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  • Program

    Sunbelt XXXIV

    International Sunbelt Social Network


    TradeWinds Island Resorts, St. Pete Beach, FL

    February 18 23, 2014


    International Network for Social Network Analysis

    Cambrudge University Press

    Conference Organizers

    H. Russell Bernard, University of Florida

    Christopher McCarty, University of Florida

    John Skvoretz, University of South Florida

    Student Assistants

    Jasmn Bailey, Sarah Beth Hopton, University of South Florida

    David Dillon, Shaikha Helal Al-Kuwari, University of Florida

    Kelly Calder, Zoe Muzyczka, University of Florida

  • Sunbelt XXXIV

    St. Pete Beach, FL


    Dear Colleague,

    Welcome to Sunbelt XXXIV International Social Network Conference! Your

    registration package consists of this printed program, a name tag, tickets for the

    banquet and/or workshops if you registered for them, and on the USB stick, a file

    with full abstracts. A guide to the area is available from the hotel. Please review

    this program carefully as it contains some last minute changes. Any further

    changes will be posted as necessary at the registration desk.

    There are some "Sunbelt" traditions of which you should be aware.

    Papers are to stop and start at the intended times as persons often session hop

    to catch papers of interest and, by the way, it is okay to session hop yourself.

    If you are presenting, please load your presentation on the dedicated laptop

    connected to the projector before the session starts. If you need your own

    laptop, connecting it will eat into your presentation time.

    Session chairs have been appointed by selecting the presenting author from

    the last paper in the session under the assumption that he or she will have an

    incentive to keep other session presenters on time. If the designated chair is

    not present, those presenting should select one of their own to keep time.

    Lunch time is long enough so you can take a swim, go wind surfing, or do

    other sunbelty things.

    There is a hospitality suite Wednesday through Saturday evening from 9pm

    to 12am. We ask that you cooperate with our student assistants managing the

    suite so it can close up at 12am.

    If you have questions about the conference, seek out the organizers or their

    assistants. We may be able to help. We are glad you are here and hope your

    experience is enjoyable and intellectually valuable.

    The Organizers


    5:30 pm Award Announcements

    5:45 pm Keynote Address


    Knowing Your Social Network Data and Measures

    Jeffrey C. Johnson

    Institute for Coastal Science and Policy


    Department of Sociology

    East Carolina University

    7:15 - 9:00 pm Cash Bar and Banquet


  • Program Overview 5 Workshops

    Tuesday February 18, 8:00am - 11:00am

    Modeling Relational Event Dynamics with statnet BANYAN

    Carter Butts, University of California, Irvine,.

    Christopher Marcum

    Introduction to Social Network Analysis with R and Statnet JASMINE

    Ryan Acton, University of Massachusetts, Amherst,

    Lorien Jasny

    STERGM - Separable Temporal ERGMs for Modeling Relational Dynamics over Time with statnet SABEL

    (Krivitsky section merged into this section)

    Steve Goodreau, University of Washington,

    Dave Hunter

    Tuesday February 18, 8:00am - 11:00am & 11:30am 2:30pm

    NodeXL: Network Analysis Made Simple CITRUS

    Marc Smith, Social Media Research Foundation,

    Introduction to Social Network Analysis SAWGRASS

    Paola Tubaro, University of Greenwich,

    Yasaman Sarabi

    From Words to Networks with ConText: Text Mining for Creating Network Data from Text Data GLADES

    Jana Diesner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

    Jinseok Kim

    Analysing Network Dynamics and Peer Influence Processes with Rsiena INDIAN KEY

    Christian Steglich, University of Groningen,

    Andras Voros

    Advanced Social Network Analysis using UCINET and Netdraw BIRD KEY

    Martin Everett, University of Manchester,

    Steve Borgatti, University of Kentucky,
  • Program Overview 6 Workshops

    Tuesday February 18, 11:30am 2:30pm

    Comprehensive Easy-to-Use Social Network Software: VisuaLyzer, EgoNet, PALM

    SocioScope and LinkAlyzer

    Eric Jones, Medical Decision Logic,

    Allen Tien

    Tuesday February 18, 11:30am 2:30pm & 3:00pm 6:00pm

    Introduction to the Analysis of Network Data with UCINET and NetDraw BANYAN

    Dan Halgin, LINKS Center, University of Kentucky,

    Rich DeJordy

    Mixed Methods Research in Social Networks JASMINE

    Betina Hollstein, Universitt Hamburg,

    Elisa Bellotti, University of Manchester

    Introduction to Social Network Analysis with R SABEL

    Micha Bojanowski, University of Warsaw,

    Tuesday, February18, 11:30am - 6:00pm, PALM

    Tuesday February 18, 3:00pm 6:00pm

    Moving Beyond Descriptives: Basic Network Statistics with statnet CITRUS

    Lorien Jasny, University of Maryland,

    Ryan Acton

    Net-Map: Collecting Social Network Data and Facilitating Network Learning Through GLADES

    Participatory Influence Network Mapping

    Eva Schiffer, World Bank,

    Network Dynamic Temporal Visualization (ndtv): a package of R tools for visualizing INDIAN KEY

    dynamic networks

    Skye Bender-deMoll,

    Martina Morris

    Latent variable models with latentnet BIRD KEY

    Pavel Krivitsky, University of Wollongong,

    Steve Goodreau & Dave Hunter
  • Program Overview 7 Workshops

    Web-Based Collection of Personal and Whole Network Data Using SocioWorks PALM

    Eric Jones, Medical Decision Logic,

    Allen Tien

    Wednesday February 19, 8:00am 11:00am

    Social Network Approaches for Behavior Change BANYAN

    Tom Valente, University of Southern California,

    Analysis of large networks with Pajek CITRUS

    Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana,

    Algebraic analysis of multiple networks with multiplex GLADES

    Antonio Rivero Ostoic, Aarhus University,

    Network Modeling of Infectious Disease and Social Diffusion Processes with EpiModel JASMINE

    Samuel Jenness, University of Washington,

    Martina Morris

    Visualizing Social Networks. How to Create Meaningful and Compelling Network Drawings PALM

    Juergen Pfeffer, Carnegie Mellon University,

    Exponential-family Random Graph Modeling (ERGMs) with statnet SAWGRASS

    Dave Hunter, Penn State University,

    Carter Butts

    VII Mesa Hispana para el anlisis de redes sociales (Spanish Workshop) COMPASS

    Alejandro Arnulfo Ruz Len, Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico,

    Nina Jung

    Advanced ERGM modelling with MPnet: Multilevel networks; Bayesian estimation; and BIRD KEY

    Missing network data

    Garry Robins, University of Melbourne, Australia,

    Peng Wang

    Advanced RSiena Users' Workshop SABAL

    Tom Snijders, University of Oxford,

    Christian Steglich, University of Groningen,
  • Program Overview 8 Wednesday Afternoon




    Last presenter chairs session.

    Geographic and

    Social Space

    Centrality in Social




    Criminals, Gangs,

    Terrorists, and Networks

    1:40 Inter-City Traffic

    Networks and Their

    Relationship with

    City Median Income

    S Mendelsohn

    Defining Network


    Ulrik Brandes

    Connecting Project

    Managers with The Art

    of War. A network

    approach to strategic

    project management


    Line Berggreen Ramsing

    Assessing the Impact of

    Error on Dark Networks

    Luke Gerdes, Kathryn

    Coronges, Charles


    2:00 Scientific


    networks in Europe at

    the regional level

    Adam Ploszaj

    Growth, Stability,

    Change and

    Inequality in

    Dynamic Ego


    David Hachen,