Still Life Painting-An Introduction

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A simple collection of still life painting images throughout art history.

Transcript of Still Life Painting-An Introduction

  • 1. Still LifePainting:an introduction

2. Look at the following artworks.These artists were interested inthe form, colour and textures ofobjects and plants. 3. The paintings vary in highly distinctive ways.Some artists chose to represent the subject matter realistically,and some were more interestedin searching for ways of arrangingtheir world on a at surface.Some were also simply interested in showing off their technicalskill. 4. Look at how the artistsused colour, how theyhandled light, shadow,and texture. 5. Vase of Flowers Hans Memling 1480 6. Vases of FlowersLudger Tom Ring The Younger1562 7. Basket of FruitMichelangelo c. 1593-94 8. Quince, Cabbage, Melon & Cucumber Juan Sanchez Cotan c. 1602 9. Still Life with Pottery Jars Francisco de Zurbaran 1636 10. Slaughtered OxRembrandt1655 11. Still Life with Bouquet of Flowers & Plums Rachel Ruysch1704 12. Bookcase With BooksGiuseppe Maria Crespic. 1725/30 13. Still Life with Cantaloup MelonLuis Melendez c. 1765 14. Still Life with Three Salmon Steaks Francisco De Goyac. 1808-1812 15. Still Life with Apples and GrapesClaude Monet 1880 16. SunowersVincent van Gogh1888 17. Still Life with Apples, a Pear and a Ceramic Portrait JugPaul Gauguin1889 18. Still Life with Apples & Oranges Pierre-Auguste Renoir c. 1897 19. FruitsHenri Matisse 1901 20. Still-LifeKazimir Malevich 1911 21. Still-Life with Teapot and FruitHenri Rousseau---- 22. Still Life with WatermelonUmberto Bocciono1913/14 23. Still Life Apples Vase Maurice Prendergast1913-1915 24. The Song of LoveGiorgio de Chirico1914 25. Still-Life with a Beer Mug Ferdinand Leger1921 26. Still Life in front of the WindowJuan Gris1922 27. Still-Life with Stone Pablo Picasso1924 28. Still Life (With Clarinet)Georges Braque 1927 29. Still Life (Red & Yellow) Arshile Gorky 1930 30. Tunas (Still Life with Prickly Pear Fruit)Frida Khalo1938 31. Binaca ToothpasteNiklaus Stoecklin1941 32. Still LifeGirogio Morandi1943 33. Nature mort a la carafe Nicolas de Stael1953 34. Still Life Yellow Flowers Aleksandr Deyneka 1954 35. Still-Life-Fast MovingSalvador Dali 1956 36. Pies, Pies, PiesWayne Thiebaud 1961 37. Andy WarholBig Torn Campbells Soup Can (Pepper Pot)1962 38. Cape Cod Still LifeRoy Lichtenstein1972 39. PearsWilliam Scott 1979 40. Flower In Red PotAleksandr Kosenkov 2011 41. Frank Curkovic*for educational purposes*