Success is Broken

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Success is Broken because our education system, and the old advice about how to build a career, and the collapse of the command and control management hierarchy...they're all in the way. The New Economy is waaaay better for building a life of satisfaction, flow and financial independence, BUT it's gonna take a very different approach...this deck will show you the basics.

Transcript of Success is Broken

  • In 4th grade I saw a conflict b/t being who I was and being SUCCESSFUL. Flicker/amrufm
  • Study hard Get a degree Get a job Work hard Make money I was told Be Happy
  • But then I began to ask;
  • If people are so happy, why cant they wait to stop working?
  • If people are so happy, why are so many, so sick and tired?
  • Flicker/Brandon Doran And why are so many angry?
  • Flicker/Vesna Pukich Tiricovska Hmmm
  • Flicker/Lel4nd I consumed books, speeches, and seminars on how to be SUCCESSFUL jFlicker/joaoa
  • Because 24 years of school sure as heck didnt give me a clue Flicker/kevin dooley
  • I did the work to implement what I READ and HEARD
  • Flicker/Pierre-Olivier But it was hit or miss to be honest
  • Finally I began to see that the success I envied, was different
  • The people I envied were living the most integrated lives mars75
  • They began, and came from a focused INTENTION Flicker/country_boy_shane
  • And DIDNT...
  • Focus on money Flicker/Anil Mohabir
  • And people, the right people, wanted in on it
  • Opportunities flowed toward them
  • They didnt obsess over management fads, because they werent managers
  • They were leaders Flicker/Hamed Saber
  • Leaders of people who WANTED what they wanted Flicker/crsan
  • This life is available to anyone who wants it, Flicker/h.koppdelaney
  • but its rarely available in a J O B
  • A J.O.B. is designed to make you a C.O.G. Flicker/Kevin Walsh
  • JOBs are designed to make you a COMMODITY
  • The goal of business is to automate, outsource, or eliminate
  • If you are a COMMODITY you will always be in the SLAUGHTER LINE
  • Yeah, I know, your teachers didnt tell you this either
  • And if youre waiting for the economy or the government to change this, dont Flicker/Grgory Tonon
  • waste your time
  • Because they CANT, and they WONT
  • Weve been here before Danka Peter
  • A century ago we had a big innovation: the combustion engine Flicker/kevin dooley
  • And we used them to replace horses so we could farm with less people
  • Those people went to cities, changing the social fabric of the US Linh Nguyen
  • And a new business structure was invented, called the J. O. B.
  • All this change even lead to political reconfigurations
  • Can you see the cycle?
  • And here we are againthe internet innovation Flicker/striaSc
  • Flicker/ mkhmarkeSng And social relationship changes
  • And now, its time for a new business structureagain Galymzhan Abdugalimov
  • Can you see the cycle?
  • Cuz this is broken
  • And cuz people dont want no stinkin COG Jobs anyway
  • By 2020 40% of the workforce will not work in a traditional J.O.B. Ilham Rahmansyah 40%
  • So now that J.O.B.s are going A.W.A.Y. Flicker/Victor1558
  • you get to be what you really want to be Flicker/mark sebasSan
  • ...on your terms
  • So in this bold new world
  • How will we find work? Alejandro Escamilla
  • How will work find us? Flicker/Daniel Wehner
  • And how will we get it all done?
  • Ahhh, I thought youd never ask Flicker/Ahmed Rabea
  • Thats where our bold plan comes in Flicker/nic519
  • Figure out what the Business of YOU is Learn how to market and sellYOU Learn how to coordinate with others FAST Step One: Learn The Fundamentals For 21st Century success
  • Step Two: Train Together Practice fundamentals withYOUR project to shape your own career identity And become who youre really supposed to be
  • Step Three: Harness our Power Organize ourselves into a high integrity Network So we can find each other And partner in the new economy
  • Nicholas Swanson And this is how we fix successtogether
  • We define it our way Flicker/pedrosimoes7
  • We survive and thrive as humans did for 1,000s of years before we invented J.O.B.s
  • As a Tribe
  • The networks are up and running Flicker/cogdogblog
  • Its our Fundamental Humanware that needs upgrading
  • We have the HUMANWARE upgrade for the 21st Century.
  • We just need the right HUMANS
  • Are you ready? Flicker/Carlos Photography Download the TRIBALFESTO at