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Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | | 1 Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains S. No Topics Page No 1 Important Days 2 2 States CM and Governors 12 3 Important Summits 13 4 List of Important Stadiums and Its Locations 17 5 List of Important Dams and Rivers (State wise) 20 6 International Organizations and It's Headquarters - Present Heads 24 7 List of Wild Life Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India 28 8 Important Bird Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India 36 9 List of Important National Parks in India 37 10 List of Thermal Power Plant In India 39 11 List of Nuclear Power Plant In India 42 12 Important Indian Cities Located in River Banks 42 13 Important Airports in India 44 14 Important Dance forms in India 47 15 Important Food Festivals Around the World 51 16 Important Sports and Trophies 52 17 Important Revolutions Around the World 56 18 Highest Civilian Awards of Different Countries 56 19 Important Awards and Its Related Sectors 57 20 List of Winners of Nobel Prize 2017 59 21 Important International Boundary Lines 60 22 Cabinet Ministers of India 61 23 Ministers of State (Independent Charge) 63 24 Ministers of State 63 25 Names of Central Banks of Countries 65 26 Important Regulatory Bodies In India and it’s Present Heads – Headquarters 70
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Transcript of Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains · Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains |...

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains

    S. No Topics Page No

    1 Important Days 2

    2 States CM and Governors 12

    3 Important Summits 13

    4 List of Important Stadiums and Its Locations 17

    5 List of Important Dams and Rivers (State wise) 20

    6 International Organizations and It's Headquarters - Present Heads 24

    7 List of Wild Life Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India 28

    8 Important Bird Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India 36

    9 List of Important National Parks in India 37

    10 List of Thermal Power Plant In India 39

    11 List of Nuclear Power Plant In India 42

    12 Important Indian Cities Located in River Banks 42

    13 Important Airports in India 44

    14 Important Dance forms in India 47

    15 Important Food Festivals Around the World 51

    16 Important Sports and Trophies 52

    17 Important Revolutions Around the World 56

    18 Highest Civilian Awards of Different Countries 56

    19 Important Awards and Its Related Sectors 57

    20 List of Winners of Nobel Prize 2017 59

    21 Important International Boundary Lines 60

    22 Cabinet Ministers of India 61

    23 Ministers of State (Independent Charge) 63

    24 Ministers of State 63

    25 Names of Central Banks of Countries 65

    26 Important Regulatory Bodies In India and it’s Present Heads – Headquarters 70

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    27 Public Sector Banks & it’s Present CMDs-Headquarters-Taglines 72

    28 Private Sector Banks & it’s Present CMDs-Headquarters-Taglines 73

    28 Foreign Banks in India & it’s Present CMDs -Headquarters & Taglines 74

    29 Important Stock Exchange Around the World 75

    30 Nicknames of Indian Cities – Complete List 75

    31 Country, Currency, Capital & Language 80




    JAN 1 Global family day

    (UN) Families, Education and well-being.

    JAN 1 Army medical cops establishment

    day _

    JAN 4 World Braille day(international) People with Disabilities, Celebrating Together.

    JAN 6 World Day – War Orphans _

    JAN 9 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (NRI Day) Redefining Engagement with the

    Indian Diaspora

    JAN 10 world hindi day _

    JAN 11 National Human Trafficking

    Awareness Day _

    JAN 11 Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur

    Shastri _

    JAN 12 National youth day Indian youth for development skill and harmony.

    JAN 15 National army day _

    JAN 20 World religion day _

    JAN 23 Netaji Subhashchandra Bose’s birth



    JAN 24 National girl child day Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

    JAN 25 National Voters Day Empowering young and future events

    JAN 25 National tourism day _

    JAN 26 International Customs Day Digital Customs: Progressive Engagement

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    JAN 26 National republic day Skill India and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

    JAN 27 Family Literacy Day(ABC Life

    Literacy Canada)


    JAN 27

    International Holocaust

    Remembrance Day (Recognized by

    the UN)

    From Words to Genocide: Anti-Semitic

    Propaganda and the Holocaust

    JAN 28 Data Protection Day(recognized by

    the Council of Europe) _

    JAN 28 Birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai. _

    JAN 30 World Leprosy eradication Day (last

    Sunday of January) To live is to help to live

    JAN 30 Martyr’s Day (India) _

    JAN 31 Street Children’s Day _

    January 3rd


    National Non-Smoking

    Week(Canada) Tobacco free for life


    FEB 1 Indian coastal guard day _

    FEB 2 World Wetlands Day Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

    FEB 2 Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day _

    FEB 4 World Cancer Day We can I can

    FEB 5 Kashmir Day (Organized by

    Pakistan) _

    FEB 6 International day of Zero Tolerance

    to female genital mutilation

    Building a solid and interactive bridge between

    Africa and the world to accelerate ending

    Female Genital Mutilation by 2030

    FEB 8 Safer Internet Day (International) Be the change: Unite for a better


    FEB 10 National Deworming Day

    Krimi se chhutkara, sehatmand bhavishya

    hamara and worm-free children healthy


    FEB 11 International day Women and girls in Gender, Science and sustainable development:

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Science The Impact of Media.

    FEB 12 National Productivity Day From Waste to Profits-through Reduce, Recycle

    and Reuse

    FEB 12 International Day of Women’s

    Health _

    FEB 13 World Radio Day Radio is You

    FEB 14 National Donor Day _

    FEB 14 Valentine Day _

    FEB 16 Family day _

    FEB 17 Heritage Day – Heritage Canada _

    FEB 20 World Day of Social Justice Preventing conflict and sustaining peace

    through decent work

    FEB 21 International Mother language day Towards sustainable through Multilingual


    FEB 22 World Thinking day Connect Activity Pack

    FEB 24 Central Excise Day

    FEB 28 National Science Day Science and tech for specially abled person


    MAR 1 Zero Discrimination Day Make some noise for Zero Discrimination

    MAR 3 World Wild Life Day Listen to the young voices

    MAR 3 National Defense Day Listen to the young voices

    MAR 4 World Hearing Day Action for hearing loss: make a sound


    MAR 8 International Women’s Day Women in the challenging world of work: Planet

    50-50 by 2030

    MAR 9 C.I.S.F. Raising Day _

    MAR 12 Mauritius Day _

    MAR 15 World Consumer Rights Day Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust

    MAR 15 Commonwealth Day A Peace-Building Commonwealth

    MAR 16 National Vaccination Day _

    MAR 18 Ordanance factory day (India) _

    MAR 20 International Day of Happiness _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    MAR 21 International Day of Forests Forests and Energy

    MAR 21 World Down Syndrome Day

    My Voice My Community – Enabling people

    with Down syndrome to speak up, be heard and

    influence government policy and action, to be

    fully included in the community

    MAR 22 World Water Day Why Wastewater?

    MAR 23 World Meteorological Day Understanding Clouds

    MAR 24 World TB Day Unite to end TB

    MAR 27 World Theatre Day _


    APRIL 1 Orissa Day _

    APRIL 2 World Autism Awareness Day, Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination

    APRIL 4 International Day of Mine

    Awareness and Assistance Needs Driven- People Centered

    APRIL 5 National Maritime Day Connecting Ships, Ports and People

    APRIL 7 World Health Day Depression: Let’s Talk

    APRIL 10 World Homeopathy Day

    Enhancing Quality Research in Homeopathy

    Through Scientific evidence and Rich Clinical


    APRIL 11 National Safe Motherhood Day Improving Maternal Health by Empowering


    APRIL 13 Jallianwallah Baugh Massacre Day

    (1919) _

    APRIL 14 B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day _

    APRIL 17 World Hemophilia Day Hear their Voices

    APRIL 18 World Heritage Day Cultural Heritage& Sustainable Tourism

    APRIL 21 Civil Services Day Making New India

    APRIL 22 International Mother Earth Day Environmental& Climate Literacy

    APRIL 24 Women’s Political Empowerment


    Climate Change, Women and Role of


    APRIL 25 World Malaria Day End Malaria For Good

    APRIL 26 World Intellectual Property Day Innovation-Improving Lives

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    APRIL 28 World Day for Safety and Health at

    Work Optimize the collection and use of OSH data

    APRIL 24-30 World Immunization Week Vaccines Work


    MAY 1 International Labour Day Securing Decent Works For Sustainable Social

    Economic Development

    MAY 1 Maharashtra Day

    MAY 3 World Press Freedom Day Critical Minds for Critical Times: Media’s role in

    advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies

    MAY 8

    Red Cross Crescent Day Less Known Red Cross Stories

    MAY 10

    World Migratory Bird Day

    Their Future is Our Future:A Healthy Planet for

    Migratory Birds& People

    MAY 11

    National Technology Day

    Technology for inclusive and sustainable


    MAY 12

    International Nurses Day

    A voice to lead – Achieving the Sustainable

    Development Goals”

    MAY 15

    International Families Day Families, education and well-being

    MAY 17

    World Telecommunication Day

    Big Data Big Impact

    MAY 18

    World AIDS Vaccine Day

    Know Your Number

    MAY 20

    World Metrology Day

    Measurements for transport

    MAY 29 International Day of UN

    Peacekeepers Investing in Peace Around the world

    MAY 30 World No Tobacco Day Tobacco – a threat to development.


