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SWIFT Training Become SWIFT Smart www.swift.com/training #SWIFTtraining

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Page 1: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

SWIFT Training Become SWIFT Smart

www.swift.com/training #SWIFTtraining

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Being at the heart of the financial industry and building on 40 years of experience, a wide team of SWIFT Services experts are at your service to help you with your challenges and opportunities. SWIFT Services experts offer you the highest quality of training, consulting and support, tailored to your needs. They keep you going, resolve your issues and propose improvements where seen.


Efficiency Improving your

customers’ experience

New initiatives

Reduced costs Enable

growth Enable compliance

Reduced risk


Training Implementation



Changing landscapes

Cost reduction


In-house expertise

Happy customers

Streamlined operations

Your challenges

Your benefits

Service areas

SWIFT Services

Page 3: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Certified & experienced


Worldwide access to SWIFT training

Covering SWIFT products & services and industry-related topics

+70 courses in the portfolio

+500.000 customers trained in 210

countries & territories

Why SWIFT Training?

9.1/10 customer satisfaction

Content & delivery tailored to your needs

Owned by SWIFT +8.000 people

trained in 2014

+30 years of experience

Page 4: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Reduce risk and costs related to manual intervention, and increase automation

Build a team of qualified professionals offering you a specialist

reputation in the eyes of your clients

Meet industry colleagues and learn

from their experiences and questions

Build a team of in-house experts you can rely on at any time


Learn from and ask questions to an

experienced SWIFT instructor

Take informed decisions about the latest developments

and evolution of your SWIFT infrastructure

Increase your staff retention and ensure that they have the knowledge they require

With SWIFT Training you can

Page 5: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

SWIFT interfaces

Connectivity & security

Standards FIN & ISO 20022

SWIFT Training portfolio

Financial industry & market initiatives

Hands-on training Exercises Case studies

Best practices Tips & tricks Flows



SWIFT and industry related topics

Page 6: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Classroom training

SWIFT Training Qualification Programme

Web class – live virtual


On-site training

Flexible learning channels

4 learning channels

Self-study eTraining

Complemented by the

Page 7: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

+8.000 participants trained per year


A training solution for everyone

Sales staff




Security officers

Business analysts

Developers Corporates


Market infrastructures

Investment managers


Partners & vendors

Fund managers

For newcomers and experienced staff

Page 8: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Deploying Alliance Access

Managing Alliance Gateway

Managing Alliance

Web Platform

Alliance – disaster recovery

SWIFT audit guidelines

Understanding Alliance Lite2

Operating Alliance Access and Entry

Customer applications on swift.com

Connectivity, security and interfaces training

Introduction to SWIFT connectivity


Understanding FIN and system messages


Optimising your Alliance resilience


Creating SWIFT messages Managing Alliance Access and Entry

Operating RMA

Operating your HSM Managing PKI with Browse

Page 9: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Special interest

Forex & money markets

Collections & Documentary credits


Securities settlement & reconciliation messages

Customer payments

Standards and business related training

Introduction to SWIFT in the payments market



Trade & treasury

Trade Services Utility


Corporate actions messages Investment funds


Liquidity management

Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)

Payments Market Infrastructures

Intro to SWIFT in the securities markets

ISO 20022 and MX messaging

SWIFT in 90 minutes

SWIFT for corporates

ISO 20022 in 90 minutes

ISO 20022 for HVP

Page 10: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Creating SWIFT messages

New in the portfolio

Operating RMA

Alliance Gateway for Access users

Migrating to Web Platform for


Understanding Alliance Lite2

Operating your HSM

Migrating to Web Platform for operators

Connectivity, security & interfaces training

Creating Securities settlement instructions

with FIN messages

Page 11: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

SEPA – What’s next?

New in the portfolio

ISO 20022 for High Value Payments

Providing SWIFT to corporate clients

Liquidity management using FIN messages

ISO 20022 for settlement & management

ISO 20022 for corporate actions

ISO 15022 enhanced for T2S


Standards & business related training

Monitoring your intraday liquidity with SWIFT

Customer payments using the MT 103

Documentary credits using FIN


Documentary collections using FIN


Payments Market Infrastructures: best

practices using SWIFT

Page 12: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

On-site and tailored training


From induction training to more

advanced training; for your newcomers or


Complemented by a formal SWIFT Training

Qualification Programme

Delivered by our Training experts at your institution, no travel cost for your


Training programmes addressing your specific and unique training needs and objectives

Combination of several learning channels

Content covering SWIFT & industry-related topics, as well as your company specific information

Page 13: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart


“Key for in-house training is that it can be customised directly to customer needs. There is room to discuss other topics, and to elaborate on issues we know people have difficulties with. The SWIFT trainers are flexible on most subjects, which gives the training even more added value, and this is very important for us!” Joyce Verschaeren, Rabobank International, Wholesale Market Infrastructures

Page 14: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

SWIFTNet Security Officer

SWIFT for Corporates Specialist

SWIFT Training Qualification Programme

Alliance Access Administrator

Alliance Access/Entry Operator

It guarantees that your staff have the required knowledge

It ensures that you have an in-house expert available at all times

It gives you a specialist reputation in the eyes of your clients

It helps you increase efficiency and reduce costs

As a manager, it provides you with development opportunities for your staff

Through a formal exam, SWIFT Training validates the knowledge of staff on specific SWIFT-related role profiles

SWIFT for Corporates Client Advisor

Page 15: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Fundamental training on business and technical topics


Roll out in your entire organisation with the multi-

site/intranet licence

With voice-over, interactive animations and exercises

Learn whenever you want, wherever you want

Get your organisation on the same page with SWIFT eTraining

High quality training at a low cost per


Updates included in your annual subscription

Excellent reference material

Page 16: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

Live, interactive sessions over the internet with our instructor


Public or private sessions

Limit time away from

your job

Easy access to SWIFT Training with the web class

High quality training at a low cost per person

Combination of theory and

exercises or even demo of application

Short and focussed modules

Standard content or

tailored to your needs

Page 17: SWIFT Training – Become SWIFT Smart

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Course schedule

eTraining portfolio

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SWIFT Training

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