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1. In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,remembering the words the Lord Jesus himselfsaid: It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35 2. Kids Who Might Need Extra HelpIsnt every kid special? We think so, but what do we mean when we say"kids with special needs"? This means any kid who might need extra helpbecause of a medical, emotional, or learning problem.These kids have special needs because they might need medicine,therapy, or extra help in school stuff that other kids dont typicallyneed or only need once in a while. 3. Whats Life Like for a Special Needs Kid?Life can be extra-challenging for a kid with special needs.It might be harder to do normal stuff like learning to read or, if aperson has physical handicaps, just getting around school or the mall.The good news is that parents, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers,and others can help.The goal is to help kids be as independent as possible. 4. Being friendly to kids with special needs is one of the best ways tobe helpful.As you get to know them, they may help you understand what itslike to be in their shoes.And youll be helping fill a very special need, one that everybody has the need for good friends. 5. Our class of 301 proudlypresents what we did in ourProject. Enjoy 6. Talking about people with Special Needs. 7. Santiago CortesDavid Duque 8. Video about: People withSpecial Needs 9. Sergio RomeroPaula Muoz 10. Gabriel Jacob Rodrguez 11. Isabella FoliacoMara Camila Garca 12. Martina Nio 13. Mara Paula Rodrguez 14. Ana Mara JimnezMateo Herrera 15. Mara Luna Mora 16. David Jaramillo 17. Alejandro Rodrguez 18. Daniel Garca 19. A sportsmanwith a SpecialNeed