Superhero project pt1 (describe a superhero)

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Transcript of Superhero project pt1 (describe a superhero)

  • 1. What is a superhero?

2. Lesson 5 Superheroes Talk about superheroes. Be creative and imaginative. Work together. Have fun. 3. Super Families/Teams 4. Supergirls? 5. 1. Save the world? 6. 2.Have a secret identity 7. 3. Wear a CostumeCloak MaskBody Armour 8. 4. Have a super Power 9. Qualities SuperheroVillain Handsome/beautiful Ugly Idol Hated/feared Fast Fast Strong Strong Smart Smart Secretive Notorious Caring Evil Brave Sneaky 10. History/MotivationVillain Can(do)[Superpowers]Secret Identity Spiderman Have (describe)(personality/costume)Is (personality) Weakness 11. Is Harry Potter a Superhero? 12. History/Motivation Villain Can(do)[Superpowers]Secret Identity Harry PotterHave (describe)(personality/costume)Is (personality) Weakness 13. Superhumans