  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    JUNE 4 International Day of Innocent

    Children Victims of Aggression

    JUNE 5 World Environment Day Connecting People to Nature

    JUNE 14 Blood Donor Day Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Give blood.

    Give now. Give often.

    JUNE 21 International day of yoga Yoga health

    JUNE 26 International Day against Drug

    Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

    Listen First – Listening to children and youth

    is the first step to help them grow healthy

    and safe.

    JUNE 27 World Diabetes Day Our right to a healthy future.


    JULY 1 Doctor’s Day

    JULY 4 American Independence Day

    JULY 6 World Zoonoses Day The disease threat in human-animal interface.

    JULY 11 World Population Day Family Planning: Empowering People,

    Developing Nations.

    JULY 26 Kargil Victory Day


    AUG 1 SUNDAY International Friendship Day _

    AUG 6 Hiroshima Day _

    AUG 8 World Senior Citizen’s Day The future we want: what older persons are


    AUG 9 Quit India Movement Day

    AUG 12 International youth Day Youth Building Peace

    AUG 14 Pakistan’s Independence Day _

    AUG 15 India’s Independence Day _

    AUG 18 IntI. Day of the World’s Indigenous


    United Nations Declaration on the

    Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    AUG 19 World Photography Day Understanding Clouds

    AUG 29 29 Sports Day (Dhyanchand’s

    Birth Day) _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    AUG 30 Small Industry Day Physics at Work for You


    SEP 2 Coconut Day _

    SEP 5 National teachers day _

    SEP 5 Sanskrit Day _

    SEP 7 Forgiveness Day _

    SEP 8 International Literacy Day Reading the Past, Writing the Future

    SEP 14 National Hindi day Hindi Meri Pehchan

    SEP 14 World First Aid Day First aid and road safety

    SEP 15 Engineers’ Day _

    SEP 16 World Ozone Day _

    SEP 21 World Alzheimer’s day Dementia: Can we reduce the risk?

    SEP 25 Social Justice Day Preventing conflict and sustaining peace

    through decent work.

    SEP 27 World Tourism Day Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development.

    SEP 30 World Helping Day _


    OCT 2 Gandhi Jayanti glorifying peace, non-violence and

    Gandhi’s effort in Indian Freedom

    OCT 3 World Nature Day _

    OCT 5 World Habitat Day Inclusive housing and social services,

    Safe and clean drinking water and sanitation.

    OCT 5 world teachers day _

    OCT 5 Poetry Day Freedom.

    OCT 6 World Wildlife Day Listen to the young voices

    OCT 8 Indian Air force day _

    OCT 9 World Postal Day _

    OCT 10 World Mental Health day Mental Health in the Workplace

    OCT 10 National postal day _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    OCT 12 World Sight day Make Vision Count

    OCT 13 World Calamity Control Day(UN) _

    OCT 13 Metastatic Breast Cancer

    Awareness Day _

    OCT 13 UN International Day for Natural

    Disaster Reduction _

    OCT 14 World Standard Day

    Smart Health: Using Intelligent Systems to

    Improve the Quality and Delivery of Health Care

    in a More Integrated, Focused Approach.

    OCT 15 World White cane day(guiding the

    blind) Ability not Disability

    OCT 16 World Food Day climate is changing, food and agriculture must


    OCT 17 International poverty

    “Answering the Call of October 17 to

    end poverty: A path toward peaceful and

    inclusive societies.

    OCT 20 National Solidarity Day (China

    attacked India on that day) _

    OCT 20 World Statistics Day

    Emphasizes the critical role of high-quality

    official statistical information in analysis and

    informed policy decision-making in support of

    sustainable development.

    OCT 20 World Osteoporosis Day _

    OCT 24 United Nations Day Freedom First

    OCT 24 World Development Information

    Day _

    OCT 25 Hydrocephalus Day UNFOLD their potential, (Y)our Return on


    OCT 27 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

    (Recognized by the UN) Its your story-don’t lose it.

    OCT 27 Infantry Day _

    OCT 28 International Animation Day _

    OCT 30 World Thrift Day _

    OCT 31 National Integration Day (In

    memory of Indira Gandhi) _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    NOV 1 World Vegan Day _

    NOV 5 World Interact Day _

    NOV 5 Tsunami day _

    NOV 6

    International Day for Preventing the

    Exploitation of the Environment in

    War and Armed Conflict

    (Recognized by the UN)


    NOV 7 Infant Protection day _

    NOV 8 World Radiographer Day _

    NOV 9 World Freedom Day _

    NOV 9 World Legal Services Day _

    NOV 10 World Immunization Day _

    NOV 12 World Pneumonia Day _

    NOV 13 World Kindness Day _

    NOV 14 World Diabetes Day (Recognized by

    the UN) _

    NOV 14 Children’s Day (India) _

    NOV 16 International Day for Tolerance _

    NOV 16 World Chronic Obstructive

    Pulmonary Disease Day. _

    NOV 17 International Students Day _

    NOV 19 International Journalist’s

    remembrance Day _

    NOV 19 International Men’s Day _

    NOV 20 Transgender Day of Remembrance _

    NOV 21 World Hello Day _

    NOV 21 World Television Day (Recognized

    by the UN) _

    NOV 21 World Fisheries Day _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    NOV 25

    International Day for the

    Elimination of Violence against

    Women (Recognized by the UN)


    NOV 26 National Law Day (India) _

    NOV 29

    International Day of Solidarity with

    the Palestinian People (Recognized

    by the UN)


    NOV 30 Computer Security Day _

    NOV 30 Flag day _


    DEC 1 World Aids Day (Recognized by the

    UN) _

    DEC 2 International Day for the Abolition

    of Slavery (Recognized by the UN) _

    DEC 2 World Computer Literacy Day _

    DEC 3 World Conservation Day _

    DEC 3 World Day of the Handicapped _

    DEC 4 Indian Navy Day _

    DEC 5

    International Volunteer Day for

    Economic and Social Development

    (Recognized by the UN)


    DEC 6

    National Day of Remembrance and

    Action on Violence Against Women

    – Status of Women Canada


    DEC 7 Indian Armed Force Flag Day _

    DEC 7 International Civil Aviation Day

    (Recognized by the UN) _

    DEC 9 The International Day against

    Corruption (Recognized by the UN) _

    DEC 10 Human Rights Day (Recognized by

    the UN) _

    DEC 10 International Animal Rights Day _

    DEC 11 International Mountain Day _

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    (Recognized by the UN)

    DEC 12 The International Day Of Heavy

    Metal _

    DEC 14 National Energy Conservation Day

    (India) _

    DEC 18 International Migrants Day

    (Recognized by the UN) _

    DEC 20 International Human Solidarity Day

    (Recognized by the UN) _

    DEC 23 Farmers Day (India) _

    DEC 25 Christmas Day _

    DEC 29 International Biodiversity Day _

    States CM and Governors

    State CM Governor

    Andhra Pradesh N. Chandra Babu Naidu E. S. L. Narasimhan

    Arunachal Pradesh Pema Khandu Brigadier B D Mishra (retd)

