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Using Symfony2 as a REST API

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  • Symfony2 As A REST-API
  • Who Am I ? Kifah Abbad: Web Enthusiast since 1993 Web Developer since 1998 Participant in Berlin Symfony Live Conf. Active in Symfony2 User Group.
  • Who Am I ? Kifah Abbad: Travel Addict Loving Father
  • Working@Devbliss: State Of The Art Web Development Berlin, Germany We are hiring.
  • Who is this for ? Symfony2 beginner/Intermediate: Controllers, DI- Container, bundles...etc. Scratching the surface
  • Problem/Scenario New Job First Task
  • Shop for Toy Guns You are a backend developer Problem/Scenario
  • More Javascript, Front End Developers on team. Functionality Code readability extendability, standarized solutions. Problem/Scenario
  • Boss: We need a REST-API. It is cool
  • Why API? Clear separation of responsibilities (View/Controlleretc) packaging services, selling services
  • Why REST-API? HTTP-Verbs -> CRUD representation Clean more readable representation GET /guns/23 DELETE /guns/23
  • Why REST-API? Easy to be called from Javascript Preferably reads and responds in JSON-Format Javascript object easy to read for humans easy to parse for machines
  • No Problem, Mr. Norris
  • Project Setup Front-End (Javascript, HTML5...etc) Web Server Symfony2 -> PHP Backend
  • Why Symfony2? Component based: Twig, HTTP-Kernel...etc Huge Community Coupled with other successful projects: Drupal, phpBB, Laravel. First Major Frameworks to use PHP 5.3 + Features, innovative ideas like bundles, annotations...etc Out of the box integration of Doctrine2
  • Session Management with REST?
  • No Problem, Sweetheart
  • Project Setup Symfony2 -> PHP Backend Front-End (Javascript, HTML5...etc) Web Server Authentication, Session storage and management into memcached
  • Symfony2 Backend Setup Controller Service/Repository Entities (Doctrine) Slim-Controllers extract business logic into services, factories, repos Interfaces as contracts Abstract Controller for repetitive methods and functionalities Goodies: DI-Container, Annotations
  • Doctrine Entities User Order ToyGun A user can have many orders And order can consist of many ToyGuns (types) a ToyGun type can be part of many orders. OneToMany ManyToMany
  • GET /users Custom Annotation
  • @JSONResponse Own custom annotation configure to own needs, for example parameter response-code...etc
  • GET /users/23 Param Converter
  • @ParamConverter Symfonys Extra Bundle Convert $ID Entity Object $this->getDoctrine->getRepository(..)->find
  • POST /users payload ={ "userName":"SonofChuck", "email", "age":"19" } Custom Annotation
  • @PayloadToEntity Own custom annotation configure to own needs, for example on how to deserialize and convert payload to object
  • What Else is out there? FOSRestBundle
  • FOSRestBundle Automatic Route Generation Its own format generation json/xml Truck load of features, configuration options...
  • What Else is out there? NelmioApiDocBundle
  • NelmioApiDocBundle
  • What Else is out there? BazingaRestExtraBundle
  • What Else is out there? DataTransformationBundle
  • What Else is out there? GuzzleBundle
  • What Else is out there? JMSSerializeBundle
  • Thanks for your attention Slides on Twitter @devbliss