Summer Reading

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Make A Splash Make Waves Water Your Brain New Jersey 2010 Summer Reading

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Template work in progress for NJ 2010 Summer Reading.

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Page 1: Summer Reading

Make A Splash

Make Waves

Water Your Brain

New Jersey 2010 Summer Reading

Page 2: Summer Reading

Water Your Brain


FilmsBook Talks

Craft s

Page 3: Summer Reading

Water Your Garden

Master Gardener Lectures• Organic Gardening• Container Gardening• Rain Barrels• Butterfly Gardens

Herb Pots• Pizza

• Tomato/Basil/Oregano• Tea

• Chamomile/Mint• Provence

• Thyme/Lavender

Page 4: Summer Reading

Water Your World

Photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell

Informative Talks• Watershed• Conservation• Global Warming• Water Quality• Wetlands• Fish Advisory

Film Festival• Documentaries• Shorts

Non-Fiction Book Talkssee for a list of resources.

Page 5: Summer Reading

Water Your Social Life

Photo by OXBOLD

Liquid Fun!• Mocktails/Cocktails• Wine Tastings• Tea Parties

Film Festivals• Beach Movies• Summer Blockbusters

Speedy Book Talks• Round-Robin, Like Speed

DatingInstruction/Demonstrations• Water Safety & Fun• Seafood Cooking Demos• Energy Star Appliances

Page 6: Summer Reading

Water Your Crafts

Photo by Thomas Roche

Remember Kids, Garden Pots can have many uses.Recycle!

Save Summer Memories:• Scrapbooking• Digital Photo Tips & Tricks

Water Color Painting


Wine Glass Charms/Flip-Flop Drink Holder

Page 7: Summer Reading

Make Waves

Photo by silverxraven

ProgramsCraft sDecorati ons

Page 8: Summer Reading

Make Waves in the World

Page 9: Summer Reading

Make A Splash!