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The Birth of Contemporary Street Art Popularized in New York City, late 1970’s



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  • 1. The Birth of Contemporary Street Art Popularized in New York City, late 1970s

2. Origins Political Propaganda Vandalism triggered a sense of rebellion A powerful way to express ideas. The street being the canvas of the art. Art became for the people rather than something exclusively shown in galleries A street poster from the May 1968 protests in Paris. It reads "the struggle continues." 3. Kyselak is considered the grandfather of modern graffiti and street art. Left, an unknown artists interpretation of Lyselak and right, an actual "tag" by Kyselak in Austria 1799- 1831 Introduction to a sense of anonymity in art 4. Notable Artists of the 1980s Keith Haring (May 1958 February 16 1990) First artist to bring more than just graffiti to the streets. Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22 1960 - August 12 1988) More quote based, wanted to get the average man thinking. Crack Is Wack Keith Haring 1986 5. Jean Michel Basquiat began the iconic SAMO tag in downtown NYC 1977-1980 *some artists still use the SAMO tag a a tribute to Basquiat 6. Contemporary Street Artists Invader JR Blu Banksy Shepard Fairey (Obey Movement) Zed1 Morley Herakut Hot Tea Poster Boy 7. Invader Based in Paris Possibly influenced by earlier mosaic work of the Early Medieval Churches Inspired by 1978 arcade game Space Invaders Started in 1998 Spotted In Amsterdam 8. Hot Tea Work spotted since 2009 Works with yarn Experiments with public space HotTea California, February 2013 9. HotTea Rituals (Video) Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn NYC Experiments with space Art for the people 10. Shepard Fairey Began as a graphic designer Andre The Giant Has a Posse sticker movement of 1989 put him on the map as OBEY GIANT OBEY GIANT Stencil Spotted in Athens 11. Became well known for the 2008 US Presidential Election stencil of Barack Obama Perhaps connects back to the use of street art as political propaganda Also, Idolizing a contemporary figure which can be compared to earlier portraits of the renaissance (classic triangular composition) 12. Shepard Fairey Ataturk 2008 100 pieces printed 13. Comparison Women Are Heros JR Rio de Janeiro August 2008 Bust of Roman Emperor Galba 1st Century BCE 14. Realism Individualism Emphasis on Emotion and Character The Emperor vs. The Average Woman 15. Citations Haring by Alexandra Kolossa published by Taschen books Street Art, n.d. Web. 6 Oct 2013 Ward, Ossian How Graffiti Became Art Time Out. Np., 26 Jan 2008. Web. 6 Oct 2013 The History of Modern Street Art and Graffiti Continued WEURBANARTIST. Web. 5 Oct 2013 of-modern-street-art-and-graffiti-continued/