Supply chain 10 commandments

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Having a great supply chain separates the average from the excellent companies.

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  • 1. OfSupply Chain

2. Small Parcel PricingCan Always Improve 3. dont ignore the smallprint or hiddencharges; this is yourmap to cost savings.AnalyzeYourFreightBill 4. Your quality and YYYooouuurrr qqquuuaaallliiitttyyy aaannnddd pppprrrrooooffffeeeessssssssiiiioooonnnnaaaalllliiiissssmmmmiiiissss oooonnnnllllyyyy aaaassss ggggoooooooodddd aaaassss tttthhhheeee ppppeeeeoooopppplllleeeeppppeeeerrrrffffoooorrrrmmmmiiiinnnngggg tttthhhheeee ttttaaaasssskkkk 5. Customers leave businesses foranyone else who can providebetter service. Dont test theirpatience or loyalty. (See rule #3) 6. Metrics Dont Lie Collecting internalperformance metrics will allowyou to improve and stay aheadof trends. Performance metrics on 3rdparty vendors are essential. 7. Canada Business Will GrowIf You Charge Correct VAT RateSpecific To Each ProvinceDont charge a flatrate VAT just because it is easieron your accounting team. Canada customers knowexactly how much tax they need to pay.Take tax shortcuts = lost customers 8. Pay Vendors On TimeYour 3rd party vendors will save you manytimes from embarrassing stock outs andother issues and will do so willingly if theyknow you are a good paying customer 9. Communicate ShippingProblems to ExecutivesCommunicate delivery and shippingdelays/problems to senior staff.Urgency and honesty saves jobs. 10. Never, Never Run Out ofProductSee Rule #8