Success is Broken

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Success is Broken because our education system, and the old advice about how to build a career, and the collapse of the command and control management hierarchy...they're all in the way. The New Economy is waaaay better for building a life of satisfaction, flow and financial independence, BUT it's gonna take a very different approach...this deck will show you the basics.

Transcript of Success is Broken


In 4th grade I saw a conflict b/t being who I was and being “SUCCESSFUL.”  


Study hard   Get a degree Get a job Work hard Make money

I was told  

…Be Happy  

But then I began to ask;

If people are so happy, why can’t they wait to ‘stop working’?

If people are so happy, why are so many, so sick and tired?

Flicker/Brandon  Doran  

And why are so many angry?

Flicker/Vesna  Pukich  Tiricovska  



I consumed books, speeches, and seminars on how to be SUCCESSFUL


Because 24 years of school sure as heck didn’t give me a clue

Flicker/kevin  dooley  

I did the work to implement what I



But it was hit or miss

to be honest

Finally I began to see that the ‘success’ I envied, was different  

The people I envied were living the most integrated lives


They began, and came from a focused INTENTION


And DIDN’T...  

Focus on money

Flicker/Anil  Mohabir  

And people, the right people,

wanted in on it

Opportunities flowed toward them

They didn’t obsess over management fads, because they weren’t managers


They were leaders

Flicker/Hamed  Saber  

Leaders of people who WANTED what they wanted


This life is available to anyone

who wants it,


but it’s rarely available in a


A J.O.B. is designed to make you a C.O.G.

Flicker/Kevin  Walsh  

JOB’s are designed to make you a COMMODITY  

The goal of business is to automate, outsource, or eliminate

If you are a

COMMODITY you will

always be in the


Yeah, I know, your teachers didn’t tell you this either

And if you’re waiting for the economy or the government to

change this, don’t…

   Flicker/Grégory  Tonon  

…waste your time

Because they

CAN’T, and they


We’ve been here before

Danka  Peter  

A century ago we had a big innovation: the combustion engine

Flicker/kevin  dooley  

And we used them to replace horses so we could farm with less people  

Those people went to cities, changing the social

fabric of the US

Linh  Nguyen  

And a new business structure was invented, called the

J. O. B.

All this change even lead to political reconfigurations  

Can you see the cycle?

And here we are again…the internet innovation


Flicker/  mkhmarkeSng  

And social relationship changes

And now, it’s time for a new business structure…again

 Galymzhan  Abdugalimov  

Can you see the cycle?

Cuz this is broken

And cuz people don’t want no stinkin COG Jobs anyway

By 2020 40% of the ‘workforce’ will not work in a

traditional J.O.B.

 Ilham  Rahmansyah    


So now that J.O.B.’s are going A.W.A.Y.


you get to be what you really want to be…

 Flicker/mark  sebasSan  

...on your terms

So in this bold new world

How will we find ‘work’?

Alejandro  Escamilla  

How will ‘work’ find us?

   Flicker/Daniel  Wehner  

And how will we get it all done?

Ahhh, I thought you’d never ask

   Flicker/Ahmed  Rabea  

That’s where our bold plan comes in


Figure out what the ‘Business of YOU is  

Learn how to market and sell YOU  

Learn how to coordinate with others FAST  

Step  One:    Learn  The  Fundamentals                                          For  21st  Century  ‘success’  

Step  Two:  Train  Together  

Practice fundamentals with YOUR project…  

…to shape your own career identity  

And become who you’re really supposed to be


Step  Three:  Harness  our  Power  

Organize ourselves into a high integrity Network


So we can find each other  

And partner in the new economy  

Nicholas  Swanson  

And this is how we fix success…together

We define it our way


We survive and thrive as humans did for 1,000’s of years

before we invented J.O.B.’s

As a Tribe

The networks are up and running


It’s our

Fundamental Humanware

that needs upgrading

We have the


upgrade for the 21st Century….

We just need the right HUMANS

Are you ready?

Flicker/Carlos  Photography  

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