Stream:20 | Mobile engagement tools and optimisation

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The right mobile engagement is key. A personal mobile phone is a vary valuable asset to any person - a true 1-2-1 user engagement platform. This presentation highlights the types of engagement linked to mobile phones and how to optimise these possibilities as well as use them to their full potential.

Transcript of Stream:20 | Mobile engagement tools and optimisation

  • Mobile Engagement
  • Mobile Landscape Mobile phones are often the most consistent feature of anyone's day Highly personal device Truly 1-2-1 relationship
  • 18 mins per day 25 mins per day Mobile Landscape For many its their most prized possession 70% of people would give up alcohol 22% would give up their toothbrush 33% would rather their phone over sex Time spent on average about 2 hours per day 12 mins (4th place)
  • Mobile Landscape If we consider mobile apps 17.1 million iOS / Android devices activated on Christmas Day 328 million App downloads on Christmas day 25th 31st Dec 1.76 billion Apps downloaded (Flurry Jan 2013) Use of Apps 5-7 Apps per day Time in Apps 94 mins spent in Apps per day
  • Optimizing Time With all this time spent on mobile and within Apps engagement and the right engagement is key
  • Mobile Engagement Types of engagement; SMS QR/ Short codes Mobile Credits / Vouchers Push Notifications Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Engagement SMS Oldest Traditionally crude Internal data or 3rd party Geo fencing Football grounds Cheltenham & Paddington Retail targeting in store Demographic Interest based Trackable shortened URLs Video and image which increase engagement and interaction
  • Mobile Engagement QR & Short Code Can be used to unlock interactive content Great way to open up a channel of ongoing communication Multi nodal short codes free and users can call or text Great for feeding peoples interest / curiosity / participation Also, gaining new insights how and where people are interacting with brands
  • Mobile Engagement Augmented Reality Using apps like Blippar Placing brands in users hands Driving action and participation Trackable ability to measure a previously quite assumption based media (outdoor) Geo location serve different content to Blipps Highlights effectiveness of mobile beyond direct response Many traditional SMS partners are building out full engagement platforms
  • Mobile Engagement Mobile Credits & Vouchers Passbook for iOS Pass Tools API - manage and administer direct to phone More and more suppliers have solutions for multi device Reward customers with credit direct to their phone (contract or pay as you go) Alternative to vouchers, extension of cash back Measure redemption through to purchase
  • Mobile Engagement App push notifications Its competitive Its personal Its fickle 90mil iOS APP downloads in UK 99mil Android APP downloads in UK 80 Apps number downloaded per device 94 mins ave time spent in apps per day 1 Month Appathy
  • Appathy Reducing Appathy = more revenue Generally perceived that an App user is more valuable Ladbrokes mobile app users paid back in half time v desktop Increased play frequency High proportion of VIP Fab recently quoted mobile users purchase 20 per cent more items per order than PC customers, with 30 per cent of total sales now coming from its mobile apps ...... ....... People who use Fabs mobile apps convert to purchasers more than twice as often as web-only users and they purchase twice as often (Mobile Marketing Magazine)
  • Avoiding Appathy Push Messaging Drive App engagement 4x increased in App engagement Critical 81% of app usage Important 67% of app usage Essential 74% of app usage
  • Impact of engagement 540% 3x 30% 20% Increase in daily user sessions Faster response time than email Increase in social sharing (Facebook & Twitter) Increase in total mobile orders
  • Push notifications Traditional push The flow above; Message appears on phone home screen > user opens > sent to a deep link in the App Permission based user has agreed to have their interaction interrupted
  • In App notifications 2 messaging formats MPU style and banner style (header or footer) Messages are built in HTML therefore greater visual appeal Messaging lends itself to greater creativity and more representative of the brand. More cohesive reflective of wider communications These can be broadcasts or triggered in response to actions
  • Engagement Types of messaging Breaking news Behaviour based based on insights Social sharing - reward social sharing Feedback - Use messaging to collate feedback in App store / surveys/ collect emails Event led / geo targeted drive in store Triggered based on user interactions with the App Vouchers and promotions
  • However .... Engagement is only as effective as its relevancy App engagement will only work if super relevant, to be relevant you need data Also promotions, but only promotions that are engaging and relevant Timeliness Creative / Content / Promotions DR focused Personalized to user interest Engaging (strong considered copy, easy to follow) Messaging Behaviour & usage insights Segmentation Preferences Relevancy Data
  • Stream:20 Digital Marketing Consultants [email protected]