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Superior Debt Relief Services


Superior Debt Relief Services offers debt relief help to individuals struggling financially. This review mostly considers their debt settlement services. Debt settlement is the process of organizing a deal with a consumer's creditors to allow the borrower to pay an agreed upon amount less than a full repayment. A settlement is brought about because of a borrowers inability to pay back a full loan amount. Superior Debt is one of the top rated partners on and we highly recommend considering them for relief if you need it. You can learn more at the in the slides or here:

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Superior Debt Relief Services!

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Who Are They?!Established in 1998, this is a company that has had enough experience with debt resolution that they can surely help you in a professional and expert manner. They have done work with the FTC to help regulate the industry to be more consumer friendly. They use an FDIC insured account to grow funds that will go towards your settlements, and you have access to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Superior Debt Relief is certified by the International Associate of Professional Debt Arbitrators and are listed #1 with them for four years in a row.!

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Customer Service!

The customer service at Superior Debt Relief is the best you could ask for. Every interaction we’ve hard about from customers has been positive. They treat their customers very well.!

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Services Offered & Discussed!

•  Debt Settlement!•  Debt Reduction!•  Bankruptcy!•  Bankruptcy Alternative!•  Debt Negotiation!

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Debt Education Resources!

•  Financial Counseling!•  Debt Calculator!•  Newsletters!•  Videos!•  Their website includes information about the

FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)!

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Credit Counseling!They really want to make sure that you learn how to gain control over your finances so you stay debt free after the program. In many cases, they encourage you to do the following:!!•  Destroy all credit cards and not open any

new accounts while you are on the program.!

•  That you attend debt counseling sessions so you can learn how to budget, save and avoid problems down the road.!

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How it Works!Step 1: Get a free quote by filling out the online form or calling.!Step 2. Collect all debt information so a monthly payment can be calculated.!Step 3. A Certified Debt Arbitrator will be assigned to you and will work with you throughout the program.!Step 4. Once your creditors have been contacted by and negotiations made on your behalf, and you will receive documentation of these.!Step 5: Once you have paid all your debts off, you will get more advice on how to stay debt free.!

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Qualified Debts for the Settlement Program!

The following debts can be used in the program:!!•  Credit Cards!•  Store Cards!•  Unsecured Bank Loans!•  Personal Loans!•  Hospital Bills!•  Some other unsecure debts!

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What Does it Cost?!

They charge an average of 22% of the total debt amount. This is right around industry standard.!

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BBB Rating!

•  This has been an Accredited business since 2003.!

•  A+ Rating!•  There has only been 1 complaint closed in

the last three years with none in the last twelve months.!

•  The one complaint was regarding billing and collection issues and it was resolved successfully. !

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Accreditations!•  BSI Group!•  BBB!•  U.S.O.B.A!•  IAPDA!•  Certified Companies in Colorado!•  Colorado License!•  AG Website!•  Dun & Bradstreet!•  US Chamber of Commerce!

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Are They Active on SocialNetworks?!

They have profiles on the following networks:!!•  Facebook!•  Google +!

They are not too active on these but there are staggered posts from time to time.!

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The Positives!

•  They have a great rating with the BBB.!

•  They have been in business for 16 years.!

•  They offer a lot of education resources on their website and from their agents.!

•  They have lots of accreditations.!

•  Phenomenal customer service !

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The Negatives!

•  There  is  no  reference  to  price  anywhere  on  their  website  so  you  will  need  to  call  and  inquire  about  this.    

•  In  today’s  world,  having  Live  Chat  on  a  website  could  a  very  convenient  tool  for  a  service  company  in  this  industry  and  they  do  not  offer  this  feature.  Not  a  deal  breaker  by  any  means.  

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The Bottom Line!They seem to be a great company to consider. With a good BBB rating and being in business for over a decade, we think that they could do a excellent job for you. You will be a more educated consumer with the resources they offer and the help their agents can give you.!

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