Stationery Sundries

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County RUBBER BANDS - 25gm & 454gms BOXES No.8 - 1.2mm x 25mm No.14 - 1.2mm x 50mm No.18 - 1.2mm x 76mm No.32 - 3mm x 76mm ASSORTED SIZES No.64- 6mm x 87mm Ref. Code Weight Approx Pack RRP gms Content A03006 C200 25 300 10’s 59p A03007 C210 454 6000 1’s £3.49 A03008 C203 25 160 10’s 59p A03009 C213 454 3000 1’s £3.49 A03010 C205 25 130 10’s 59p A03011 C215 454 2400 1’s £3.49 A03012 C207 25 40 10’s 59p A03013 C217 454 750 1’s £3.49 A03014 C209 25 20 10’s 59p A03015 C219 454 350 1’s £3.49 A03016 C220 25 - 10’s 59p A03017 C221 454 - 1’s £3.49 HANGING PACKS NEW A03002 50gm, Coloured M444 Pkd 12’s £ 1.99 A03003 Laufer Rondella Ball 50900 Pkd 10’s BOXES OF RUBBER BANDS £ 1.25 A03005 Snap Pack Assorted Q71020 Pkd 24’s A03018 Rubber Bands Natural, 10gm C222 Pkd 36’s BOTH 29p BOTH 99p A03001 50gm, Natural M443 Pkd 12’s A03019 Rubber Bands Assorted* Colours, 10gm C223 Pkd 36’s *Not shown £2.49 A03004 Laufer X Bands Clam Pack Assorted 50906 Pkd Single 29p A03021 Drawing Pins Rivetted Head 50’s M015 Pkd 50’s 39p A03022 Drawing Pins Solid Head 50’s M016 Pkd 50’s 39p A03023 Paper Clips Large Lipped 100’s M020 Pkd 10’s £ 1.25 A03020 11mm Solid Head Drawing Pins Brassed Tub 150 26361 Pkd 12’s 30 Rubber Bands, Drawing Pins & Paper Clips

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Stationery Sundries

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  • County RUBBER BANDS - 25gm & 454gms BOXES

