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This workshop will introduce you to affordable user experience design methods for getting user input and feedback throughout your design and development process. These methods, like guerrilla research, gamestorming, and progressive prototyping, will allow you to do just enough UX design to get you started in the right direction. They will help you get in touch with your users efficiently and use their feedback and insights to influence your design decisions.But why should you care? Your code is gold. Your business model is solid. You should care because having a good UX is no longer a differentiator; it’s an expectation. What you need is a good UX designer. Of course, they’re rare and expensive right now. Is it possible to fix your UX without one?Yes.You won’t go home from this workshop with your own UX designer, but you will be armed with the knowledge that will enable you to enable you to attract next year’s most sought after angel investor.

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  • 1.UX BOOTCAMPfor a UX team of noneMonday, March 12, 12 Fred Beecher @fred_beecher Brynn Evans @brynn Russ Unger @russu Krista Sanders @newhighscoreSxSW 2012 : #uxbootcamp

2. $300 MILLIONSxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampflickr: Jonny Vulkansource:, March 12, 12 3. SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 4. SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12If youre hoping to leave here being transformed into the next rockstar UX designer, so you can build a Path-killer or one-up Clear, youre going to have to hire a kickass UXdesigner with crazy visual design chops (unicorn!!). Good luck.if you dont believe us: designers are a tricky bunch to nail down 5. SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 6. SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 7. SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 8. $109,999 $112,999$111,666$96,110$101,666$115,555 $100,483 SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampsource:, March 12, 12 9. MVEMinimum Viable Experience SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12You can think like a UX designer to solve real users problemsEven if your app doesnt look beautiful, it can be functional, satises your users needs, desires and goals, and become REALLY popular:Eg., HealthMonth & OpenTableAnd on the ip side, a beautiful app that doesnt solve a problem or ll an open need for your users will not be successful:E.g., Color 10. MULTIPLE lo-fi design concepts SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 11. ITERATIVE evaluation SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 12. SOME customer insight SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 13. Sketching SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 14. @brenton_clarkeMonday, March 12, 12--how many of you think youre not artistic. you dont draw?--me too. Im a terrible artist. i cant draw a perfect circle for the life of me.But what ive learned:--drawing & sketching out your ideas is about COMMUNICATING your ideas to others (biggest benet)--also helps you think through A LOT of things, evaluate a lot of constraints and pros and cons(You might already be doing this through whiteboard sketching or getting people in a room to have a brainstorming session - great!)--helps you work quickly and iterate on ideas before committing to any one (another huge benet) 15. 6-8-5 SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Good news for you, the best exercise for THINKING, coming up with LOTS OF IDEAS, and thatinvolves SKETCHINGits called 6-8-5Goal: big brainstorming, come up with as many ideas a possible, unconstrained, etc.Show one more slide one of the 6-8-5s we did with Awesome Foundation 16. 6-8-5 1 2 34 56 7 8 SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Good news for you, the best exercise for THINKING, coming up with LOTS OF IDEAS, and thatinvolves SKETCHINGits called 6-8-5Goal: big brainstorming, come up with as many ideas a possible, unconstrained, etc.Heres what you need to do: Take your sheet of paper, and fold it in half 3 timesNow you have 8 boxesWere going to set the timer for 5 minutes momentarily, and your goal is to ll out between6-8 of the boxes 17. SxSw Party AppGOAL: nd a party to attend at sxsw3 Considerations: will be a mobile app parties need to be marked open / private / full / empty display parties to the user SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Today were going to brainstorm how to an app that helps you nd a parking spot (nearby)-without relying on parking ferry 18. 3 minutes left SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 19. 1 minute left SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 20. 30 seconds SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 21. Times up! SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 22. Monday, March 12, 12Awesome, you guys did it! These arent exactly what you came up with, but these are theresult of a previous 6-8-5 that we did previously.-How many of you got to 8 sketches?!-6?-4?-Awesome! The point of is actually not to get to 6-8 sketches but instead to think through asmany ideas as possible. Even with 3-4 sketches, this helps get you closer to your productgoals-Also, you might really be feeling antsy or ready to move on to another round. Thats great!We often do 2 rounds of these, since youll nd some of your creative juices just got going (orthis is bringing up lots of questions that you want to dive deeper into.)