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  • 1. myschool

2. Arkaitz Moral Corrales Arkaitz hello my name, I have 15 years.I live in ribadesella (Asturias). Ribadesella is a small townwhere there are not many people but its fun.I live with my mother and my brother. I am neither too highnor too low, I have black short hair and a little curly. I have brown eyes.I am a fun person and I like to have fun. My hobbies are surfing and skateboarding and playing basketball.And what I hate most is the school jajajaja. My favorite subjects are physical education and english. 3. THE END 4. Ana Garaa Covin I am fourteen years old, my hair is long,wavy and blonde; I have big, browneyes; Im tall and thin. I have got two little brothers, Nacho is eight years old and Jorge is four yearsold I live in `El Carmen, Ribadesella. I play volleyball with my friends, I likelistening to music, dancing and takingphotos. 5. Paula Lpez Rodrguez I am fourteen years old, my hair is long, dark and curly; I have green eyes; Im short. I havent got any brothers or sisters. I live in Ribadesella. I love volleyball and Iplay it every day, I like being withmy friends, they are the best. 6. Ana and Paula We go to the same high school, IES Avelina Cerra; we play volleyball together and we know us since we were three years old, so we are very good friends. 7. JAVIER CASOGARCIA 8. Hello my name is Javier. I am 14 years old.Ilive in Ribadesella, a small village. Ihave brown hair and brown eyes. Ilive with my mother. She works in afishmongers and my father is apainter.My hobbies are surfing andplaying guitar. 9. My schoolMy school is in the northeast of Asturias Ribadesella 10. LAURAINFORMATIONABOUT ME. 11. Hello!My name is Laura. Im 14 years old. I live in Ribadesella with my parents and my sister.My fathers name is Jesus, he works in Cangas in a hotel. My mothers name isSonia, she doesnt work and my sisters nameis Natalia, she is 15 years old. Im tall. I have got long, blonde and wavy hair. I have got blue and big eyes. My skin is very light. Im very friendly, generous, energetic, funny and adventurous. 12. My school. Myschools name is Avelina Cerra. My favorite subject is physical Education. There are many student. My subjects are physical Education, maths, Geography, lenguajes, biology, english, french, art, tecnology, history and citizenship 13. My name is Vanesa, Im 14 years old.I live in Berbes, I live with my mum and my brother.My mum works in a restaurant and my dad works with wood. 14. my school My school is near the beach. It has about 300 students.It has got 15 class room. It has got 3 computer class, 2 art class, 1 gym, 7 bathroom 15. my hobbiesI like listening to music, watch the T.V, being with my friends,chat in the internet, go to cinema I dislike going to school, study 16. HELLO My name is Yedra.I am 14 years old. I live in Camangu with my parents and sister. My fathers name is Milio. He is 39 years old. My mothers name is Luisi. She is 37 years old. My sisters name is Andrea. She is 15 years old. 17. My schoolRibadesella is very beautiful. Thereare two beach. There is one cave ofTito Bustillo There is one sportscentre. My school name is AvelinaCerra. My favourite subjet is PhysicalEducation. There is one gym, thereare two laboratories, there are 40teacher and 250 students. 18. Hobbies and mydescrptionsI am small. I have got two browneyes. I have a long straight and darkhair. I am generous , energetic andhappy . My hobbies are playingtennis and go out with my friends. Ilike chocolate and go to shopping. Idislike study and play football. 19. YOANAInformationabout me. 20. Hello!:My name is Yoana and I am 14 years old. I live with my parents and my sister in Llovio.My fathers name is Roberto ,mymothers name is Lucia and my sisters nameis Loreto.My dad is a truckdriver and mymum is a nurse.I am tall and thin. I havebrown,curly and long hair.My eyes are blue.I study in the Avelina Cerra ,Ribadesella. Ilike shopping and listen to music.My hobbiesare swimming and play handball. In my freetime I like talk with my friends and surf the internet. 21. My school: My school name is Avelina Cerra.There are many students and teachers. My subjects are Physical Education, art, maths, geography ,history, languagues , English 22. Hello, my name is Esther, Im 14 years old. I live in Pieres dePria. I have one brother, he is living in Sweden with his wifeand children. My mum works in a hotel with my dad. I like goto the bicycle in the near village, listening to music, surf theinternet, talk with my friends My favorite food ischips,pasta,and salad.