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Few Swedish Large Cap CEO’s are visible online. This according to a survey of the 58 largest companies on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm conducted by the strategic communications advisors Fogel & Partners and Eklips Digital Advisors. According to the survey, made in October 2012, only one quarter of the companies use a YouTube account to make CEO interviews visible. 19 per cent use Slideshare to publish and spread CEO interviews, 16 per cent of CEO’s has a LinkedIn profile and only one CEO is active on Twitter.

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  • Fogel & Partners and Eklips Digital Advisors | Stockholm November 2012SURVEY: HOW VISIBLE ISA LARGE CAP CEO ONLINE?
  • More and more CEOs today only line up when they must,around Q reports four times a year and on their CapitalMarkets Day. On these occasions, they communicatewith a pre-written message around the companysfinances.After that they are quiet. Stock Exchange CEOs shoulduse their public position to build sustainable relationswith all stakeholders.Olle Zachrisson, Svenska Dagbladet, February 20, 2012
  • Executive Summary 24% of the companies on Nasdaq OMX 26% of the companies use a YouTube Large Cap do not publish a CEO account to publish CEO videos biography on website 19% use a Slideshare account to 40% do not highlight any presentations highlight CEO presentations 79% do not profile CEO via video or Michael Wolf, Swedbank; Jan Johansson audio SCA; and Keith McLoughlin, Electrolux, 60% of CEOs do not have a Wikipedia most visible with corporate owned/own page social media content 16% of CEOs have a LinkedIn profile 10% of CEOs mentioned >100 times in Ola Rolln, Hexagon, only Large Cap CEO social media with a personal Twitter account Hans Vestberg, Ericsson, and Lars Nyberg, TeliaSonera, mentioned >500 times in social media 3
  • About the SurveyAbout 0, 5 or 10 points were given in each respective The survey of all 58 CEOs on Nasdaq OMX category Large Cap Example: Does the company present a CEO Survey period: October 2012 biography on their corporate website? 13 categories - None (0 p), Brief (5 p), Extensive (10 p) - Biography 130 points in total - Images - Presentation slides Online channels included in survey - Transcripts from speeches Corporate website - Written CEO statements Google - CEO statements audio/video - Google first page hits Swedish and English Wikipedia - Wikipedia Branded/owned social media accounts - Personal LinkedIn account - Personal Twitter account Online channels included in presentation but - Corporate Slideshare account with CEO content excluded from survey - Corporate YouTube account with CEO content Mentions in social media Global CEO Google searches 4
  • Biographies & Images 2% 16% 24% Biographies 27% Images Extensive Many 5 Brief Few