Stock Market Buzzwords

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Stock Market Buzzwords

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  • 1. Stock Market Buzzwords

2. Affluenza

  • Indicative of a culture that prides financial success as one of the highest achievements
  • Symptoms include an addictive desire to gain more wealth

3. Baby Bills

  • Nickname for the companies that may have formed if the Justice Department had broken up Microsoft Corporation.

4. CashCow

  • A business, product , or asse t that once paid off will cause a c onsistent ca sh flow
  • C ash flowis over t he lifespan of thebu siness, pro duct, orasset

5. Daisy Chain

  • Investors who artificially inflate the price of a security to sell it at a profit.
  • Based on a fictitious selling known as wash selling

6. Elephants

  • Large institutionsthat make trades in very high volumes.

7. Free and Clear

  • When someone gains outright ownership of an asset.
  • Usually when payments are complete and no creditor has claim on the property

8. Golden Share

  • A share that gives its shareholder veto power over changes to the company's charter.

9. Hurdle Rate

  • The minimum amount of return that a person requires before they will make an investment in something.

10. In the Pink

  • Describes a situation in which an investor or an economy is in a good financial position.
  • Generally refers to being in the best health or condition.

11. Jitney

  • A fraudulent activity in the penny stock market in which two brokers trade a stock back and forth.
  • This increases commissions and gives the impression of greater trading volume.

12. Kangaroos

  • Term for Australian stocks
  • Refers to stocks on the All Ordinaries index, which is composed of 280 of the most active Australian companies

13. Lemon

  • A very disappointing investment.
  • Actual return varies from expected return in which the actual return is lower

14. Macaroni Defense

  • A company issues many bonds saying they must be redeemed at a high price if the company is taken over
  • Usually done by a company trying to prevent a take-over

15. Nervous Nelly

  • An investor who is concerned about investing and the risks associated with it.

16. Offshore

  • Something located or based outside of one's national boundaries.

17. Panic Buying

  • High volume buying as a result of sharp price increases

18. Red Chip

  • A company incorporated and listed in Hong Kong
  • Controlled by Chinese shareholders

19. Seat

  • Membership in theNYSE(New York Stock Exchange)

20. Tailgating

  • When a broker purchases or sells a security for a client, and then makes the same transaction in his or her own account.

21. Upstairs Trade

  • When a trade in a listed stock is not executed through the listing exchange

22. Visibility

  • The probability that future projections will be correct.

23. Whoops

  • Slang for the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), which made the record books with the largest municipal bond default in history.

24. Yard

  • Slang forone billion units in currency

25. Zombies

  • Companies that continue to operate even though they are insolvent. Also known as living dead.
  • It is advisable to avoid investing in zombies at all costs; their life expectancies are highly unpredictable.