Styling and Fashion

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Styling and fashion- rock genre Kerrang

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Styling and fashion- rock genreKerrang

Kerrang article on Lemmy which features fashion competitions and other band mebers which represents the rock style well.

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“Over a decade KR3W has been influenced by the diverse Southern California culture and inspired by it’s pursuit of never setting. It’s with this mentality that KR3W design and manufacture apparel for those wanting more. Celebrated for its superlative denim, and as the originator of the skinny jean style in skate, KR3W has been at the forefront of men’s fashion for the last 10 years with a full collection of apparel that includes denim, tops, hats and other accessories. KR3W enjoys a cult following among artists and musicians”- Taken from Kerrang website


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MOJO presents a wide range of different rock styles from old school punks to metallers.

“Sam Knee’s fashion analysis: “The JAMC also pioneered the leather trouser look synonymous with the Creation records roster. They were threateningly cool: grotty black leather box jackets, shades and check shirts – very Hamburg early ’60s. Part early Velvet Underground, ie. tight black jeans, black shades, leather jeans, black rollnecks, engineer boots, or King Hatreds as Sterling Morrison once described them. They must have had some great charity shops in East Kilbride.”- Taken from MOJOs website

Other style typres presented my MOJO front covers-

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