    Assam Sarabananda Sonowal Prof Jagdish Mukhi

    Bihar Nithish Kumar Satya Pal Malik

    Chhattisgarh Dr. Raman Singh Balram Das Tandon

    Goa Manohar Parrikar Mridula Sinha

    Gujarat Vijaybjai R. Rupani Om Prakash Kohli

    Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar Kaptan Singh Solanki

    Himachal Pradesh Virbhadra Singh Acharya Dev Vrat

    Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed Narinder Nath Vohra

    Jharkhand Reghuvar Das Draupadi Murmu

    Karnataka Siddaramaiah Vajubhai Vala

    Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan P. Sathasivam

    Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan Om Prakash Kohli (Additional


    Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis C. Vidyasagar Rao

    Manipur N Biren Singh Najma Heptulla

    Meghalaya Mukul Sangma Ganga Prasad

    Mizoram Lal Thanhawla Nirbhay Sharma

    Nagaland T.R. Zeliang Padmanabha Acharya

    Odisha Naveen Patnaik S. C. Jamir

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Punjab Amarindar Singh V. P. Singh Badnore

    Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje Kalyan Singh

    Sikkim Pawan Kumar Chamling Shriniwas Patil

    Tamil Nadu Edapadi K. Palaniswami Banwarilal Purohit

    Telangana K. Chandrasekar Rao E. S. L. Narasimhan (Additional


    Tripura Manik Sarkar Tathagata Roy

    Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Ram Naik

    Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat Krishan Kant Paul

    West Bengal Mamata banerjee Keshari Nath Tripathi

    Union Territary CM Governor

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands - Devendra Kumar Joshi

    Chandigarh - V. P. Singh Badnore

    Dadra and Nagar Haveli - Praful Khoda Patel

    Daman and Diu - Praful Khoda Patel

    Delhi Arvind Kejriwal Anil Baijal

    Lakshadweep - Farooq Khan

    Puducherry V.Narayanasamy Kiran Bedi


    BRICS Summits

    Countries (Members 5)

    Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

    • 7th BRICS Summit 2015 - UFA, Russia

    • 8th BRICS Summit 2016 - Benaulim, Goa, India

    • 9th BRICS Summit 2017 – Xiamen city, China.

    • The theme of the Summit - “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”

    G-20 Summits

    Countries (Members 20)

    Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico,

    Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom United States, European Union

    • 10th G 20 Meeting 2015 – Antalya, Turkey

    • 11th G 20 Meeting 2016 – Hangzhou, China

    • 12th G 20 Meeting 2017 – Germany

    • 13th G 20 Meeting 2018 – Argentina, Buenos Aires

    G-7 Annual Summits

    Countries (Members 7)

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada.

    • 41st G8 Summit 2015 – Schloss Elmau, Germany

    • 42nd G8 Summit 2016 – Shima, Japan

    • 43rd G8 Summit 2017 – Italy

    • 44th G8 Summit 2018 – Canada

    • 45th G8 Summit 2019 – France

    • 46th G8 Summit 2020 - United States

    • 47th G8 Summit 2021 - United Kingdom


    Earlier it was called as G8 summit. Now Russia is suspended temporarily.

    SAARC Summits (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)

    Countries (Members8)

    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

    • 18th SAARC Summit 2014 – Kathmandu, Nepal

    • 19th SAARC Summit 2016 – Islamabad, Pakistan

    • 20th SAARC Summit 2018

    ASEAN Summits (Association of South East Asian Nation)

    Countries (Members 10)

    Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,


    • 24th ASEAN Summit 2014 (May)– Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

    • 25th ASEAN Summit 2014 (November)– Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

    • 26th ASEAN Summit 2015 (April)– Langkawi, Malaysia

    • 27th ASEAN Summit 2015 (November)– Manila, Philippines

    • 28th ASEAN Summit 2016 ( April ) – Vientiane – Laos

    • 29th ASEAN Summit 2016 ( November )-Vientiane- Laos

    • 30th ASEAN Summit 2017 (April) - Philippines, Metro Manila

    • 31st ASEAN Summit 2017 (November) – Philippine, Clark, Freeport Zone

    • 32nd ASEAN Summit 2018 (April)- Singapore, Singapore

    • 33 rd ASEAN Summit 2018 (November)- Singapore, Singapore

    East Asia Summit (EAS)

    Countries(Members 19)

    Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand,

    Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States, Vietnam.

    • 10th East Asia Summit 2015 – Kuala Lumpur .Malaysia

    • 11th East Asia Summit 2016 – Vientiane, Laos

    • 12th East Asia Summit 2017 – Philippines

    IBSA Summits

    The IBSA Dialogue Forum (India, Brazil, South Africa)

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Countries members 4(India, Brazil, South Africa)

    • 1st: March 5th, 2004, in New Delhi

    • 2nd: March 3rd, 2005, in Cape Town

    • 3rd: March 30th, 2006, in Rio de Janeiro

    • 4th: July 16th and 17th, 2007, in New Delhi

    • 5th: May 11th, 2008, in Somerset West

    • 6th: August 31st to September 1st, 2009, in Brasília

    • 7th: March 8th, 2011, in New Delhi

    • 8th: March 13th 2013 in India(cancelled)

    • 8th:2017 in India (planned)

    APEC Summits (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

    Countries (Member 21)

    Australia, Canada, Brunei, Chile, china, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico,

    New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Vietnam.

    • 27th APEC Summit 2015 – Philippines, Manila

    • 28th APEC Summit 2016 – Peru, Lima

    • 29th APEC Summit 2017 – Vietnam, Danang

    • 30th APEC Summit 2018 - Papua, New Guinea Port Moresby

    • 31st APEC Summit 2019 - Chile

    • 32nd APEC Summit 2020 - Malaysia

    • 33rd APEC Summit 2021 - New Zealand

    • 34th APEC Summit 2022 – Thailand

    • 35th APEC Summit 2023 - Mexico

    • 36th APEC Summit 2024 - Brunei

    • 37th APEC Summit 2025 - Republic of Korea

    • 38th APEC Summit 2026 - Peru

    BIMSTEC Summits (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation)

    Countries (Members 7)

    Bangladesh, India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal.

    • 1st BIMSTEC Summit 2004 – Thailand, Bangkok

    • 2nd BIMSTEC Summit 2008 – India, New Delhi

    • 3rd BIMSTEC Summit 2014 - Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw

    • 4th BIMSTEC Summit 2017 - Nepal, Kathmandu

    Nuclear Security Summit (NSS)

    Total Countries – 58 Countries

    • 1st NSS 2010 – Washington, D.C, USA

    • 2nd NSS 2012 - South Korea, Seoul

    • 3rd NSS 2014 – Hague, Netherlands

    • 4th NSS 2016 – Washington, D.C, USA

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    NATO – North Atlantic treaty Organization

    Countries (members 28)

    • NATO Summit 2016 – Poland, Warsaw

    • NATO Summit 2017 - Belgium, Brussels

    • NATO Summit 2018 – Turkey, Istanbul

    NAM Summit

    NAM Summit Full Form – Non-Allied Moment

    Member Countries - 120 countries

    • 17th NAM summit 2016 was held in Caracas, Venezuela.

    UN Climate Change Summit Meeting

    • 13th meeting 2011 - Durban, South Africa

    • 14th meeting 2012 - Doha, Qatar

    • 15th meeting 2013 - Warsaw, Poland

    • 16th meeting 2014 - Lima, Peru

    • 17th meeting 2015 - Paris, France

    • 18th meeting 2016 - Marrakech, Morocco

    • 19th meeting 2017 - Bonn, Germany

    • 20th meeting 2018- is expected to be held on 5–16 November 2018 in Katowice, Poland.

