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For more information, contact: Danish Yachts A/S – - E: [email protected] Bradford Marine Inc - - E: [email protected]

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  • welcometo superyachtings new superteam Carbon fiber specialists DanishYachtsA/S, in collabora- tion with exclusive sales and service representatives for North and SouthAmerica, Bradford Marine Inc., have brought together the best of the best in the superyacht industry for a new initiative in theAmericas.The companies have assembled a superteam to create, market and service an innovative new motoryacht design called the QuadraDeck. We were excited by the idea of developing a vessel specifically for the U.S. market that really made the most of our combined experience, says Danish Yachts CEO Patrik von Sydow.Our belief was that our complimentary per- spectives would create a yacht with a totally unique and exclusive proposition for the market.This is a truly promising partnership of technological innova- tion and category-challenging design. C special advertising section Danish Yachts A/S and Bradford Marine, Inc. joined forces to create, market and service an innovative new motoryacht designthe QuadraDeck. Below: From Left to right: Paul Engle, Bradford Marine; Cor D. Rover, Cor D. Rover Design Studios; Patrik von Sydow, Danish Yachts A/S; Patrick Knowles, Patrick Knowles Interior Designs
  • DanishYachtsA/S is a specialist world leader in building high-performance, fuel- efficient, lightweight advanced composite superyachts and vessels (carbon fiber and epoxy infusion) through the use of innovative cutting-edge techniques and processes. This technology allows for very light and strong structures without introducing any form of emissions to the environment during construction.Testament to the benefits of using this material is evidenced by its use in the commercial offshore wind in- dustry, and the shipyard is one of the only Northern European shipyards to have the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation (In addition, it holds ISO 9001 and safety management system accreditation, DS/OHSAS 18001). The shipyard based at the northern most tip of continental Europe, in Skagen, Denmark, boasts many diverse projects from 65 to 150 feet-plus length overall. It has three large build hangars, which take up an area of 9,500 square meters (102,000 square feet), and benefits from joinery and metal workshops on-site.The company is privately managed and financed by the Skagen Group, and its code of ethics covers three areas: honesty, integrity and helpfulness.As a company, it has adopted consideration of green practices and materials wherever possible. DanishYachts selected Bradford Marine to become its exclusive sales and service representatives for North and South America in June 2013, in order to create a stronger presence in theWest- ern Hemisphere. Since then, the relationship has grown strong, culminating in Bradford Marines involvement as a listed broker in the sale of DanishYachtsAeroCruiser 38 II (also known as M/Y Shooting Star). Over its nearly 50 years in business, Brad- ford Marine has built a reputation as one of the most reputable sales and service shipyards in the U.S., with exceptional facilities in multiple locations, offering quality workmanship and strong customer support 24/7. To develop the QuadraDeck range, DanishYachts and Bradford Marine have enlisted the services ofAmerican interior specialist Patrick Knowles and worked closely with Dutch large-yacht stylist and designer Cor D. Rover to create the de- sign; both highly respected and world-renowned in their fields. Patrick Knowles Designs specializes in custom megayacht,superyacht and aircraft inte- riors.Combining decades of experience in the marine industry with that of the aviation in- dustry,the Knowles team of yacht interior designersap- plies a rare blend of skills exceptional creativity, relentless attention to detail and staunch commitment to on-time deliveryalong with the firms ability to listen,understand,interpret and transform ideas into results that exceed client expectations. Cor D. Rover Design Studios specialize in the styling of large motory- achts.The firm relent- lessly searches for new ways to give every yacht the exclusive appearance that satisfies the wishes of its clients, creating yachts with lines that are unique, but recognizable, not exaggerated but surprisinglines that are beautiful today and will be tomorrow.The team believes you can only achieve such results with a strong interaction between client and designer with respect for classic lines, as well as modern shipbuilding techniques. The game-changing result of the superteams inaugural collabora- tion is the innovative all-carbon fibre QuadraDeck range. Highlights of the new design include a dramatic, patented, wingedSkyTerrace. The top deck incorporates symmetrical folding wing sections to port and starboard that, when laid horizontally, increase deck real estate by 40 percent.The range also features a cleverly integrated hidden upper deck that separates the bridge and captains quarters from the general accommodations, and a 8.5m (28-foot) long and full-beam Beach Club.The result affords the sort of room normally found on much larger yachts. More specifically, a 40-meter (131-foot) Quadra- Deck offers an equivalent interior capacity to a conventional vessel of 50 meters (164 feet). Another collaboration of DanishYachts and Bradford Marine aimed at theAmericas is the latest in theAeroCruiser range; the newAeroCruiser 38 II FLY, a flybridge version of the high-speed, all-carbon-fiber hard-top AeroCruiser 38 II (previously known as M/Y Shooting Star, and aWorld Superyacht and ShowBoats Interior and Exterior DesignAward winner).This superyacht is capable of exceptional maneuverability and speeds in the 50-knot range with little perceivable noise and vibration. However, her performance at 20 knots is no less impressive, just far less intrusive. She possesses the performance should you need it, but its the quality of move- special advertising section D A full-beam Beach Club and patented, winged Sky Terrace (right) are just two highlights of the superteams first new design. Danish Yachts Shipyard, Skagen, Denmark
  • ment that seduces you. It is also clear to see how and why her Scandinavian beauty in design and attention to detail in the interior allows her to stand out from the crowd. DanishYachts collaborates with world renowned designer Espen ino for itsAeroCruiser range of superyachts, and the tooling and moulds for the newAeroCruiser 38 II FLY are already in place for construction. DanishYachts CEO von Sydow says of the collaboration on the QuadraDeck:Having first exploredAmerican waters with Bradford Marine, the natural evolution of that relationship was to join forces. We were excited by the idea of developing a vessel specifically for the U.S. market that really made the most of our combined experience. Our belief was that our complementary perspectives would create a yacht like nothing currently on the market The aim was always to build a yacht that truly meets the needs and desires of the customer, says Bradford Marine CEO Paul Engle. Part of that was being able to showcase the mind-blowing perfor- mance and quality DanishYachts represents. But just as important was reassuring our customers that after the sale, they will be able to rely on service from Bradford Marine, a brand they have come to know and trust since our inception in 1966. TheAmerican yacht owner is a real yacht user, he continues. They get out there on the water for extended periods. Many spend weeks, if not months living and traveling on their yachts, so their comfort is very much tied up in their confidence in their yachts capability and that of the team they can call on for support. The latestAeroCruiser 38 II FLY will soon be cruising the waters ready for the 2016 season, whilst the QuadraDeck 40-metre design and engineering continues to be refined at DanishYachts, along with the full specification, enhanced visuals, engineering plans and pricing, which will be revealed at the official launch event at the 2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. DanishYachts is not known for doing things in halves,says von Sydow.When we first began discussing this venture,we agreed to go to the extreme of bringing together the very best of the best in the supery- acht industry.Our aim was nothing less than combining super perfor- mance,super styling,super comfort and super after-sales support.After all,our companys own North Star is findingbeauty in the extreme. For more information, contact: Danish Yachts A/S www.danishy- - E: [email protected] Bradford Marine Inc - www. - E: [email protected] The latest AeroCruiser 38 II Fly will soon be cruising the waters, ready in time for the 2016 season. Bradford Ma- rine Shipyard, Fort Lauderdale special advertising section