Super Bowl LII Wrap Up Report - Minneapolis...NFL Experience (Convention Center) Super Bowl Live...

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CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS Super Bowl LII Wrap Up Report Enterprise Committee March 29, 2018 March 29, 2018 1

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Transcript of Super Bowl LII Wrap Up Report - Minneapolis...NFL Experience (Convention Center) Super Bowl Live...


    Super Bowl LII Wrap Up Report

    Enterprise Committee March 29, 2018

    March 29, 2018


  • By the Numbers • 1,055,000: Attendance at Super Bowl LIVE presented by

    Verizon during 10-day festival

    • 235,000: Attendance at Super Bowl LIVE on Saturday, February 3, biggest attendance day (and also our snowiest)

    • 48: Bands/artists performed at Super Bowl LIVE at free and open to the public concerts

    • 1: Snowmobile backflip over Nicollet Mall at the Polaris Upsidedowntown

    • 1,420: Total miles that 10,000 Bold North Zipliners collectively traveled during 10-day festival

    • 185,000: Total volunteer hours from our 10,000+ Crew 52 volunteers

    • 210,000: Additional rides taken over more than a week’s worth of Super Bowl events on the Green and Blue lines and the Northstar Commuter Rail Line


  • By the Numbers • 61,000: Record-breaking number of passengers at

    Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Monday, February 5

    • 1,630: Private jet arrivals at Twin Cities airports during week of Super Bowl

    • 150+: Super Bowl-related parties and events across the Twin Cities during 10-day festival

    • 67,612: Attendance at U.S. Bank Stadium for Super Bowl LII

    • $5.5 million – Dollars invested in community organizations across the state during Minnesota Super Bowl Legacy Fund 52 weeks of giving campaign to improve health and wellness for kids


  • 4

    Crowds on Nicollet Mall during Super Bowl LIVE

  • 5

    US Bank Stadium

  • 6

  • Media Exposure • Showcased the Bold North to the world through the media

    • 5,800: Record number of credentialed media members for Super Bowl LII

    • 25: Different countries represented by the media at Super Bowl LII

    • Social Media Mentions: • 35,969: References to Bold North on Twitter during 10-day festival • 14,073: Instagram posts mentioning the Bold North during 10-day

    festival • 62,434: Likes on Facebook for post mentioning the Bold North during

    the 10-day festival


  • Community Engagement

    • Legacy Fund- 52 week grant program leading up to Super Bowl focusing on healthy children in Minnesota

    • Homeless outreach

    • Successful anti sex trafficking campaigns and operations

    • Pass your parka program

    • 28 Non-profit events through out Super Bowl week


  • Event Successes

    • Showcased the city in a positive light to the world

    • No significant incidents

    • Unprecedented cooperation amongst partners and stakeholders in planning and execution

    • Effective communication was key

    • Established Enterprise wide coordination lead by the Coordinator’s Office

    • Hard work by all departments was apparent


  • Reimbursement



    Police $3,620,721

    Public Works $2,058,900

    Convention Center (includes rent & reimbursable expenses)


    Fire $156,000

    Emergency Management $146,000

    Regulatory Services $75,600

    Other $43,000

    Emergency Communications $41,000

    Health $40,800

    TOTAL $7,452,793

  • Financial Highlights

    • Original City Services Funding Agreement was for $4.89 mil

    • Change Orders to the agreement were primarily for purchase of parking, lane use fees and additional police overtime hours

    • Parking and lane use fees have revenue to the City attached to them

    • Total for Convention Center includes rent as well as reimbursable expenses incurred as a result of NFL Experience and pre/post game event


  • Convention Center


  • Public Works – Transportation • 18 month planning process

    including pre-event coordination, large event permitting, and preparation of the Traffic Management Plan

    • Promoted "Know Before You Go" website to encourage use of all transportation modes during events

    • Oversaw Super Bowl Live construction to ensure Nicollet Mall was preserved and investment was protected

    • Negotiated mutually beneficial parking agreements for both on and off street parking.


  • Public Works – Transportation

    • Permitted and provided operational support for the MnDOT Autonomous Vehicle bus pilot on Nicollet Mall

    • Assisted with NFL on stadium perimeter installation

    • Permitted and facilitated new Right-of-Way devices: small cell, cameras, Biowatch

    • New Drone/Unmanned Aircraft ordinance and event zone


  • 15

    Pedestrians Crossing under the Birkebeiner Bridge at Nicollet & 9th St

  • Public Works – Transportation • Daily monitoring of street

    closures and lane uses, in coordination with internal and external partners

    • Complex pedestrian operations at Super Bowl Live • 1,055,000 – Attendance at

    Super Bowl LIVE during 10-day festival

    • 235,000 – Attendance at Super Bowl LIVE on Saturday, Feb 3


  • Public Works – Snow and Ice Control

    • Development of snow contingency plans

    • Additional shifts added and 24 hour responsiveness to overnight NFL and Host Committee requests, with no decrease in Citywide services

    • Snow Strike Force Team responded to areas in need of quick removal, especially downtown pedestrian environment