    Indian science congress edition

    • 2014 - Jammu & Kashmir

    • 2015 - Mumbai

    • 2016 - Mysore

    • 2017 – Hyderabad

    List of Important Stadiums and Its Locations


    • M.A. Chidambaram Stadium - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    • Feroz Shah Kotla Ground - Delhi, India

    • M. Chinnaswamy Stadium - Bangalore, India

    • Wankhede Stadium - Mumbai, India

    • ACA Stadium - Guwahati, Assam

    • DY Patil Stadium - Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

    • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium - Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    • Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium - Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    • Barabati Stadium - Cuttack, Orissa

    • Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium - Nagpur, Maharashtra

    • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium - Kochi, Kerala

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    • Feroz Shah Kotla - Delhi

    • KIIT Stadium - Bhubaneswar, Orissa

    • JSCA International Cricket Stadium - Ranchi, Jharkhand

    • Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium - Gahunje, Pune, Maharashtra

    • CB Patel International Cricket Stadium - Surat, Gujarat

    • Green Park Stadium - Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    • Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium - Rajkot, Gujarat

    • G. M. C. Balayogi Athletic Stadium - Hyderabad, Telangana

    • Maharaja Bir Bikram College Stadium - Agartala, Tripura

    • Barkatullah Khan Stadium - Jodhpur, Rajasthan

    • Holkar Cricket Stadium - Indore, Madhya Pradesh

    • Indira Gandhi Stadium - Solapur, Maharashtra

    • Guru Gobind Singh Stadium - Nanded, Maharshtra

    • Lal Bahadur Shastri Cricket Stadium - Hyderabad, Telangana


    • Sydney Cricket Ground – Sydney, Australia

    • The WACA - Perth, Australia

    • The Gabba, Brisbane, Australia.

    • Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium - Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • The Lords – London, UK

    • Old Trafford - Manchester, UK

    • The Oval - Kensington, UK

    • Trent Bridge - Nottingham, UK

    • Birmingham - Warwickshire, UK

    • Headingley - Leeds, UK

    • Rose Bowl - Southampton, UK

    • Eden Park – Auckland, New Zealand

    • Basin Reserve - Wellington, New Zealand

    • Gaddafi Stadium – Lahore, Pakistan

    • Karachi Cricket Stadium - Karachi, Pakistan

    • The Wanderers – Johannesburg, South Africa

    • Newlands Cricket Ground - Cape Town, South Africa

    • Port Elizabeth (St George’s Oval) - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    • Super Sport Park - Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

    • Galle International Stadium – Galle, Sri Lanka

    • Queen’s Park Oval – Trinidad, Caribbean


    • Gachibowli Stadium - Hyderabad, India

    • Siri Fort Sports Complex - New Delhi, India

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    • Harringay Stadium - London, UK

    • Changzhou Olympic Sports Center - Changzhou, China

    • Nakhon Ratchasima Center - Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

    • Singapore Badminton Hall - Guillemard Rd, Singapore

    • Stadium Badminton Cheral Jalan Cheras Taman Pertama - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

    • Honda - California, USA

    • Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena - Glasgow, UK

    • Sendagaya Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

    • Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid , Madrid, Spain

    • Stade Pierre de Coubertin Avenue Pierre de Coubertin - Cannes, France

    • Riverside Badminton & Tennis Club - Canada.


    • Estádio do Maracanã - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    • Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) - Milan, Italy

    • Estadio Monumental - Lima, Peru

    • Shah Alam Stadium - Shah Alam, Malaysia

    • Signal Iduna Park - Dortmund, Germany

    • Luzhniki Stadium - Moscow, Russia

    • Santiago Bernabéu - Madrid, Spain

    • Stade de France - Paris, France

    • ANZ Stadium - Sydney, Australia

    • Azadi Stadium - Tehran, Iran

    • Borg El Arab Stadium - Alexandria, Egypt

    • Bukit Jalil National Stadium - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    • Gelora Bung Karno Stadium - Jakarta, Indonesia

    • Wembley Stadium - London, England

    • The Rose Bowl - Pasadena, USA

    • Soccer City - Johannesburg, South Africa

    • Camp Nou - Barcelona, Spain

    • Estadio Azteca - Mexico City, Mexico

    • Salt Lake Stadium - Kolkata, India

    • EMS Stadium - Kozhikode, Kerala

    • JRD Tata Sports Complex - Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

    • Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium - Guwahati, Assam

    • Kanchenjunga Stadium - Siliguri, West Bengal

    • Khuman Lampak Main Stadium - Imphal, Manipur

    • Dadaji Kondadev Stadium - Thane, Maharashtra

    • Baichung Stadium - Namchi, Sikkim

    • Lal Bahadur Shastri Football Stadium - Kollam, Kerala

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    • Bakhshi Stadium - Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

    • Rungrado May Day Stadium - Pyongyang, North Korea.


    • Hockey Anlage - Munich, Germany

    • Weingart Stadium - California, US

    • Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium - New Delhi, Chennai

    • Panther Stadium - Atlanta, US

    • Estadi Olímpic de Terrassa - Catalonia, Spain

    • Herndon Stadium - Georgia, USA

    • Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Center - Sydney, Australia

    • Hellinikon Olympic Hockey Centre - Hellinikon, Athens, Greece

    • Olympic Green Hockey Field - Beijing, China

    • River bank Arena (Olympic Hockey Centre)- London UK

    • International Hockey Stadium - Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

    • War Heroes Stadium - Sangrur, Punjab.

    • Aishbagh Stadium - Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

    • Guru Nanak Stadium - Kapurthala, Punjab.

    • Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium - Chennai,Tamil Nadu.


    • O2 Arena – London, UK

    • Centre Court, All England Club – London, UK

    • Arthur Ashe Stadium, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center – New York, USA

    • Court Philippe Chatrier - Roland Garros, Paris, France

    • Indian Wells Tennis Garder – Indian Wells, California, USA

    • Rod Laver Arena – Melbourne, Australia

    • Qizhong Stadium – Shangai, China

    • Roy Emerson Area – Switzerland

    • Royal Albert Hall – London, UK

    • Ahoy Rotterdam – Rotterdam, Netherlands

    • AccorHotels Arena – Paris, France

    • National Tennis Stadium – Beijing, China

    • Wimbledon Centre Court – London, UK

    • Connecticut Tennis Center Stadium – New Haven, US

    • Optics Valley Int. Tennis Center – Cental Court – Wuhan, China

    • Stade Roland Garros – Court Philippe Chatrier – Paris, France

    • SDAT Tennis Stadium – Chennai, India

    • Netaji Indoor Stadium – Kolkata, India

    • Indira Gandhi Arena – New Delhi, India.

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    List of Important Dams and Rivers (State wise)