....If we were doing a workshop or doing this at work for real, wed share these with eachother, provide some critique, and then repeat (do at least another round of 6-8-5). 23. Brainstorming 201 brainwriting poster session 3-12-3And many many more:Gamestorming (the book) amz.on/GamestormingBookGamestorming Cheat SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Theres a number of other good sketching exercises that are good for coming up with tons ofideas (especially in the early stage).--look these up later on (or email any of us to ask for more details)! 24. Pitch & Critique SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12So, now you have all these sketches, and theyre all sort of messy, and tough to read.The beauty of these sketches is how little time you spent creating them, so its no big deal.Now, what you need to do is take another 5 minutes getting INTERNAL feedback on your concepts.Remember, this is just internal for the moment. 25. Ask for feedbackGive feedbackReceive feedback SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12The key to pitching and critiquing concepts is feedback.How you ask for it matters. How you give it matters. But, keeping yourself open to receiving it is what matters most. 26. Ask for feedback I want feedback on... I don t want feedback on... Set up context in 30 seconds or less. SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12E.g. I decided to draw up the ow rst, and I found I struggled with the users decision point here, so thats what I want feedback on.E.g. The copy here is still in ux, and I know the visual design needs tweaking, so Id really rather focus on my ow.CONTEXT:- for some people, the challenge is getting them to provide any context at tall, for others the challenge is getting them to limit the context set up to just theessentials.So what are the essentials? 27. Set up context The challenge+ User considerations+Technical constraintsContext SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Whats the problem your solving for?Consider your target audience, what is happening around them? What are they doing? Are they rushing from session to session? Are they already drunk atSXSW? :)What are the technical constraints? Are they on a mobile device? Is it a smartphone or a feature phone? 28. Give feedback ? Good critique is a constant dialogue Questions are welcome Hmm... SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcamp ?Monday, March 12, 12 29. No lobbing bombs!! SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcamp, March 12, 12NO LOBBING BOMBSFor every problem you see, challenge yourself to provide a potential solution, even if that means scrapping the whole ow or feature.After all, you only spent ve minutes on it. 30. Give feedback? What about this design resonates with you? What concerns you?Hmm... SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcamp?Monday, March 12, 12Use post-its or red/green highlighters to mark whats resonating with you and what you have concerns about.Youll nd new edge cases. Decide whether or not you want to address those use cases. Do they fall into the 80% case.Which brings me to my next point, being able to receive feedback is CRITICAL. 31. Receive feedback Your mission...(should you choose to accept it) togain new insights from someone s fresh perspectiveDon t knock it til you consider itBe a listenoholic SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Bake this into your culture.Become an organization of curiosity and healthy challenging. 32. Lets practice! SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Bring someone up on stage to DO a pitch & critiquebenets of this:- people get aligned on the same page. Feasibility check-in.- Everyone feels heard. Youll get more buy-in, and the concepts will be more resolute.- helps dene clear direction for what do to next- make this is a recurring activity this is a cycle, youll do this again, and again, and again... 33. 1-ups SxSW 2012 : : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12If youre doing it right, you should do several rounds of this.And this is all internal. None of this is public yet.Ultimately, youll want to combine & merge all of these concepts into one single one. We call this a 1-up.Creating a 1-up should give you a tangible, single element you can use to test publicly, so you can get real, unbiased feedback on your concept,prototype or product.There are millions of testing methods, all of them serve a different purpose depending on context. Russ is going to walk you through 1 that isthrifty, fast, and highly effective. 34. Testing & Validation SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12 35. What are Guerrilla Methods? ...a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. ...a proven method of achieving prots with minimum money.gaining insight Jay Conrad Levinson Source: SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampMonday, March 12, 12Jay Conrad Levinson is attributed for coining the term Guerrilla Marketing, and thats where were kind of coming from.Jay also says: Guerrilla marketing has been proven in action to work for small businesses around the world.It works because its simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive.How does this apply to UX? Well... How does it not?Theres also a middle ground here, and thats largely what I feel like were seeing in our project work with our partners atHappy Cog. 36. We look for what we call the point of least astonishment.Jared Spool SxSW 2012 : #uxbootcampSource:, March 12, 12Jare