SVA Strategic Plan

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Scottish Volleyball Association 48 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJ tel 0131 556 4633 fax 0131 557 4314 Email [email protected] website Scottish Volleyball the 2009/13 strategic plan Get inspired Be involved Hit the Court Compete Scottish Volleyball Association

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SVA Strategic Plan

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Scottish Volleyball Association48 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9TJtel 0131 556 4633 fax 0131 557 4314Email [email protected] website

Scottish Volleyball the 2009/13 strategic plan

Get inspired Be involved Hit the Court Compete

Scottish Volleyball Association

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Club Development

KPI (1)

KPI (2)

KPI (3)

KPI (1)

KPI (2)

KPI (1)

KPI (2)

KPI (3)


and Performance


2012 - 1



and Legacy

KPI (3)

Year 4 - 2012 / 13 Scottish Volleyball

bigger, better, stronger

Development Pathway operational model

Year 2 - 2010 / 11 Year 3 - 2011 / 12

Year 1 - 2009 / 10

“ Achieving the targets identified in this strategic plan will make Scottish Volleyball bigger, better and stronger, to maximise theopportunities presented by the 2012 London Olympics, and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. “



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Action Threads

Our Priorities

We will develop the infrastructure of Scottish Volleyball to make it possible to expand and be ready to welcome thenew recruits who are inspired by the build up to, and staging of, the 2012 London Olympics, and the 2014Commonwealth Games.

We will support our Clubs to raise both the performances and profile of our athletes, and engage in joint activities topromote our game to the Scottish audience.

We will promote and celebrate the work of the SVA programmes to develop coaches, match officials, volunteers,clubs and members.

We will form successful and robust working relationships with our key partners and stakeholders, to ensure that ourgame provides a healthy, enjoyable and fun experience for all our participants.

Key Performance Indicators

1 Major events - to host at least 1 GB Indoor and 2 GB Beach events in Scotland per annum.2 To be able to support a 30% increase in volleyball activities by 2013.3 To ensure the SVA continues to provide strong leadership and contributes significantly to National and local strategic initiatives

1 Achieve the appointment of a Director of Pathways for elite programmes.2 Achieve 30% Scottish involvement with the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Programmes.3 Achieve 30% increase in the volume of new SVA and Club volunteers and officials across all three playing disciplines.

People andPerformanceDevelopment

1 Support the continued development of pathways for athlete performance and coaching for the full range of particiaption, and implement an introduction of Flagship Clubs.2 Identify and implement a new communication strategy to cover all aspects of Scottish Volleyball3 Continue to invest in the coach education and development programmes, and investigate new opportunities for involvement in Junior and Youth programmes.


Club Development

2012 – 14 Successand



+ 30%participation andClub membership

+ 30%promotion and

development of elitevolleyball

+ 30%increase in

structural capacity