    State Dam River

    Andhra Pradesh

    Nizam Sagar Dam Manjira River

    Somasila Dam Pennar River

    Prakasam Barrage Krishna River

    Dindi Reservoir Krishna River

    Lower Manair Reservoir Manair River

    Tatipudi Reservoir Project Gosthani River

    Srisailam Dam Krishna River

    Singur dam Manjira River

    Gandipalem Reservoir Gandipalem, Manneru River

    Ramagundam Dam Godavari

    Dummaguden Dam Godavari

    Himayat Sagar Reservoir River Musi

    Shriram Sagar Reservoir Godavari River

    Galeru Nagari Krishna River

    Dowleswaram Barrage Godavari River

    Nagarjuna Sagar Krishna River

    Andaman & nicobar Island Dhanikhari Dhanikhari river

    Arunachal Pradesh Ranganadi Dam Ranganadi River

    Chattisgarh Dudhawa Dam Mahanadi river

    Mongra Barrage Shivnath river


    Ukai Dam Tapti River

    Dharoi Dam Banas River

    Kadana dam Mahi River

    Mitti Dam Mitti river

    Dantiwada Dam Sabarmati River

    Himachal Pradesh

    Pandoh Dam Beas River

    Nathpa Dam Sutlej River

    Bhakra Nangal Dam Sutlej River

    Chamera Dam Ravi River

    Gobind Sagar Reservoir Sutlej River

    Maharana Pratap Sagar


    Beas River

    Jammu & Kashmir

    Salal Project Chenab River

    Baglihar Dam Chenab River

    Chutak Hydroelectric Project Suru River

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam Indus River

    Uri Hydroelectric Dam Jhelum River


    Maithon Dam Barakar River

    Chandil Dam Subarnarekha River

    Panchet Dam Damodar River


    Tunga Bhadra Dam Tungabhadra River and Krishna River

    Linganamakki dam Sharavathi River

    Kadra Dam Kalinadi River

    Alamatti Dam Krishna River

    Supa Dam Kali River

    Krishna Raja Sagara Dam Cauvery River

    Harangi Dam Cauvery River

    Ghataprabha Reservoir Ghataprabha River

    Manchanabele Dam Arkavathy River

    Narayanpur Dam Krishna River

    Kodasalli Dam Kali River

    Basava Sagara Dam Krishna River

    Hemavathi Reservoir Hemavathy River


    Banasura Sagar Dam Chalakudy River

    Malampuzha Dam Malampuzha River

    Peechi Dam Manali River

    Idukki Dam Periyar River

    Kundala Dam Parambikulam River

    Parambikulam Dam Parambikulam River

    Walayar Dam Walayar River

    Mullaperiyar Dam Pennar River

    Neyyar Dam Pennar River

    Madhya Pradesh

    Rajghat Dam Betwa River

    Barna Dam Barna River

    Indirasagar Project Narmada River

    Narmada Dam Project Narmada River

    Bargi Dam Narmada River

    Bansagar Dam Son River

    Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal River

    Tawa Reservoir Tawa River


    Yeldari Dam Purna River

    Ujani Dam Bhima River

    Pawna Dam Pawna River

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Mulshi Dam Mula River

    Koyna Dam Koyna River

    Jaikwadi Dam Godavari River

    Bhatsa Dam Bhatsa and Chorna rivers

    Wilson Dam Pravara River

    Tansa Dam Tansa River

    Panshet Dam Mutha River

    Mula Dam Mula River

    Kolkewadi Dam Koyna River

    Girna Dam Girna and Godavari River

    Bhandardara Dam Arthur Lake

    Vaitarna Dam Vaitarna River

    Radhanagari Dam Bhogawati River

    Nandur Madhmeshwar Dam Godavari River

    Manair Dam Manair River

    Khadakwasla Dam Mutha River

    Gangapur Dam Godavari River

    Sikkim Rangit Dam Tista river


    Jalaput Dam Machkund River

    Balimela Reservoir Sileru River

    Hirakud Dam Mahanadi River

    Indravati Dam Indravati River

    Tamil Nadu

    Vaigai Dam Vaigai River

    Aliyar Reservoir River Aliyar

    Chittar Reservoir Chittar River

    Krishnagiri Reservoir Thenpennai River

    Manimuthar Reservoir Manimuthar River

    Pechiparai Reservoir Kodayar

    Soolagiri Chinnar Reservoir Shoolagiri Chinnar River

    Thunakadavu Reservoir Chalakudy River

    Perunchani Dam Paralayar River

    Amaravathi Reservoir Amaravathi River

    Gundar Reservoir Berijam Lake

    Kullursandai Reservoir Arjuna Nadi

    Pambar Reservoir Pambar River

    Periyar Reservoir Periyar River

    Stanley Reservoir Kaveri River

    Vattamalaikarai Odai Reservoir Odai River

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Willingdon Reservoir Periya Odai River

    Mettur Dam Kaveri River

    Bhavanisagar Reservoir Bhavani River

    Kodaganar Reservoir Kodagananar River

    Manimukthanadhi Reservoir Vellar River

    Parambikulam Reservoir Parambikulam River

    Sholayar Reservoir Chalakkudi River

    Thirumurthi Reservoir Parmabikulam Aliyar River

    Vembakottai Reservoir Vaippar River

    Kallanai Dam Kaveri Dam

    Manjalar Reservoir Manjalar River

    Manipur Tipaimukh Dam Barak River

    Uttar Pradesh

    Parichha Dam Betwa River

    Rihand Project Rihand River and Son River

    Tehri Dam Bhagirathi River

    Dhauli Ganga Dam Ganga River

    Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar


    Rihand River

    International Organizations and It's Headquarters - Present Heads

    Organisation Name Full Form Head

    Quarter Head Person



    UNO United Nations

    Organisation New York, USA Antonia Gutarres 1945

    UNICEF United Nations

    Childrens' Fund New York, USA Anthony Lake 1945

    UNFPA United Nations

    Population Fund New York, USA Dr.Natalia Kanem 1969

    UNW Un Women New York, USA Phumzile Mlambo-

    Ngcuka 2010


    United Nations


    Scientific And



    Paris, France Audrey Azoulay 1945

    UNIDO United Nation Vienna,Austria Li Yong 1966

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |







    For Economic




    Paris, France Jose

    Angel Gurria 1960



    Atomic Energy


    Vienna,Austria Yukiya Amano 1957


    Organisation Of




    Vienna,Austria Mohammed Barikindo 1960

    IMF International

    Monetary Fund Washington DC, USA. Christine Lagarde 1945

    WB World Bank Washington DC, USA. Kristalina Ivanova

    Georgieva 1944

    AI Amnesty

    International London Shalil Shetty 1961





    London Kitack Lim 1954

    CI Consumer

    International Londan


    CWN Common Wealth

    Of Nation London Elizebeth II _

    ICJ International

    Court Of Justice

    The Hague, The

    Netherlands Hisashi Owada 1945


    Food And



    Rome Jose Graziano Da Silva 1945


    Universal Postal


    The Hague, The


    Bishar Abdirahman



    North Atlantic



    Brussels,Belgium Jens Stoltenberg 1949

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    International Berlin, Germany





    Energy Agency

    Abudabi(UAE) Adnan Amin 2009


    South Asian

    Association For



    Kathmandu,Nepal Amjad Hussain Bsial 1985


    Association Of

    South East

    Asian Nations

    Jakarta,Indonesia Rodrigo Duterte 1967


    Asia Pacific




    Allen Bollard 1989

    Organisation Of



    Jeddah,Saudi Arabia Yousef Al-Othaimeen 1969


    Indian Ocean

    Rim Association

    For Regional


    Ebene, Mauritius

    K.V.Bhagirath 1997



    For The

    Prohibition Of



    The Hague, The

    Netherlands Ahmet Üzümcü 1997





    Monaco Robort Ward 1921



    Chamber Of


    Paris, France Sunil Bharti Mittal 1919



    Corporation For


    Names And


    Los Angeles, USA Fadi Chehadé 1998

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |




    Council On

    Monuments And


    Paris, France






    Washington D.C.,

    USA Ron Cohen 1993


    South Asian




    Kathmandu, Nepal



    United Nation

    Conference On

    Trade And


    Geneva, Switzerland Mukhisa Kituyi

    WHO World Health

    Organisation Geneva, Switzerland Tedros Adhanom 1948





    Geneva, Switzerland Guy Ryder 1919



    Committee For

    Red Cross

    Geneva, Switzerland Peter Maurer 1863

    WTO World Trade

    Organisation Geneva, Switzerland Roberto Azevêdo 1995





    Geneva, Switzerland Petteri Taalas 1950






    Geneva, Switzerland Francis Gurry 1967



    Organization For


    Geneva, Switzerland


    World Economic

    Forum Geneva, Switzerland Klaus Schwab 1971

    MSF Médecins Sans Geneva, Switzerland Joanne Liu 1971

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |





    Organization For


    Geneva, Switzerland William Lacy Swing 1951


    Union Of Pure

    And Applied


    Zurich, Switzerland Natalia Tarasova 1919

    WFN Worldwide Fund

    For Nature Gland, Switzerland Marco Lambertini 1961



    Union For

    Conservation Of


    Gland, Switzerland Inger Andersen 1948



    Shooting Sports


    Munich, Germany Olegario Vázquez Raña 1907



    Council On

    Monuments And


    Paris, France

    Gustavo Araoz 1965



    Corporation For


    Names And


    Los Angeles, USA

    Fadi Chehadé 1998







    Kelly Fairweather 1924




    De Football


    Zurich, Switzerland

    Gianni Infantino




    Association Of




    Sebastian Coe


    IOC International Lausanne, Thomas Bach 1894

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |





    List of Wild Life Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India


    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Barren Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Bluff Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Cinque Islands WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Defence Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Interview Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands James Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Landfall Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Lohabarrack (Saltwater Crocodile) WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Pitman Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Point Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Spike Island-I WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands South Brother Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands Temple Island WLS

