Summer reading refreshed!

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SUMMER READING REFRESHED! Beth Crist Colorado State Library Lisa Gonzalez Santa Barbara Public Library

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Transcript of Summer reading refreshed!

Summer Reading Refreshed!

Summer Reading Refreshed!Beth CristColorado State Library

Lisa GonzalezSanta Barbara Public Library

Foreign book cover fun!These 3 foreign book covers are all from the same childrens book series. Whats the series? Type your guess in the chat box!




Why change?

SummerReadingSummer reading trendsOutreach & partneringFamily engagementOutcomes-based programsEarly literacy component

Denver Public Librarys Read with Me! ProgramMore trends: Summer learningCommunity-wide programsVolunteer & service learning projectsSTEAM & maker programming

Summer learning in action

21st Century skills

Experiential & self-directed learning

Montrose Regional Library Districts Badge Quest Program

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These book covers are for the same YA title, published in different countries. Whats the book?

Juntos Leemos Project

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemWhy incorporate a sibling reading element in your summer reading program?The idea that in some non-English speaking families, the parent will never catch up to the children to provide the early literacy support that the younger ones need.Older child has in many cases already become the family translator, why not recognize and support them in that inevitable role? Our staff were already informally encouraging reading together, as yours probably does, but what would happen if we encouraged reading together in a formal way?15Our Pilot Year: the Siblings ProjectMarch 2013-Feb 2014

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemWe spent a year Investigating the value of sibling reading to boost reading skills and motivation for both preschool and elementary aged children and experimented with altering our SRP to incentivize sibling reading. It become read together because we encourage EVERYONE to practice storytelling, whether or not they had a sibling 16Small Change, Big ResultsCity of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library System

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemWe added a Read Together sticker to the SRP log. Children who read 5 books aloud with someone received a ticket to an ice cream party at the library. We trained volunteers to promote social reading* and be available to read with children.

From Summer Reading Program outcomes survey (111 child participants surveyed) 89% of those children who have a younger sibling report that they read at least one book with their sibling; of those, 56% reported reading over 5 books with a sibling.

Surveys conducted at the Ice Cream Party show that 63% of parents observed their children reading more frequently with a sibling or friend because of the Read Together component of the Summer Reading Program.

17More Publicity = More Participation

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemCity of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemOur SRP participation has risen by 57% for two consecutive years. Why?Were getting more savvy with our publicity and outreach tactics!Spanish radioSchool visits and flyer with eventsBus adsFree publicity (CSLP PSA ran 550 times for free on our local ABC and NBC stations just because we asked)-City TV slides-radio psas

18Summer Campers: Bring them to the Library!

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library System We partnered with local summer camps that serve low-income families. Over 300 campers visited the library for library tours and buddy reading programs. We modeled storytelling skills and encouraged them to practice at home with siblings.

Working with summer camps is an effective way to promote social reading and library use.

2/3 of Summer Campers reported that they would definitely try reading with a sibling or friend at home after their library visit.

19Lesson Learned:SRP Incentives that promote sibling or buddy reading change childrens reading habits.

City of Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara Public Library SystemWhats more: our findings suggest that older siblings show increases in reading motivation , frequency of recreational reading, and positive attitude toward reading, ESPECIALLY for reluctant readers.20Changes: Go BIG or go small

EvaluationHow do you evaluate program changes for effectiveness, engagement, and interest?

2 more foreign book covers!

Want to learn more?Bibliography with lots of great out-of-the-box summer reading examples:

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