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  • Straightforward 2nd edition, Upper-Intermediate Wordlist

    Unit Word/Phrase Translation Frequency of usePart of Speech Phonetic SpellingPhonetic SpellingPhonetic SpellingPhonetic Spelling Definition Sample Sentence

    Unit 1 Leisure interests

    Unit 1 aficionado Liebhaber n C /find/

    someone who is very interested in something and knows a lot about it

    This coffee is regarded by aficionados as one of the world's finest.

    Unit 1 be crazy about verrckt sein nach phr /bi krezi bat/ be very enthusiastic about something He's crazy about football.

    Unit 1 fan Fan ** n C /fn/

    someone who likes watching or listening to something such as a sport, films, or music very much, or who admires a famous or important person very much They could see a crowd of noisy football fans.

    Unit 1 get a taste for auf den Geschmack kommen phr /et test f/ to begin to like somethingCharlotte quickly got a taste for it and now spends every weekend running around with a paint gun in her hand.

    Unit 1 get the bug for (von etwas) angesteckt werden phr /et bg f/ something Greg got the Trekkie bug in a big way.

    Unit 1 give (sth) a try (etwas) ausprobieren phr /gv trai/

    to do something in order to find out what happens or to find out whether something is good, appropriate, effective etc.

    It was a colleague at work who first suggested that Charlotte Pullman should give paintballing a try.

    Unit 1 be into etwas lieben phr /bi nt/ to be interested in and enjoy an activity or subjectTheres little point in saying that youre into pop music when you apply for a job.

    Unit 1 be keen on von etwas begeistert sein phr /bi kin n/

    to be interested in something and enjoying it, especially an activity that you do often Tony ONeill was always keen on ghost stories.

    Unit 1 be obsessed with von etwas besessen sein phr /bi bsest w/

    to consider someone or something as so important that you are always thinking about them, in a way that seems extreme to other people

    He was crazy about the sport, but he became more and more obsessed with it.

    Unit 1 passion Leidenschaft ** n C /p()n/ a strong enthusiasm or interestBut when hero worship turns into an all-consuming passion, it can be an addiction as dangerous as any other.

    Unit 1 pastime Zeitvertreib n C /pstam/ something that you do regularly for fun in your free time Skateboarding is the favourite pastime of many teenagers.

    Unit 1 supporter Anhnger *** n C /sp(r)t(r)/

    someone who likes to watch a particular sports team and wants that team to win Barcelona supporters were happy with the team's victory.

    Unit 1 take (sth) up mit (etwas) anfangen phr /tek p/ to start doing something regularly as a habit, job, or interest Chris has taken up jogging.

    Unit 1 Time adverbials

    Unit 1 after a while nach einer Weile phr /ft(r) wal/ after a period of timeSome of the stars signed a few autographs but after a while it became too dangerous for them.

    Unit 1 afterwards hinterher *** adv /ft(r)w(r)dz/ after something else that you have already mentioned I didnt see her again until a few days afterwards.

    Unit 1 at first zuerst phr /t f(r)st/ in the beginning before something changesAt first, I said no, but then he offered me ten pounds, then twenty-five, and finally fifty.

    Unit 1 at the beginning am Anfang phr /t bn/

    in the first part of an event or process before something changes

    At the beginning, I found it really difficult to draw a line between collecting and trading.

    Unit 1 eventually nach einer Weile *** adv /ventuli/

    at the end of a process or period of time in which many things happen Did they ever pay you? Eventually, yes.

    Unit 1 finally endlich *** adv /fan()li/ after a long time, process, or series of events My father finally agreed to let me go on the trip.

    Unit 1 in the end zum Schluss phr /n i end/ finally, after a period of time or thought In the end, we decided not to buy it.

    Unit 1 initially anfangs *** adv /n()li/ at the beginning I had initially thought I wanted to write novels.

    Unit 1 later on spter phr /let(r) n/ in the future, or after the time already mentioned Ill come and see you later on.

    Unit 1 subsequently anschlieend ** adv /sbskwntli/ after something else happened The disease subsequently spread to the rest of the country.

    Unit 1 to begin with erst mal phr /t bn w/ before or during the first part of an activity or process How did you get involved to begin with?

    Unit 1 Expressions with thing

    Unit 1 a thing of the past in der Vergangenheit liegen phr / v pst/ something which no longer exists or happensWe all used to wear them at university, but its a thing of the past now.

