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The story of Superprix, Birmingham’s very own road race – the subject of much controversy amongst residents of the city, politicians' and race fans alike. The SuperPrix was a motor racing meeting held over August Bank Holiday on a street circuit in the centre of Birmingham, from 1986 to 1990. The principal event was the Formula 3000 Championship race, but support races included touring cars and sports cars. The idea of a motor race in the heart of England's motor city (to emulate the Monaco circuit) had been mooted as early as 1966. In the end, the city's arterial roads round the Bull Ring and the city centre provided one of the most exciting racing events ever staged in the UK.

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  • Contributing drivers:Mario Hytten; Phil Andrews; Mark Bryan; David Hunt; Jari Nurminen; Emmanuele Naspetti; Allan McNish; Andy Wallace; Marco Apicella; Roger Orgee; Rod Birley; Gerry Taylor; Tony Trimmer. General information and websites:The Nostalgia forum at; forums; forums; the old forums; forums Other contributors:Stuart Knibbs a big thank you to you for whetting my appetite about the Birmingham Superprix; Simon Lewis at for his superb photographs; Ian Wagstaff for his pictures; Nick Bailey; David Lucas, Head of the Birmingham Road Race Department; The Birmingham Central Library (the Local Archives section); Many fans and marshals from the Nostalgia forum and Ten-Tenths forum; Stuart Dent for his help and advice for contacting the right people; Kevin Wood from LAT Archives; Dominic Ostrowski from the BRSCC; Ben Laidlow, producer of the Inside Out programme by BBC West Midlands; Simon Edwards for various memorabilia; John Wisson for his marshal documents; Alastair Nash and Melanie Roberts for selling their collection of 1986-1990 Motoring News newspapers to me; The Communications Department of the Birmingham City Council; Simon Arron from Motoring News; Gregor Marshall for information about his fathers involvement at the 1980 Lucas On The Streets event; Rick Ashton

    from Ashton Plant Hire (Dudley) Ltd. for allowing me to look at the old Superprix Armco in its compound; Birmingham Post & Mail for its collection of old newspaper cuttings.

    And finally, a huge thank you to my girlfriend, Sandra Burton, for supporting and putting up with me throughout this project. I am so grateful for your patience, and for giving me the motivation to complete the book.

    David Page



    The place is magic; better than Monaco not a description you would expect to hear of Englands much derided second city, but Stefano Modena meant it. He was stepping from the cockpit of his Formula 3000 racer at the time: Birmingham is something else; it is fantastic for the people of the city as well as for the people taking part. The circuit is not dangerous, as can be the case with street tracks the drivers say it is bumpy, but then its a street circuit so it would be bumpy, Birmingham is not an exception. I had no great problems with it, and in my opinion, Birmingham is a wonderful race.

    That wonderful race took place for five years, a half decade where the excitement and glamour of international motor racing came to the streets of the West Midlands. But those five years have now faded into obscurity. This is the story of how the races came about, and how they came to such a premature end. This is the story of the Superprix.


  • Top and bottom:

    The 1975 Duckhams parade on

    New Street. (Ian Bower)

  • 46

    Eventual winner Stefano Modena heads a tightly bunched group.

    City skyscrapers provide the backdrop as cars hurtle

    into Halfords Corner.

    ahead of the chasing pack. Wallace then had to divert his attention from chasing Modena to defending himself against Gugelmin and a rapid Martini.

    Wallace held off the onslaught from the Brazilian for a further seven laps, and Roberto Moreno gained a lot of ground up Peter Barwell Hill, into Halfords Corner. On the approach to Ferodo Corner, Wallace suddenly moved across and slid wide under heavy braking. His Madgwick Motorsport Lola careered over

    the gravel that covered a roundabout there, which it cleared before ending up in an escape road. He quickly booted the throttle and spun the car 180 degrees. When he rejoined the track he was in 5th, behind works Ralts of Moreno and Gugelmin, as well as Luis Prez Sala.

    first lap); Barilla; Bailey; Euser; Hytten (after an amazing first lap); Leoni; Belmondo; Apicella; Foitek; Spence; Nurminen; Moreno; Langes and Fert.

    At the end of the sixth lap, Stefano Modena had built a good gap between himself and Andy Wallace, setting the fastest lap time so far of 1m 29.63sec, with an average speed of 99.2mph. Modena was even quicker on his next lap, setting a time of 1m 24.99sec (104.62mph). The Italian was in dominant form, increasing his lead to 8.5 seconds

  • The Oreca Motorsport March of Olivier Grouillard shakes off an earlier clash of wheels with fellow Frenchman Pierre-Henri Raphanels

    Marlboro-sponsored Onyx March at the start of the 1987 F3000 race.

    A packed grandstand thrills to a duel at Halfords Corner.

  • Superprix..The.story.of.Birminghams.Motor.RaceSuperprix..The.story.of.Birminghams.Motor.Race

    Mark Blundell, in the Cadbury-sponsored Middlebridge Racing Reynard, on his way to a 5th place at the 1989 Birmingham Superprix, the lapped Franco Scapini behind him on Peter Barwell Hill.

  • Superprix..The.story.of.Birminghams.Motor.RaceSuperprix..The.story.of.Birminghams.Motor.Race


    Rush hour traffic clogs the roads along Peter Barwell Hill and Belgrave Middleway, under a bitterly cold winter sunrise. (David Page)

    shuddered to a halt; the event condemned to a small, sometimes forgotten piece of Birminghams history.

    The Superprix remains a quiet memory for now, marred by politicians petty squabbles, with those in power incapable of seeing the unarguable benefits that a revived Superprix would bring. Imagine a horde of GP2 Dallaras screaming down Belgrave Middleway, or the buzzing ranks of British F3, all no doubt supported by the hugely popular BTCC

    of the Birmingham to Weston Veteran Car Rally. He was also there to welcome them at the end of their journey.

    A week later, an event organised by Martin Hone called the Coventry Shakespeare Run a 65 mile run through the Warwickshire towns from Coventry to Stratford-upon-Avon took place.

    Bristol Street, and the other roads used for the street circuit, had become eerily silent since the last controversial, and noisy, Birmingham Superprix

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