  • Public Works – Fleet and Utilities

    • Royalston shop was open 24/7 for 10 days prior to the Super Bowl for repairs

    • Inspection of underground utility assets

    • Quick turnaround, within two days of the perimeter being secured


  • Regulatory Services- Traffic Control


    Traffic Control (TC): 10 day activation period

    Total citations written


    Intersections manned 60+

    Total TC hours during activation period

    4,058 (51 staff)

    Temperature on Super Bowl Sunday

    High -1 (wind chill -20) Low -6 (wind chill -25)

    Temperature Overall 7 of 10 days, below freezing 4 of 10 days, below zero

    Partners trained Public Works and National Guard

    Urgent 311 requests 350+

  • Regulatory Services- Fire Inspection Services

    Fire Inspection Services provided fire watch and inspections at Super Bowl LIVE, Super Bowl Experience, US Bank Stadium, after hours and at other event sites


    Fire Inspection Services (FIS): 10 day activation period

    Event support , up to 20 hours/day 200+ events

    Special event and Conditional Use Permits reviewed, approved and inspected


    Late-night (4 a.m.) bar permits inspected


    Total FIS hours during activation period 1,920 (24 staff)

  • Minneapolis Police Department: Planning Responsibilities & Process

    • Lead Public Safety Agency Metro-Wide

    • Lead Fiscal Agent • Joint Powers Agreement • 60+ local LE Agencies

    • Federal Coordination SEAR Level I Event

    • Lead Planner (41 Groups) • Security & Tactical Operations • Logistics & Staging Operations • Communications • Intelligence & Investigations

    • Collaborative Planning • Transportation • Airport • Private Sector

    • Trainings, Orientations & Table Top Exercises

    • Command & Control Structures: MACC JOC/SOC IOC SBX/SBL AHC ASOC

    • Information Exchange & Trust • HSIN • Radio Communications • Briefings & Regular Meetings


  • MPD Operational Highlights • Unprecedented Collaboration

    • 60+ Local Law Enforcement Agencies

    • 400 MN National Guard Support • 1200+ Federal Law Enforcement

    officers *Largest in Super Bowl history

    • Positive Long-Term Impact to Future City-Wide Planning • Radio Communication Plan • MACC operations • New situational awareness

    technologies developed

    • Super Bowl Game • No significant incidents or

    disruptions • Off site transportation successful

    • Super Bowl Experience • Record numbers • No significant incidents or



    • Super Bowl LIVE • Traffic coordination: no

    pedestrian accidents – with overall 1 million visitors

    • No Significant Incident or Disruptions

    • Civil Disturbance • No injuries, accidents, no use of

    force incidents • Five coordinated agencies for

    multi-jurisdiction response- partnerships!

    • Downtown

    • Over 110 additional beat officers deployed downtown on foot

    • Crime downtown decreased in spite of significant visitors

  • MPD Statistics • 154 counterfeit ticket seizures Super Bowl week

    • Value: $ 1 million

    • 7500 pieces of counterfeit merchandise recovered

    • Value: $750,000

    • 94 Human Trafficking Arrests Super Bowl week

    • Total Vehicles Screened: 1700+

    • Total Bomb/K9 Calls for Service: 75+

    • Bomb Sweeps: 46

    • 15,000 volunteers, staff and private partners trained by MPD on community awareness program


  • Minneapolis Fire Department



    Spare Engine 1 Engine 8/Rescue 1 = Cut Teams Rig Staffing Downtown and Surrounding Spare Equipment Status Mobile Fire 1 (gator) Multi-Casualty Incident Vehicle HCMC (ambulance) Staging Command Support MACC EOC AHC IOC/JIC Super Bowl (US Bank Stadium) NFL Experience (Convention Center) Super Bowl Live (Nicollet Mall)

  • Public Safety Emergency Communications • Personnel worked closely with local, regional, state, military, and federal

    partners to coordinate a detailed communications plan ensuring interoperability with all branches of public safety response

    • Staff provided countless hours of training and training materials

    • Radio Communications and Interoperability group met monthly

    • The group also had various subcommittees including: • Communications Unit Leader • Alternate Communications Plan • Cell Carriers

    • Over 30 Tactical Incident Dispatchers and Incident Center Managers from the MECC and the Communications Regional Task Force (CRTF) provided on scene public safety communications support at 5 different command posts throughout the metro area - as well as the MECC

  • Joint Information Center: Critical Planning Tasks • Outreach to past Super Bowl Host cities (HOU, SFO)

    • Identifying key partners (local, regional, state, federal) to form Joint Information System (JIS)

    • Part of Branch 7 of overall public safety planning operation

    • Public Information Officer (PIO) training through FEMA, local table-top exercises

    • ID key issues, target audiences, message development

    • Development of Concept of Operations plan

    • Monthly regional PIO partner planning meetings

    • Determine physical JIC location, resourcing -- logistics

    • Staffing structure, shift assignments (JIC, MACC, EOC)

    • Development of JIC online center on HSIN operational site

    • Participation from 14 local, 4 state and 6 federal agencies


  • 27

  • Joint Information Center: Products, Outcomes

    Community Relations:

    • 13 live radio shows hosted in 3 languages (Spanish, Hmong, Somali)

    • 6 social media partners contracted to amplify critical messages (Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Lao, Vietnamese, Oromo)

    • Quickly mitigated fears re: Cedar Riverside car fire, PTSD invoked by helicopters, military vehicles, ICE agents

    • Hmong 18 Council visited the Joint Information Center

    Social/Video Content (via City + JIC Facebook, Twitter combined):

    • 49 Super Bowl LII-related videos produced, 229K video views

    • 420 social posts, 32K engagements, 1.91 million impressions

    Employee Communications

    • 10 daily “Big Game” editions of “Minneapolis Matters”

    • Daily Super Bowl LII clips package (late Dec. – Feb. 5)

    Media Relations:

    • 246 individual media inquiries managed

    • Press conferences: transportation/snow, counterfeit merchandise, sex trafficking


  • Emergency Management

    •Mission • Safety •Resources and Assistance for Incident

    Command •Readiness for Response and Recovery •Connection with Local, State and

    Federal Emergency Management Organizations


  • EOC Operations: January 26 through February 4 120 total personnel 3 Teams 2 Daily Shifts 24x 7 Capability


    Emergency Management

  • Partners:

    10 City Departments

    Hennepin County

    Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management

    FEMA Region V

    16 Regional Partners

    11 Federal Agencies

    16 Private/Non-Profit

    15 Mutual Aid (Local EM and USCG)


    Emergency Management

  • Public Health and Medical Team • Preparedness planning to be ready for response:

    • Surveillance – Hospital ER’s and Biowatch

    • Consequence Management • Mass fatality/casualty

    • Medication dispensing

    • Mass care and shelter

    • Hospital Surge and Detox

    • Food Defense and Inspections

    • Provide trained and ready staff for the MACC and EOC public health and medical desks during event


  • Environmental Health

    •Primary Mission • Food Defense • Food Safety

    •Trained 1,085 SB LII-related food workers •Conducted 746 risk-

    based inspections


  • Licenses and Consumer Services

    • Taxicab driver photo added to taxi driver licenses

    • 550 taxicabs inspected in the 60 days preceding Super Bowl

    • Temporary license and permit guide added to the City’s website

    • License inspectors worked 35 evening and weekend shifts during Super Bowl week

    • 145 temporary alcohol related licenses issued

    • Worked counterfeit merchandise cases with local police and federal officials


  • Development Services

    Approximately 150 Super Bowl

    events in Minneapolis

    Construction-related permits:

    • 67 Building and mechanical permits ($40,000 in permit fees) reviewed and issued

    • 246 Inspections performed

    • 10 Zoning temporary use permits ($1,380 in permit fees) reviewed and issued

    • 91 Tent and LP or diesel tank permits ($18,000 in permit fees) reviewed and issued in partnership with Regulatory Services Fire Inspection Services (FIS)


  • 311

    • Extended hours to accommodate Super Bowl activities throughout the City

    • Collaborated with other City departments to implement temporary process changes

    • 22 separate Super Bowl training sessions for in-house 311 staff

    • 177 calls related to Super Bowl from 1-1-2018 to 2-4-2018


  • City Attorney’s Office

    •Drafting: Super Bowl Host Committee Agreement; Law Enforcement Agency Agreements • Law enforcement training and

    protocols • Legal advice to City departments •Participated in collaborative to prevent

    sex trafficking for Super Bowl and beyond


  • Human Resources

    • Assisted City Attorney and Convention Center with NFL credentialing efforts

    • Assisted departments with labor contract interpretations to ensure compliance/consistency

    • Assisted in providing alternative parking options for employees working evenings and weekends

    • Collaborated with events team to provide information to departments


  • Information Technology

    80% of IT (75 staff) assisted with Super Bowl related tasks • Supported 8 Command/Operations Centers—25 staff

    provided onsite support during the 12-day event

    • Worked with vendors to design and implement the Common Operating Picture App (COPApp) and FieldWatch (mobile officer tracking and live streaming to command centers)

    • Worked with public safety to implement numerous GIS data layers

    • Performed additional cybersecurity vulnerability assessments on City systems critical to Super Bowl operations—implemented threat remediation approaches

    • Deployed 74 laptops, 36 cameras, 6 printers and 4 servers


  • Finance and Property Services


    “White Team” EOC Volunteers at the Emergency Operations Training Facility during Super Bowl week

    Sean Curran Jamie Sabelko Chris Carlson Vincent Crouch Nora Gallagher Dan Gottwald Rebecca Law

    Mike Abeln Larry Parker Bill Parrill Curt Fernandez Mary Dunning Chris Fittipaldi Mwende Nzimbi Michael Locust

    Ellen Velasco-Thompson Micah Intermill Lyle Hodges Pam Fernandez Chris Backes Larry Haugberg Geoff Ernst Merlin Koskela

    Rodney Olson Chip Teigen Arthur Thomas Rob Verke Kathy Wagner Troy Thunstrom Ron Panasuk Dan Jurek

    Finance and Property Services Super Bowl EOC Volunteers:

  • Thank you to our hard working employees!