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Goshaglasses are loved across the world.

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  • ...with the unprejudicedview of everything that exists in nature.

    Born to an Indian father and Polish mother, Goshas works on paper and glass reflect the many facets of her multicultural personality and upbringing.

    She developed a unique technique for glass painting and started a new collection of artwork entitled Goshaglass- collectable hand-painted glasses that are loved across the world.

    Her collection includes now over 700 glasses.

  • size, approximately h 2.5 x w 3are exquisite candle-lights that combine

    beauty with function.

    Every piece is individually handmade, reflecting the light falling upon them in all

    the colours of the rainbow.


  • LARGE SIZE WINDLIGHTSsize, approximately h 13 x w 9.5

    MEDIUM + SIZE WINDLIGHTS size, approximately h 9.5 x w 7.5

    MEDIUM SIZE WINDLIGHTSsize, approximately h 7 x w 6

  • Gosha's work is in both public and private collections world-wide.

    Her work has also featured in books and selected magazines such as AD,

    Country Style, A la Carte, Deco Home, doin' fine, High Life, Elle Decoration.

  • I am moved by all. Tenderness in the city, sound, the silver leaf broken by time. ... I touch the time and time touches my work.

  • All images copyright Studio Gosha.Her Christmas Decorations are destined to become family heirlooms, something to delight successive generations and fill the grandchildrens eyes with wonder.

    ORNAMENTSsize large, approximately 4size small, approximately 3