Strategies to Build a Virtual & Mobile Team

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How to build and manage a virtual team. The Mindset, Communication and Measurement model (MCM)

Transcript of Strategies to Build a Virtual & Mobile Team

  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Strategies to Build a Virtual & Mobile Team
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Workplace Past & Future Single Office Place Multiple Locations/ Virtual 9 to 5 Time Whenever assigned to perform Function of Time Output Results A Z
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Mobile/Virtual Teams - Key Challenges Source: RW3 LLC
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Mobile/Virtual Teams Some Facts 60%companies employees use personal device at work 29%workforce anytime, anywhere workers Source: Avanade, 2013 Source: Forrester, 2013 3out of 5workers say they dont need to be in office to be productive Source: Gist, 2013 67%CIOs & IT Prof. believe that mobility has more profound impact than Internet in 1990. Source: Xcube Labs 15%growth p.a. till 2020 Source: Visage Mobile, 2013 85%enterprises dont have plans to employ a single mobility leader. Source: Appcelerator, 2013
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin The MCM Approach Mindset Communication Measurement PeopleProcessesTechnologies Strategy = M + C + M
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Mindset Awareness Self-Discipline Technology-Ready
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Mindset Processes & Technologies Processes Technologies Selection & Hiring Policies & Procedure Learning & Development
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Communication Customized Collaboration Trust-Based Relationships
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin CommunicationProcesses & Technologies Processes Technologies Team Building Team Collaboration Knowledge Sharing
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Measurement Outcome-based Team Objectives Recognition
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Measurement - Processes & Technologies Process Technology Goal Setting Performance Monitoring Rewards & Recognition
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Closing Thoughts Processes People TechnologyMindset Communication Measurement PDCA
  • 2014 Rashid Mohiuddin Questions