Step by Step Scratch Tutorial Make a Platformer 2019-11-30آ  Step by Step Scratch Tutorial...

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Transcript of Step by Step Scratch Tutorial Make a Platformer 2019-11-30آ  Step by Step Scratch Tutorial...

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    Step by Step Scratch Tutorial –

    Make a Platformer Game

    Create a sprite and level for a platformer style game

    Bonus: add lives, extra levels

    Programming difficulty: medium

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    First: Create your character Sprite, or import from file.

    1 Open Scratch and

    Delete the cat

    (right click, delete)

    2 Click the new button (or click import from file if you

    made a custom spaceship)

    3 Choose a sprite to be

    your character.

    Then click OK.

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    4 Drag and drop this code

    from the scripts tab

    into your Character

    sprite workspace (the

    open grey area)

    Next: Program your Character so it can move

    5 Click the green arrow to play-test your code, if the character doesn’t move

    left and right, double check your code.

    Code for moving left

    Code for moving right

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    Next: Design a cool background and deadly area

    7 Draw or import a cool

    background for your level!

    8 Use the draw rectangle button

    9 Draw a rectangle of any color at the bottom

    of the level to be your deadly zone.

    6 Click on the “paint new

    backdrop” button.

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    Next: Make some platform sprites

    10 Click the Draw new sprite


    11 Click magnifier and zoom to

    200%, then draw a small

    platform. (use a different color

    than your deadly zone)

    12 Drag your platform to

    where you want it in your

    level, and make it bigger or

    smaller by clicking enlarge

    or shrink, and then clicking

    your platform.

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    Next: Make your character jump and fall with gravity

    13 Click on your

    character sprite, then

    scripts, and add this

    code to your

    character sprite.

    15 Add this code to your character

    sprite to make it go back to the

    beginning when it touches the

    deadly zone!


    14 Test your game! See if

    everything works so far!

    This code makes your

    sprite jump with spacebar

    This simulates


    The color here has to be the same

    color as your deadly zone.

    Then press stop!

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    16 Click on the paint new sprite

    button, or duplicate your old

    platform sprite (right click

    and duplicate).

    Next: Design your level and moving platforms

    17 Make a bunch of different platforms, place them in your level, and then play test your game to see if it

    has a good difficulty.

    18 To make your

    game a little

    harder, choose a

    platform or 2 and

    add this code to

    get them to


    Pro Tip: the “repeat” numbers

    change how far the platform

    moves and “change x by” numbers

    change how fast it moves

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    19 Click on the paint new

    sprite button and

    draw a goal portal

    Next: Add a goal, and create variables

    20 Click on scripts, then data,

    then Make a Variable.

    21 Then make 2 variables, one called Lives, and another called Timer.

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    23 If you want to have

    limited lives, add these

    two bits of code to your

    character sprite’s

    jumping function.

    Next: program your goal and limited lives

    Add this code to your goal

    sprite to make you win.

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    24 Also you need to

    change deadly zone

    code in your character

    sprite from this:

    To this:

    Next: Finish lives and add game over screen

    Now, let’s make a


    backdrop if you

    lose all your lives.


    Click on paint new

    backdrop, and

    make a game over


    Next, click on scripts

    and put these two bits

    of code under your

    backdrop’s scripts

    This makes the

    game reset to the

    first backdrop

    This makes the

    Game-Over screen


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    Finally: Test, and add finishing touches.

    26 Test your game, make sure you can win or lose,

    and that it is not impossibly hard, or too easy.

    27 If everything works… Congratulations! You finished the basic game!

    28 Bonus: Now you can customize your game and add

    extras like a custom sound track.

    Upload a song you

    made using Beepbox

    and add this code to

    your Character sprite.

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    29 Bonus: Other ways to customize your game may be, adding moving obstacles like a fireball, adding a game- over sound, or adding more levels. Try to figure it out!


    Bonus continued: