stars

    Before Appbot

    1 Stars

    After Appbot

    We help your technical team fix bugs, crashes and errors before they affect your star-ratings.

  • Marketing



    Management Technical

    Appbot even makes it easy for all these teams to keep management in the loop.

  • Teams at these companies love Appbot

    because we save them hours every day

  • AND help them make their apps awesome!

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