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  1. 1. What is Content Management? Web pages are often easily created with static (non-changing) content, but it is usually very difficult to make regular changes to a page. Content Management is the process of easily changing what a user sees at a web page.
  2. 2. A web server capable of executing PHP scripts recommended: Apache PHP Recommend using the latest stable release A PHP supported database server recommended: mySQL
  3. 3. If you find a bug in Drupals open source software the solution to your problem can be solved by using the Bug Tracker system. The Bug Tracker was set up so that if a bug is found in the code it can be reported on the Drupal website.The reports that are submitted are a huge factor in making Drupal a reliable software. It will also save you a lot of time.
  4. 4. First of all if you have found a bug in the software make sure that the you are using the newest version of Drupal (currently 4.2.0). Some of the bugs found may be corrected when you change versions, If you do find a bug and are running the newest version then bugs can be reported to Bug Tracker
  5. 5. To report a bug just scroll down to the bottom of Drupals page and click on the button labeled Submit new bug. From there you will need to fill out a few fields of information such as the title and version of Drupal that you are currently using as well as a description of the bug. You do not have to be a member of or even logged in to submit bug information.
  6. 6. Modules are used to add menus to Drupal Examples of available modules are: stories, blogs, polls, images, etc Creating modules in Drupal is simple: It is simply a text file, including PHP code, in the directory that ends in .module Allows the use of any text editor
  7. 7. Nodes are the individual pieces of content which make up the entire Drupal communitylike individual page in website Node Modules differ from regular modules in that they contain a _node hook. What is a _node hook?: A Special PHP function that is defined in a module What the _node hook does for the module: Tells Drupal what type node the module defines.
  8. 8. The desired theme must be downloaded to the server Existing documentation explaining this step in detail Administration > Site Configuration > Themes Select desired theme in default theme dropdown box Sets the default theme seen by most users, although users can change the theme to what they want by editing their accounts
  9. 9. The Poll module must be installed Instructions Here. To create a poll a user needs the "create polls" permission. To vote on a poll question a user must have the "vote on polls" permission. To view the results one needs the "access content" permission. To administer polls you need the "administer nodes" permission.