    Unit 1 in-thing etwas ist 'in' phr /n/ something which is currently very fashionableIts amazing but shes still the in-thing for young girls, all over the world.

    Unit 1 its just one of those things es ist eben einfach so phr /ts dst wn v z z/

    used to say that you cannot prevent or change a situation or an event I dont know why really, its just one of those things.

    Unit 1 one thing led to another eins fhrte zum andern phr /wn led tu n(r)/

    used when you cannot or do not want to give a lot of details about how something happens

    One thing led to another, and before I knew it I had about thirty of them, all different.

    Unit 1 the good thing is das Gute ist. phr / d z/

    used for talking about the positive aspect of a bad thing or situation

    I have too much work at the moment, but the good thing is I'm making more money.

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  • Straightforward 2nd edition, Upper-Intermediate Wordlist

    Unit Word/Phrase Translation Frequency of usePart of Speech Phonetic SpellingPhonetic SpellingPhonetic SpellingPhonetic Spelling Definition Sample Sentence

    Unit 1 the thing about was man ber [] wissen muss phr / bat/ used for talking about the problem with something or someone The thing about Dave is he's always late for meetings.

    Unit 1 Other words & phrases

    Unit 1 accessory Accessoire, Zubehr ** n C /ksesri/

    a small thing such as a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes that you wear with clothes to give them more style

    Nike succeeded in transforming the sports shoe into an essential fashion accessory.

    Unit 1 antique antik * adj /ntik/ old and valuable He's got a collection of antique postcards.

    Unit 1 applicant Bewerber * n C /plknt/

    someone who applies for something, such as a job or a loan of money

    One job applicant who was obviously trying to make a good impression wrote that she had taken up blood-donating.

    Unit 1 attend teilnehmen *** v /tend/ to be present at an event or activity Everyone in the office was expected to attend.

    Unit 1 autograph Autogramm n C /trf/ keep My mother got Frank Sinatras autograph in the 1970s.

    Unit 1 babysit babysitten * v /bebist/

    to look after children in their home while their parents are not there, especially in the evening Ill ask my mother to babysit.

    Unit 1 background Hintergrund *** n C /bkrand/ the type of career, training, or education that someone has had

    A recent survey has shown that one in four CVs contain a lie of some kind, but resist the temptation to invent an interesting background for yourself.

    Unit 1 backstage hinter der Bhne adv /bksted/

    in the area behind the stage in a theatre, including the rooms where the actors get dressed He let us go backstage.

    Unit 1 badge Abzeichen * n C /bd/

    a small round object that fastens onto your clothes with a pin and

    usually has a picture or writing on it. The American word is button. I pinned the badge on my lapel.

    Unit 1 bargain Schnppchen ** n C /b(r)n/ something you buy that costs much less than normal You should be able to pick up a few good bargains.

    Unit 1 blood-donating Blut geben n U /blddnet/

    allowing some of your blood to be taken from you so that it can be used in the medical treatment of someone else

    One job applicant who was obviously trying to make a good impression wrote that she had taken up blood-donating.

    Unit 1 bulging hervorquellen adj /bld/ sticking outMy friends like to joke that my husband is the star attraction in my collection because hes got these bulging eyes.

    Unit 1 car boot sale Trdelmarkt n C /k(r) but sel/

    a market where people sell things that they do not want from the back of their car We bought it at a car boot sale.

    Unit 1 chess Schach * n U /tes/

    a game for two people, played on a board with black and white squares, using different shaped pieces, including two kings. The aim is to get the other players king into a position where it cannot move We played a game of chess.

    Unit 1 collectable Sammlerstck adj /klektb()l/ able to be collected or obtained The market specialises in collectable items.

    Unit 1 confess zugeben ** v /knfes/

    to admit something about yourself that you would not normally tell people because you are embarrassed about it or they could be disappointed by it Ill have to confess that I made an exception with this one.

    Unit 1 convention Kongress *** n C /knven()n/

    a meeting that a lot of people belonging to a particular profession or organization go to in order to discuss things

    Chicago was chosen as the site for an international crime convention.

    Unit 1 dark horse unbekannte Gre n /d(r)k h(r)s/

    someone with a secret, especially a secret ability, skill, or achievement, that surprises you when you finally discover it I think he's a bit of a dark horse.

    Unit 1 deal Geschft, Abmachung *** v/n C