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  • 1. Syllabus August 28, 2013

2. Objectives 1. Describe Ms. Barkanics grading system and homework policies 2. Understand Ms. Barkanics classroom policies and routines 3. Physical Science Physics Motion, electricity, waves, light, energy Chemistry Atoms, chemicals, periodic table, heat, energy, properties Astronomy/Cosmology Life and Death of Stars, birth of the universe 4. Materials Textbook Glencoe Physical Science 3-ring Binder Notebook/Paper Calculator 5. Homework: 5-10 pts. Weekly assignments Due Fridays Reading and Outline (5 pts.) Questions (5pts.) Unfinished classwork 6. Classwork: 20-30 pts. Labs and Computer Activities done during Class time 5-20 pts. 7. Quizzes: 15-25 pts. 1-4 Quizzes each unit Variety of styles: matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, short answers etc. Will always give a 24 hr. notice Agenda check 10 pts. 8. Projects/Presentations: 50-150 pts. Labs, group projects, research papers, Presentations Lab reports 9. Tests: 50-150 pts. Unit Tests Test corrections allowed Schedule time RLP (retakes) Notebook Tests 10. Missed Work and Exams Calendar and Folders YOUR responsibility to get and turn in work Schedule a time to make up missed exams and quizzes 11. Procedures to Remember Breaks Tardies Bathroom Fire Drills Emergencies Lock Downs Cell phones IPods 12. Other Stuff Positive Attitude Good Work ethic Desire to Learn A sense of humor 13. Agenda Bell Work Take out a piece of paper Fill in the following information: Name Nickname (if applicable) Hobby/Sport/Interest What you like about science. What you dislike. Goal for this class. Syllabus and Books Recognizing Lab Safety Activity HW: Syllabus and Safety Contracts signed