Study models 101 preparation

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Study Models 101 Kathy Malone RDH, EFDA, CDA,BS 06/15/2022 1
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  • 1. Study Models 101 Kathy Malone RDH, EFDA, CDA,BS 7/31/2013 1

2. Preparation 7/31/2013 2 3. Safety First Required PPE: Masks Goggles Hair tied back NO GLOVES 7/31/2013 3 4. Soak Soak models in water for 5 minutes before starting to trim to make trimming easier Do not immerse the anatomical portion 7/31/2013 4 5. The Model Trimmer 7/31/2013 5 6. Preparing the Model Trimmer 7/31/2013 6 Water Adjuster Drain: Make sure the water goes into the sink!!! Table Table Adjuster Hose: Used to rinse the model trimmer 7. Preparing the Model Trimmer Switch to turn on model trimmer. The water will automatically start to flow. You must use water during trimming ! 7/31/2013 7 8. Make sure the base plate is perpendicular to the trimming wheel otherwise all cuts will be INCORRECT!!! Straight edge is flat against the wheel- CORRECT Straight edge is on laying evenly against the wheel- INCORRECT / ADJUST 7/31/2013 8 9. Always fulcrum arms or hands when using equipment 7/31/2013 9 10. Make sure the model fits into the opening of the model trimmer. 7/31/2013 10 11. The Lathe with Trimming Bur 7/31/2013 11 Make sure the protective shield is in place when using the lathe 12. Remove excess stone to articulate models If model cannot be put together the bite cannot be established Excess stone will not let models come together Use the Trimmer or Buffalo Knife to remove excess 7/31/2013 12 13. Take the time to block out tongue area before pouring mandibular arch. This eliminates a lot of work later!!! The pink area indicates the addition of alginate to block out the tongue area Notice the flat the tongue area You can use alginate, Play-Doh like material or wax as block out. 7/31/2013 13 14. Failing to block out the tongue area of the mandibular impression before pouring will cause the impression to sink and give you a lot of work later in the trimming process Impression tore due to impression sinking during the pour Notice all the extra stone that will need to be removed on the lathe. This will take up a lot of time an effort and jeopardize damaging the model 7/31/2013 14 15. The Importance of a Wax Bite The wax bite is necessary to establish the patients centric occlusion (bite). The wax bite protects the teeth during trimming 7/31/2013 15