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  • 1. SWEDEN

2. Sweden in the worldSweden in EuropeSweden 3. THE POPULATIONIN THE COUNTRY 4. - Sweden have low density population. Have 9million persons 20/km.- In 1970 it start be a modern country. Is a ageingcountry- 16% is young, 66% are adults and 18% areretired. Its population grew by 0.2% a year 5. - Migratory is from 1,66%- The birth rate is 10% and death rate is10(2,8 are of child)- Life expectancy at birth is around 81 years 6. Map showingpopulationdensity inSweden 7. EVOLUTION OFPOPULATION 8. - XV century. The black death decreasesthe population- XVI and XVIII centuries. Swedish empireborn and have little people grannbecomes a european power. 9. - XIX century. Favors a great peacedemographic development.- XX and XXI centuries. Sweden has ahigh development rate and a populationthat focuses mainly in urban areas. 10. SWEDENS POPULATIONDATAS:- BIRTH RATE- DEATH RATE- NATURAL INCREASE 11. - It has 9.415.295 inhabitants- This year the birth rate has been of10,24% is quite high but in 2004 thebirth rate was 10,46% and in 2005 thebirth rate was of 10,36%- The lowest birth rate has been in 2002with 9,81% and in 2003 birth rate was9,71% 12. This year the death rate was 10,21% thisis so low but in 2010 and 2011 the deathrate was of 10,2% The lowest death rate was in 200810,24% and in 2011 10,2% The highest death rate was in 200010,62% and in 2001 10,61% 13. - This year has been positive 0,17%- Never has been negative- The lowest ones were in 2000,2001 and2002 with 0,2%The highest ones has been this year and in2004 0,18% and from 2006 to 2011 0,16% 14. OTHER DATAS 15. IS INCREASED OR INCREASING?- Looking to the dates is increasing- Consecuences- There isnt too much hunger because isone of the highest index of the humandevelopment and is in the 20 mosimportant economies of the world 16. IMMIGRATION 17. IS IMMIGRATION INCREASING ORDECREASING?- Sweden has a high level of immigration- Among its inhabitants there are 200nationalities- Immigration is the most numerous ofFinland, Iraq, Somalia and Poland 18. CONCLUSIONSSweden has one of the longest lifeexpectancies and one of the lowest birth ratesin the world, so its population is aged 19. VIDEO 20. THANKS