    No.8 - 1.2mm x 25mm

    No.14 - 1.2mm x 50mm

    No.18 - 1.2mm x 76mm

    No.32 - 3mm x 76mm


    No.64- 6mm x 87mm

    Ref. Code Weight Approx Pack RRP

    gms Content

    A03006 C200 25 300 10s 59p

    A03007 C210 454 6000 1s 3.49

    A03008 C203 25 160 10s 59p

    A03009 C213 454 3000 1s 3.49

    A03010 C205 25 130 10s 59p

    A03011 C215 454 2400 1s 3.49

    A03012 C207 25 40 10s 59p

    A03013 C217 454 750 1s 3.49

    A03014 C209 25 20 10s 59p

    A03015 C219 454 350 1s 3.49

    A03016 C220 25 - 10s 59p

    A03017 C221 454 - 1s 3.49




    50gm, Coloured M444 Pkd12s

    1.99A03003LauferRondellaBall50900 Pkd10s


    1.25A03005SnapPackAssortedQ71020 Pkd24s


    RubberBandsNatural, 10gm C222Pkd36s


    BOTH 99pA0300150gm, Natural M443 Pkd12s


    RubberBandsAssorted* Colours, 10gm C223 Pkd36s*Not shown

    2.49A03004LauferXBandsClam Pack Assorted50906 PkdSingle

    29pA03021DrawingPinsRivetted Head 50s M015 Pkd50s

    39pA03022DrawingPinsSolid Head 50sM016 Pkd50s

    39pA03023PaperClipsLarge Lipped 100s M020 Pkd10s

    1.25A0302011mmSolidHeadDrawingPinsBrassedTub 15026361 Pkd12s


    Rubber Bands, Drawing Pins & Paper Clips


    85pA03019EssentialsStandwith120Packets29981 Pkd120s

    A03109ColouredMarkingFlags20s 20101

    A03108 BrassedPaperClips

    40 x 50mm 33401

    A03111 KeyFobs

    With Labels, 4s 28011

    A03110 BindingRings

    4 x 1 28081

    A03114 RubberBands

    Assorted, 15gm 25251

    A03113 MultiMiniPegs8 x 32mm20111


    20mm x 50mm27031

    A03112 MultiPaperClips32mm, 100s 33441


    5mmx16mm 30s 26861


    Assorted, 15s 37901


    Assorted, 25s 20461

    A03101 DrawingPins

    100 Economy26521

    A03102 DrawingPins

    100 Coloured26501

    A03103 PlainPaperClips 100, 33mm33351

    A03107 SafetyPins

    Assorted, 30s 54091

    A03104 PaperFasteners

    60 Brass36751


    PushPins15s 26601


    5x19mm, Black23901


    35pA0312241mm in Acetate Box* 90039 Pkd24s

    25p32mm in Acetate Box 90038 Pkd36s


    13pA0312019mm in Acetate Tub 90036 Pkd36s

    99pA0312560mm in Acetate Box* 90056 Pkd12s

    49p40mm in Acetate Box 90054 Pkd24s


    39pA0312330mm in Acetate Tub 90053 Pkd24s*Not shown *Not shown


    Stationery Sundries

  • 1.25A0321013cm 87004

    Office Scissors Carded Pkd 12s

    1.75A0321118cm 87005

    2.25A0321221cm 87006

    1.99A03202Stapler with 26/6 staples Carded 90019 Pkd 6s

    1.99A03203Stapler with No. 10 staples Carded 90023 Pkd 6s

    1.99A03204Stapler, Remover & 26/6 staples Carded 90024 Pkd 6s

    BOTH 3.99A03205Full Size 90025 Pkd 4s

    Metal Stapler in Acetate Box


    Half Size 90026 Pkd 6s

    1.99A03201Coloured Stapler with 26/6 staples Carded 90027 Pkd 6s

    99pA0320726/6 Staples 2000 Carded 90035 Pkd 12s

    2.49A03213Hole Punch Carded 90028 Pkd 6s

    1.49A03214Contemporary Small Hole Punch Carded 90029 Pkd 6s

    ContemporAry StAplerS



    99pA0320926/6 Staples 5000 90051 Pkd 12s

    metAl StApler

    Hole punCHeS

    99pA03208No. 10 Staples 2000 Carded 90037 Pkd 12s


    Scissors, Staplers, Staples & Hole Punches

  • 9.99A03303Desk & Pocket Calculator Set Jt 216tW Pkd Single

    21.99A03302Instruments Calculator tI-50185V Pkd Single

    29.99A03301Seiko Spell Checker er-1100 Pkd Single

    1.49A03310Pocket Calculator, 8 Digit Jt-08 8 DIGIt Pkd 12s

    2.49A03309National Curriclum Calculator, 8 Digit rC1070 Pkd 6s

    4.49A03308Handheld Calculator el-240SB Pkd Single

    10.99A03304Scientific Calculator FX83-eS Pkd Single

    6.99A03305Scientific Calculator rC2070 Pkd Single

    4.99A03306Scientific Calculator Jt-748 Pkd Single

    4.99A03307Casio Desk CalculatormX-8 Pkd Single

    29.95A03314Swordfish A4 Laminator 48023 Pkd Single

    3.99A03315A4 Laminator Pouches 25s 48018 Pkd 10s

    49.95A03316Swordfish A3 Laminator 48024 Pkd Single

    12.99A03317A3 Laminator Pouches 50s 48004 Pkd 5s

    59.95A03311Swordfish 7 Sheet Diamond Cut Shredder 700DC 45008 Pkd Single

    49.95A03312Swordfish 5 Sheet Diamond Cut Shredder 500DC 45007 Pkd Single

    19.99A03313A4 Paper Trimmer 42013 Pkd Single


    Spell Checker, Calculators, Laminators & Paper Trimmer

  • 34

    Scholastic Products



    2.49A03401Super School Kit A36008 Pkd 10s

    2.49A03406360 Angle Measure Wallet l10010 Pkd 10s

    3.49A03407National Curriculum Drawing Set HA2010 Pkd 10s

    1.25A0340812cm/180 Protractor Wallet l06100 Pkd 10s

    39pA03409Helix 10cm/180 Protractor economy Pack, Display H01040 Pkd 50s

    3.99A03402Oxford Maths Set in CDU B43897 Pkd 10s

    1.49A03403Helix Value Maths Set A54000 Pkd 12s

    29pA0341015cm Plastic economy Pack, Display J01025 Pkd 50s

    39pA0341130cm Plastic economy Pack, Display J09025 Pkd 50s

    49pA0341230cm Shatter Resistant economy Pack, Display l16025 Pkd 50s

    49pA0341315cm Hanging Wallet J01100 Pkd 25s

    79pA0341430cm Hanging Wallet J11100 Pkd 10s

    1.49A0341530cm FoldingHanging Wallet J05100 Pkd 10s

    99pA0341630cm Flexi RulerHanging Wallet 300879 Pkd 12s

    99pA03404Small Geometry Set 15cm, Hanging Wallet Q68048 Pkd 12s

    2.75A03405Ultraflex Ruler 12" & 6" 180 Protractor, Assorted K48070 Pkd 10s

  • 35

    Compasses & Pencils

    1.89A03502Helix Metal Compass & Pencil Blister Carded G05070 Pkd 10s

    1.85A03503Student Set Carded 120 set BK Pkd 10s


    Page Code size Code CostA03506 HB 110HB 55pA03507 H 110H 55pA03508 2H 1102H 55pA03509 3H 1103H 55pA03510 4H 1104H 55pA03511 B 110B 55pA03512 2B 1102B 55pA03513 3B 1103B 55pA03514 4B 1104B 55pA03515 F 110F 55p

