Staying Connected After SpiceWorld: In-person & Online

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Speaker: Nic Tolstoshev, Community Manager, Spiceworks Location: Great Halls 2 | 13:15 - 13:45 You came. You learned. You met a bunch of brilliant SpiceHeads. Wish you could take the camaraderie, new ideas, and recommendations that you got at SpiceWorld back home with you? Fret not! As a Spiceworks user, you have a backup team of over 2 million IT pros and vendor reps in the Spiceworks Community to help you through your toughest IT dilemmas. Plus, with 100+ local Spiceworks user groups (aka SpiceCorps) around the world – you can rub elbows with other IT pros, talk shop and discuss the latest tech trends… right in your backyard! Come hear how you can tap the Spiceworks Community on and offline so that you’ll never have to go IT alone again!

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  • 1. Staying Connected AfterSpiceWorld: In-person & OnlineBy Nic the fro Tolstoshev

2. We are looking for 10 brave souls to test outthis new capabilityIdea 3. Improve 4. Sorry but I have beenquite disappointed so far 5. You are speaking and we are listening. Letssee what we can do! 6. I have been lucky enough to have been givendirect contact to senior staff and engineers 7. Marketing 8. Spiceworks is where my company and I needto be more than any other platform. 9. Its not about marketing to you guys andshoving our products down your throat, itsabout being a part of a community andmaking sure we connect with you on a 1x1level 10. [SpiceHeads are] willing to let me in on thoseconversations if I show my respect by nottalking to them like data points on a magicquadrant. 11. Sales 12. Culture 13. April Fools! 14. Next steps