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands West Island WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Coringa WLS

    Andhra Pradesh GundlaBrahmeswaram WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Kolleru WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Krishna WLS

    Andhra Pradesh NagarjunaSagar-Srisailam WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Pulicat Lake WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Rollapadu WLS

    Andhra Pradesh Sri Venkateswara WLS *Combined area with


    Arunachal Pradesh D’Ering Memorial (Lali) WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Dibang WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Eagle Nest WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Kamlang WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Kane WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Mehao WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Pakhui/ Pakke WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Sessa Orchid WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Arunachal Pradesh Tale Valley WLS

    Arunachal Pradesh Yordi-RabeSupse WLS

    Assam Amchang WLS

    Assam Barail WLS

    Assam Barnadi WLS

    Assam Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni WLS

    Assam Burachapori WLS

    Assam Chakrashila WLS

    Assam Deepor Beel WLS

    Assam Dihing Patkai WLS

    Assam East KarbiAnglong WLS

    Assam Garampani WLS

    Assam Hollongapar Gibbon WLS

    Assam Lawkhowa WLS

    Assam Marat Longri WLS

    Assam Nambor WLS

    Assam Nambor Doigrung WLS

    Assam Porbitora WLS

    Assam Pani-Dihing Bird WLS

    Assam SonaiRupai WLS

    Bihar BarelaJheelSalim Ali Bird WLS

    Bihar Bhimbandh WLS

    Bihar GautamBudha WLS

    Bihar Kanwarjheel WLS

    Bihar Kaimur WLS

    Bihar Pant (Rajgir) WLS

    Bihar Udayapur WLS

    Bihar Valmiki WLS

    Bihar VikramshilaGangetic Dolphin WLS

    Chandigarh Sukhna Lake WLS

    Chhattisgarh Achanakmar WLS

    Chhattisgarh Badalkhol WLS

    Chhattisgarh Barnawapara WLS

    Chhattisgarh Bhairamgarh WLS

    Chhattisgarh Bhoramdev WLS

    Chhattisgarh Sarangarh-Gomardha WLS

    Chhattisgarh Pamed Wild Buffalo WLS

    Chhattisgarh Semarsot WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Chhattisgarh Sitanadi WLS

    Chhattisgarh TamorPingla WLS

    Chhattisgarh Udanti Wild Buffalo WLS

    Dadra Nagar Haveli Dadra & Nagar Haveli WLS

    Daman and Diu Fudam WLS

    Delhi AsolaBhati (Indira Priyadarshini) WLS

    Goa Bondla WLS

    Goa Chorao Island (Dr.Salim Ali ) WLS (Bird)

    Goa Cotigaon WLS

    Goa Madei WLS

    Goa BhagwanMahavir (Mollem) WLS

    Goa Netravali WLS

    Gujarat Gaga Great Indian Bustard WLS

    Gujarat Gir WLS

    Gujarat Hingolgadh Nature Reserve WLS

    Gujarat Kachchh Desert WLS

    Gujarat Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) WLS

    Gujarat NalSarovar Bird WLS

    Gujarat Narayan Sarovar (Chinkara) WLS

    Gujarat Porbandar Lake WLS

    Gujarat Ratanmahal WLS

    Gujarat Shoolpaneswar (Dhumkhal) WLS

    Gujarat Wild Ass WLS

    Haryana Abubshehar WLS

    Haryana Bhindawas WLS

    Haryana BirShikargarh WLS

    Haryana Chhilchila WLS

    Haryana Kalesar WLS

    Haryana Khaparwas WLS

    Haryana Morni Hills (Khol-Hi-Raitan) WLS

    Haryana Nahar WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Bandli WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Daranghati WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Dhauladhar WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Nargu WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Pong Dam Lake WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Shimla Water Catchment WLS

    Himachal Pradesh Talra WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Himachal Pradesh Tirthan WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir Gulbarga WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir Karakoram (NubraShyok) WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir Kishtwar

    Jammu and Kashmir Limber WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir Nandni WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir Rajparian (Daksum) WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir RamnagarRakha WLS

    Jammu and Kashmir SurinsarMansar WLS

    Jharkhand Lawalong WLS

    Jharkhand Palamau WLS

    Jharkhand Palkot WLS

    Jharkhand Parasnath WLS

    Jharkhand Udhwa Lake WLS

    Karnataka Arabithittu WLS

    Karnataka Attiveri WLS

    Karnataka Bhadra WLS

    Karnataka Bhimgad WLS

    Karnataka BiligiriRangaswamy Temple (B.R.T.) WLS

    Karnataka Brahmagiri WLS

    Karnataka Cauvery WLS

    Karnataka Melkote Temple WLS

    Karnataka Mookambika WLS

    Karnataka Pushpagiri WLS

    Karnataka Ranebennur Black Buck WLS

    Karnataka Ranganathittu Bird WLS

    Karnataka RamadevaraBetta Vulture WLS

    Karnataka Sharavathi Valley WLS

    Karnataka Shettihalli WLS

    Karnataka Someshwara WLS

    Kerala Aralam WLS

    Kerala Chimmony WLS

    Kerala Idukki WLS

    Kerala Kurinjimala WLS

    Kerala Malabar WLS

    Kerala Mangalavanam Bird WLS

    Kerala Neyyar WLS

    Kerala Parambikulam WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Kerala Peechi-Vazhani WLS

    Kerala Periyar WLS

    Kerala Shendurney WLS

    Kerala Thattekad Bird WLS

    Kerala Wayanad WLS

    Lakshadweep Pitti WLS (Bird)

    Madhya Pradesh Bori WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Gandhi Sagar WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Ghatigaon WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Ken Gharial WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Narsighgarh WLS

    Madhya Pradesh National Chambal WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Noradehi WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Orcha WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Kuno WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Panna (Gangau) WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Panpatha WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Pench WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Sardarpur WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Singhori WLS

    Madhya Pradesh Son Gharial WLS

    Madhya Pradesh VeerangnaDurgawati WLS

    Maharashtra Aner Dam WLS

    Maharashtra Bhamragarh WLS

    Maharashtra Bhimashankar WLS

    Maharashtra Great Indian Bustard WLS

    Maharashtra Jaikwadi WLS

    Maharashtra Koyana WLS

    Maharashtra Nagzira WLS

    Maharashtra Painganga WLS

    Maharashtra Radhanagari WLS

    Maharashtra Sagareshwar WLS

    Maharashtra Tipeshwar WLS

    Maharashtra Tungareshwar WLS

    Manipur KhongjaingambaChing WLS

    Mizoram Dampa WLS (TR)

    Mizoram Khawnglung WLS

    Mizoram Lengteng WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Mizoram Ngengpui WLS

    Mizoram Pualreng WLS

    Mizoram Tawi WLS

    Mizoram Thorangtlang WLS

    Mizoram Tokalo WLS

    Orissa Badrama WLS

    Orissa Baisipalli WLS

    Orissa Chilika (Nalaban) WLS

    Orissa Hadgarh WLS

    Orissa Khalasuni WLS

    Orissa Satkosia Gorge WLS

    Orissa Simlipal WLS

    Pondicherry Oussudu WLS

    Punjab Abohar WLS

    Punjab Harike Lake WLS

    Punjab JhajjarBacholi WLS

    Punjab KathlaurKushlian WLS

    Punjab Takhni-Rehampur WLS

    Punjab Nangal WLS

    Rajasthan BandhBaratha WLS

    Rajasthan Darrah WLS

    Rajasthan JawaharSagar WLS

    Rajasthan Kailadevi WLS

    Rajasthan Kumbhalgarh WLS

    Rajasthan Mount Abu WLS

    Rajasthan Nahargarh WLS

    Rajasthan National Chambal WLS

    Rajasthan Ramsagar WLS

    Rajasthan Sariska WLS

    Rajasthan Sawai Man Singh WLS

    Rajasthan Shergarh WLS

    Rajasthan Sitamata WLS

    TamilNadu Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) WLS

    TamilNadu Kalakad WLS

    TamilNadu Kanyakumari WLS

    TamilNadu Karaivetti WLS

    TamilNadu Karikili WLS

    TamilNadu Mudumalai WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    TamilNadu Mundanthurai WLS

    TamilNadu Pulicat Lake WLS

    TamilNadu Satyamangalam WS

    TamilNadu Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel WLS

    TamilNadu Vaduvoor WLS

    TamilNadu Vedanthangal WLS

    TamilNadu Vellanadu (Blackbuck) WLS

    TamilNadu Vettangudi WLS

    Telangana Kinnersani WLS

    Telangana NagarjunaSagar-Srisailam WLS

    Telangana Pakhal WLS

    Telangana Pocharam WLS

    Telangana Pranahita WLS *Combined area with Andhra


    Uttar Pradesh Bakhira WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Chandraprabha WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Dr. BhimraoAmbedkar Bird WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Hastinapur WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Kishanpur WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Lakh Bahosi Bird WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Mahavir Swami WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Ranipur WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Saman Bird WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Samaspur WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Sandi Bird WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Sohagibarwa WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Sohelwa WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Sur Sarovar WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Jai Prakash Narayan (Surhatal) Bird WLS

    Uttar Pradesh Turtle WLS

    Uttar Pradesh VijaiSagar WLS

    Uttarakhand Askot Musk Deer WLS

    Uttarakhand Binsar WLS

    Uttarakhand GovindPashuVihar WLS

    Uttarakhand Kedarnath WLS

    Uttarakhand Sonanadi WLS

    West Bengal Ballavpur WLS

    West Bengal Buxa WLS

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    West Bengal ChintamaniKar Bird Sanctuary

    West Bengal Haliday Island WLS

    West Bengal Jorepokhri Salamander WLS

    West Bengal Lothian Island WLS

    West Bengal Mahananda WLS

    West Bengal West Sunderban WLS

    Important Bird Sanctuaries and it’s Locations in India


    Kolleru Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Sri Peninsula Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Atapaka Bird Sanctuary Andhra Pradesh

    Telineelapuram and Telukunchi Bird Sanctuaries Andhra Pradesh

    Bordoibam Beelmukh Birds’ Sanctuary Assam

    Deepor beel bird sanctuary Assam

    Panidihing bird sanctuary Assam

    Nagi Dam Bird Sanctuary Bihar

    Nakti Dam Bird Sanctuary Bhimband Wildlife Sanctuary Bihar

    Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Goa

    Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary Gujarat

    Kutch Bustard Sanctuary Gujarat

    Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary Gujarat

    Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary Gujarat

    Porbandar Bird Sanctuary` Gujarat

    Thol Lake Gujarat

    Gamgul bird sanctuary Himachal Pradesh

    Attiveri Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary Karnataka

    Bonal Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Magadi Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Puttenahalli Lake (Yelahanka) Karnataka

    Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Karnataka

    Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary Kerala

    Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary Kerala

    Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary Kerala

    Pathiramanal Kerala Kerala

    Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary Kerala

    Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Kerala

    Mayani Bird Sanctuary Maharashtra

    Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary Maharashtra

    Harike bird sanctuary Punjab

    Khichan Bird Sanctuary Rajasthan

    Chitrangudi Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Kanjirankulam Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Koonthankulam Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Suchindram Theroor Birds Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Udayamarthandapuram Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Vellode Birds Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary Tamil Nadu

    Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Okhla Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Patna Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Saman Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Samaspur Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Sandi Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Thasrana Bird Sanctuary Uttar Pradesh

    Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary West Bengal

    List of Important National Parks in India

    Sno Name of the Park Location

    1. Anshi National Park Karnataka

    2. Bandipur National Park Karnataka

    3. Bannerghatta National Park Karnataka

    4. Balphakram National Park Meghalaya

    5. Bandhavgarh National Park Madhya Pradesh

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    6. Betla National Park Jharkhand

    7. Bhitarkanika National Park Odisha

    8. Blackbuck National ParK (Velavadar) Gujarat

    9. Buxa Tiger Reserve West Bengal

    10. Campbell Bay National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    11. Chandoli National Park Maharashtra

    12. Dachigam National Park Jammu and Kashmir

    13. Darrah National Park Rajasthan

    14. Desert National Park Rajasthan

    15. Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Assam

    16. Dudhwa National Park Uttar Pradesh

    17. Eravikulam National Park Kerala

    18. Galathea National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    19. Gangotri National Park Uttarakhand

    20. Gir Forest National Park Gujarat

    21. Gorumara National Park West Bengal

    22. Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary Uttarakhand

    23. Great Himalayan National Park Himachal Pradesh

    24. Gugamal National Park Maharashtra

    25. Guindy National Park Tamil Nadu

    26. Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park Tamil Nadu

    27. Hemis National Park Jammu and Kashmir

    28. Harike Wetland Punjab

    29. Hazaribagh National Park Jharkhand

    30. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park Tamil Nadu

    31. Indravati National Park Chhattisgarh

    32. Jaldapara National Park West Bengal

    33. Jim Corbett National Park Uttarakhand

    34. Kalesar National Park Haryana

    35. Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

    36. Kanger Ghati National Park Chhattisgarh

    37. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park Telangana

    38. Kaziranga National Park Assam

    39. Keibul Lamjao National Park Manipur

    40. Keoladeo National Park Rajasthan

    41. Khangchendzonga National Park Sikkim

    42. Kishtwar National Park Jammu and Kashmir

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    43. Kudremukh National Park Karnataka

    44. Madhav National Park Madhya Pradesh

    45. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park Andaman and Nicobar Islands