    2.65A03504Pencil Set Carded 120s1 BK4D Pkd 10s

    65pA03519Bic Shimmer Pencils 820998 Pkd 60s

    99pA03522Chinagraph PencilsWhite* Rs523055 Pkd 12s



    Black Rs525653 Pkd 12s


    Staedtler Tradition Pencil Display, 288 110 CA288 Pkd 288s


    All Pkd 12s

    stAeDtleR tRADition PenCils

    25pA03521HB Rubber Tipped Pencils tub 40006 Pkd 72s

    1.59A03501Helix Metal Compass & Pencil Display G05030 Pkd 10s

    1.25A03516HB Pencils Blister Card, 6s 40002 Pkd 12s

    18pA03517HB Pencil Tub 40005 Pkd 72s

    1.25A03520HB Rubber Tipped Pencils Blister Card, 6s 40003 Pkd 12s

    1.49A03518Oxford HB Rubber Tipped Pencils 12s P35010 Pkd 12s

    *not shown

  • ErasErs sharpEnErs

    16pA03602Ink & Pencil Erasers Tub 40013 Pkd 30s

    15pA03603Pencil Erasers Tub 40011 Pkd 30s

    1.19A03614Twin Hole Pencil Sharpener Technical sh6070 Pkd 10s

    1.35A03609Twin Hole Metal Sharpener hanging Card Q04070 Pkd 10s

    1.39A03612Helix Single Hole Pencil Sharpener & Eraser sE5070 Pkd 10s

    89pA03613Single Hole Pencil Sharpener Technical sh7070 Pkd 10s

    1.25A03610Pencil Erasers hanging Card 5s 40020 Pkd 12s

    1.10A03611Mars Plastic Eraser hanging Card 526 50BKD Pkd 10s

    49pA03605Metal Sharpeners Tub 80105 Pkd 30s


    1.49A03606Oxford Large Eraser 3 pack Ys2071 Pkd 10s

    49pA03608Container Sharpener80101 Pkd 24

    99pA03601Jumbo Eraser 40019 Pkd 12s

    17pA03604Plastic SharpenersTub 80106 Pkd 30s

    79pA03607Twin Hole Metallic Sharpener Carded 80108 Pkd 12s

    50pA03615Staedtler Raso Plast Eraser Display 526 B30 Ca60 Pkd 60s


    Erasers & Pencil Sharpeners

  • A03706A03705A03704 2.49Cylindrical Pencil Case Tuff Bag301341 Pkd 12s

    Nylon Chunky Cylindrical Zip Pencil Case 301316 Pkd 12s

    Stripes Cylindrical Pencil Case 301415 Pkd 12s

    39pA03702Spiral Keyring 90018 Pkd 12s

    2.49A03703Football Cylindrical Pencil Case 301281 Pkd 12s

    29pA03701Luggage Tags Tub 90017 Pkd 24s



    1.29A03709Flat Brite Pencil Case 8 x 5", Double Zip, red, pink and Blue 301368 Pkd 12s

    99pA03711Clear Pencil Case 13" x 5" assorted 300795 Pkd 12s

    79pA03712Clear Pencil Case 8" x 5" assorted 300794 Pkd 12s



    1.89Rectangular Pencil Case hiking 301417 Pkd 12s

    99pNylon Pencil Case 20 x 10cm, 8 x 4", 3 assorted Colours Q65040 Pkd 12s

    1.29A03708Silk Flat Pencil Case 301319 Pkd 12s


    Keyrings & Pencil Cases

  • Magnifying Sheet & glaSS

    1.99A03804Magnifying Glass 301067 Pkd 12s

    2.39A03803Mini Pocket Mouse 5mm x 5m, Carded 812870 Pkd 10s

    3.49A03801A4 Magnifying Sheet Mn1010 Pkd 5s

    1.75A03805Tipp-Ex Rapid Fluid White, 20ml Display 8012969 Pkd 10s

    2.39A03802Tipp-Ex Shake n Squeeze CorrectorCarded 802298 Pkd 10s

    49pA03808Ink Eraser Corrector Pen, tub 20606 Pkd 40s

    1.99A03809Ink Eraser Corrector Pen, 4 Pack 20607 Pkd 12s

    99pA03807Liquid Paper Fluid White S0743070 Pkd 12s


    Tipp-Ex Rapid Fluid White, 20ml, Carded 8012879 Pkd 10s


    Magnifying Glass & Correction Fluid