Subjective Relativism

Subjective Relativism “truth depends solely on what someone believes” Komla Damoin

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Page 1: Subjective Relativism

Subjective Relativism“truth depends solely on what

someone believes”

Komla Damoin

Page 2: Subjective Relativism

Subjective Relativism

• Goals, plans and minds function differently while put in different situations– Unplanned vs. Planned pregnancy– Immigration laws (we all have different

thoughts on these)– Wealthy families vs. Poor families

(amount spent has to be made accordingly to what one has)

Page 3: Subjective Relativism

Subjective Relativism

• Minds and plans can easily be changed by a bump in the road– Deciding to have abortion or not caused

by an unplanned pregnancy– An unexpected speeding ticket which

means lots of money on an attorney

Page 4: Subjective Relativism

Subjective Relativism

• “Subjective relativism is the view that truth depends solely on what someone believes -- a notion that may make critical thinking look superfluous.” [1]

• “Subjective relativism has a logical problem -- it's self-defeating. Its truth implies its falsity.” [1]

Page 5: Subjective Relativism

Sexual Harassment• “Unwelcome Behavior”[2]

• “Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature” [2]

• “Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.”[2]

Page 6: Subjective Relativism

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment includes many things such as:• Actual or attempted rape or sexual assault

[2]• Undesired pressure for sexual favors [2]• Undesired sexual looks or gestures [2]• Undesired letters or calls [2]• Sexual comments [2]• Unwanted massages [2]• Sexual gestures [2]

Page 7: Subjective Relativism

Sexual Harassment• Different types of sexual

harassments:– Verbal– Non-verbal– Physical

Page 8: Subjective Relativism

Verbal Sexual Harassment

• Includes:– Referring to an adult

as a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey [2]

– Sexual comments about individual’s body/looks [2]

– Sexual jokes [2]– Talking about sexual

fantasies [2]

Saying “Hey Baby” while not desired is an example of verbal sexual harassment

Page 9: Subjective Relativism

Non-Verbal Sexual Harassment

• Includes:– Looking a person

up and down [2]– Staring at the

victim [2]– Following the

victim [2]– Showing sexual

gestures and expressions[2]

He is staring at her, which is an example of visual sexual harassment

Page 10: Subjective Relativism

Physical Sexual Harassment

• Includes:– Giving a massage

around the neck or shoulders [2]

– Touching the person’s clothing, hair, or body [2]

– Touching or rubbing oneself sexually around another person [2]

An unwanted shoulder massage is sexual harassment

Page 11: Subjective Relativism

Ethical Issues Relating to Sexual Harassment Pros

• There are no pros to sexual harassment, because nothing good comes out of being sexually harassed except for maybe getting laws passed to prevent a repetition of such situation/s and the fact that it is illegal

Page 12: Subjective Relativism

Ethical Issues Relating to Sexual Harassment Cons

• Rise in physical and mental pain

• The victim can be scarred for life

• Rise in fear of the opposite sex

• Victim is taken advantage of

Page 13: Subjective Relativism

Ethical Analysis as it Relates to the Blog Article

• Sexual harassment usually leads to career failure from the offenders’ part.

Subjective analysis => of• Society's perspective• Company’s perspective• Company’s downfall• Victim’s perspective

Page 14: Subjective Relativism

Ethical Analysis as it Relates to the Blog Article

• Hewlett-Packard’s executive chief (Mark Hurd) lost his job because of sexual harassment

Subjective analysis => of• It is not ethical to sexually harass anyone in

anyway• The victims• Decline in the company’s stock value• Media’s reaction

Page 15: Subjective Relativism


• Ethics can be used to most cases to decide on what is right or wrong, but not all cases

• The ethics in a paper or article depends on the individual reading it and his/her judgment

• After such wrong actions are done, new laws are written, to protect other individuals from being victimized

• Sexual harassment in the workplace or anywhere is unethical and immoral

Page 16: Subjective Relativism


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