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Final Project for the Soft Circuits Workshop at ITP

Transcript of Suave Lulu

  • 1.Jennifer Dopazo | Soft Circuits Workshop | Summer 2008

2. Soft huggable pet for preschoolers that provides different types of interaction and feedback when the child interacts with it. 3. Cooking DiscoveryToys and Games Library Sand and Water Dramatic PlayArtSound and MovementComputersIndoor interest areas in most classrooms 4. Social/emotional PhysicalCognitive Language Areas of development of a child 5. Social/emotional PhysicalCognitive Language Gross & Fine Motor Control 6. Design Sensorial Design Interactivity Interface Physical Computing Technology Social interaction Sensorial Experience Learning Awareness KnowledgeSocietyInteractive toy that stimulates child curiosity and helps the development of ne motor skills 7. Related Work Animaland Bunny Christmas Show Alexis Lloyd, Ana Velez, and Dave Pasquel Jenny Wu & Rafael Mejia 8. 1 LEDs Circuitbattery holder(2 AA Battery) 9. 2 Sound/Motion Circuit motor 10. MaterialsFake fur Fabric Polar Fabric Conductive Fabric Conductive Thread 2 LEDs RadioShack Digital Voice Recorder Module 3VDC Micro-Vibration Motor 3 Volt Battery 2 AAs Batteries AA Battery Holder 11. Successes Making a Fabric PBC Joining components Creating a motion/sound on the soft circuit circuit as one Extending parts of Interaction workedthe components as intended Debugging Challenges 12. Include more member to the family Use micro controllers Make it a wireless device Make it communicate with others Make it more robust 13. Thank You Jennifer Dopazo | Soft Circuits Workshop | Summer 2008