    46. Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park Telangana

    47. Manas National Park Assam

    48. Mandla Plant Fossils National Park Madhya Pradesh

    49. Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch Gujarat

    50. Mathikettan Shola National Park Kerala

    List of Thermal Power Plant In India

    State Name of the power plant

    Andhra Pradesh

    Ramagundam B Thermal Power Station

    Kothagudem Thermal Power Station

    Kothagudem V stage Thermal Power Station

    Dr Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station

    Rayalaseema Thermal Power Station

    Simhadri Super Thermal Power Station

    Kakatiya Thermal Power Station

    Ramagundam Super Thermal Power Station


    Namrup Thermal Power Station

    Bongaigaon Thermal Power Station

    Lakwa Thermal Power Station


    Barauni Thermal Power Station

    Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Station

    Muzaffarpur Thermal Power Plant


    Bhilai Expansion Power Plant

    Korba Super Thermal Power Plant

    Sipat Thermal Power Plant

    Dr Shyama Prakash Mukharjee Thermal Power


    Jindal Mega Power Plant


    Badarpur Thermal Power Plant

    Indraprashta Power Station

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Rajghat Power Station


    Ukai Thermal Power Station

    Gandhinagar Thermal Power Station

    Jhanor-Gandhar Thermal Power Station

    Kawas Thermal Power Station

    Kutch Lignite Thermal Power Station

    Mundra Thermal Power Plant

    Sabarmati Thermal Power Station

    Sikka Thermal Power Station

    Surat Lignite Thermal Power Station

    Wanakbori Thermal Power Station

    Dhuvaran Thermal Power Plant


    Bokaro Thermal Power Station

    Chandrapura Thermal Power Station

    Patratu Thermal Power Station


    Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Station

    Faridabad Thermal Power Station

    Rajiv Gandhi Thermal Power Plant


    Bellary Thermal Power Station

    Raichur Super Thermal Power Station

    Udupi Thermal Power Plant


    Brahmapuram DG

    Kozhikodu DG

    Rajiv Gandhi CCPP

    Madhya Pradesh

    Amarkantak Thermal Power Station

    Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station

    Sant Singaji Thermal Power Plant

    Satpura Thermal Power Station

    Vindhyachal Super Thermal Power Station


    Amravati Thermal Power Plant

    Bhusawal Thermal Power Station

    Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Plant

    Khaperkheda Thermal Power Station

    Koradi Thermal Power Station

    Nashik Thermal Power Station

    Paras Thermal Power Station

    Parli Thermal Power Station

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Tirora Thermal Power Plant

    Trombay Thermal Power Station

    Dahanu Thermal Power Station


    IB Thermal Power Plant

    Hirakud Captive Power Plant

    Talcher Super Thermal Power Station

    Punjab Guru Nanak dev Thermal Power Station

    Guru Hargobind Thermal Power Station


    Suratgarh Thermal Power Station

    Anta Thermal Power Station

    Barsingsar Lignit Power Plant

    Chhabra Thermal Power Plant

    Giral Lignite Thermal Power Station

    Rajwest Lignite Power Plant

    Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station

    VS Lignite Power Plant

    Tamil Nadu

    North Chennai Thermal Power Station

    Ennore Thermal Power Station

    Tuticorin Thermal Power Station

    Mettur Theral Power Station

    Neyveli Thermal Power Station

    Uttar Pradesh

    Anpara Thermal Power Station

    Auraiya Thermal Power Station

    Harduaganj Thermal Power Station

    National Capital Thermal Power Plant

    Obra Thermal Power Station

    Panki Thermal Power Station

    Pariccha Thermal Power Station

    Rihand Thermal Power Station

    Rosa Thermal Power Station

    Feroz Gandhi Unchahar Thermal Power Plant

    Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station

    Tanda Thermal Power Plant

    West Bengal

    Bakreswar Thermal Power Station

    Sagardighi Thermal Power Station

    Bandel Thermal Power Station

    Durgapur Thermal Power Plant

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Santaldih Thermal Power Station

    Durgapur Thermal Power Station

    Farakka Super Thermal Power Station

    Kolaghat Thermal Power Station

    Mejia Thermal Power Station

    List of Nuclear Power Plant In India

    Name State

    Kaiga nuclear power plant Karnataka

    Kalpakkam nuclear power plant Tamil nadu

    Kakrapar nuclear power plant Gujarat

    Rawatbhata nuclear power plant Rajasthan

    Tarapur nuclear power plant Maharastra

    Narora nuclear power plant Uttar pradesh

    Kudankulam nuclear power plant Tamil nadu

    Kaiga nuclear power plant Karnataka

    Kalpakkam nuclear power plant Tamil nadu

    Important Indian Cities Located in River Banks


    Rajahmundry Godavari Andhra Pradesh

    Vijayawada Krishna Andhra Pradesh

    Nellore Pennar Andhra Pradesh

    Nizamabad Godavari Andhra Pradesh

    Dibrugarh Brahmaputra Assam

    Guwahati Brahmaputra Assam

    Patna Ganges Bihar

    Hajipur Ganges Bihar

    Cuttack Mahanadi chattisgarh

    New Delhi Yamuna Delhi

    Daman Daman Ganga River Daman

    Ahmedabad Sabarmati Gujarat

    Surat Tapti Gujarat

    Vadodara Vishwamitri Gujarat

    Bharuch Narmada Gujarat

    Srinagar Jhelum Jammu & Kashmir

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Mangalore Netravati, Gurupura Karnataka

    Shimoga Tunga River Karnataka

    Bhadravathi Bhadra Karnataka

    Hospet Tungabhadra Karnataka

    Karwar Kali Karnataka

    Bagalkot Ghataprabha Karnataka

    Honnavar Sharavathi Karnataka

    Bangalore Vrishabhavathi Karnataka

    Jabalpur Narmada Madhya Pradesh

    Gwalior Chambal Madhya Pradesh

    Ujjain Shipra Madhya Pradesh

    Pune Mula, Mutha Maharashtra

    Malegaon Girna River Maharashtra

    Karjat Ulhas Maharashtra

    Nashik Godavari Maharashtra

    Mahad Savitri Maharashtra

    Nanded Godavari Maharashtra

    Sangli Krishna Maharashtra

    Karad Krishna, Koyna Maharashtra

    Cuttack Mahanadi Odisha

    Sambalpur Mahanadi Odisha

    Rourkela Brahmani Odisha

    Ferozpur Sutlej Punjab

    Kota Chambal Rajasthan

    Hyderabad Musi Telangana

    Madurai Vaigai Tamil Nadu

    Thiruchirapalli Kaveri Tamil Nadu

    Chennai Cooum, Adyar Tamil Nadu

    Coimbatore Noyyal Tamil Nadu

    Erode Kaveri Tamil Nadu

    Tirunelveli Thamirabarani Tamil Nadu

    Tiruchirapalli Kaveri Tamil Nadu

    Agra Yamuna Uttar Pradesh

    Allahabad Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Ayodhya Saryu Uttar Pradesh

    Kanpur Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Jaunpur Gomti Uttar Pradesh

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Varanasi Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Mathura Yamuna Uttar Pradesh

    Auraiya Yamuna Uttar Pradesh

    Etawah Yamuna Uttar Pradesh

    Farrukhabad Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Fatehgarh Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Kannauj Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Gorakhpur Rapti Uttar Pradesh

    Lucknow Gomti Uttar Pradesh

    Kanpur Cantonment Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Shuklaganj Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Chakeri Ganges Uttar Pradesh

    Haridwar Ganges Uttarkhand

    Badrinath Ganges Uttarakhand

    Kolkata Hooghly West Bengal

    Important Airports in India


    Andhra Pradesh

    Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

    Donakonda Donakonda Airport

    Kadapa Cuddapah Airport

    Arunachal Pradesh Daporijo Daporijo Airport

    Tezu Tezu Airport


    Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi

    International airport

    Dibrugarh Dibrugarh airport

    Dhubri Rupsi Airport

    Tezpur Tezpur airport


    Jogbani Jogbani airport

    Patna Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport

    Gaya Gaya airport

    New Delhi Delhi Indira Gandhi International


    Chattisgarh Jagdalpur Jagdalpur airport

    Raipur Swami Vivekananda Airport

    Daman And Diu Diu Diu airport

    Gujarat Ahmedabad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    International Airport

    Vadodara Vadodara Airport

    Kandla Kandla Airport

    Bhavnagar Bhavnagar Airport

    Keshod Keshod airport

    Porbandar Porbandar airport

    Surat Surat airport

    Himachal Pradesh

    Kangra Gaggal airport

    Shimal Shimal airport

    Kullu Bhuntar Airport


    Dhanbad Dhanbad airport

    Jamshedpur Sonari Airport

    Ranchi Birsa Munda Airport


    Belgaum Belgaum airport

    Hubli Hubli airport

    Mysore Mysore airport

    Toranagallu Vidyanagar Airport

    Bengaluru Bengaluru International Airport

    Mangalore Mangalore airport


    Thiruvananthapuram Trivandrum International Airport

    Kochi Cochin International airport

    Kozhikode Calicut International Airport

    Lakshadweep Agatti Agatti Aerodrome

    Madhya Pradesh

    Bhopal Raja Bhoj Airport

    Indore Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport

    Gwalior Gwalior airport

    Jabalpur Jabalpur airport

    Khajuraho Khajuraho airport

    Khandwa Khandwa airport


    Chhatrapati Shivaji International


    Nagpur Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

    International Airport

    Pune Pune International Airport

    Jalgaon Jalgaon airport

    Kolhpur Kolhpur airport

    Nanded Nanded airport

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Nasik Gandhi nagar airport

    Nasik Ozar Airport

    Ratnagiri Ratnagiri airport

    Solapur Solapur airport

    Manipur Impal Tulihal Airport

    Mehalaya Shilling Zaruki International Airport

    Mizoram Aizwal Lengpui Airport

    Nagaland Dimapur Dimapur airport

    Orissa Bhubaneswar Biju Patnaik Airport


    Jharsuguda Jharsuguda Airport

    Berhampur Berhampur Airport

    Jeypore Jeypore Airport

    Nuagaon Nuagaon Airport

    Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur international airport

    Tamil Nadu

    Chennai Chennai International airport

    Coimbatore Civil Aerodrome

    Tirichirapalli Tirichirapalli International airport

    Madurai Madurai airport

    Salem Salem airport

    Tuticorin Tuticorin airport

    Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Amausi Airport

    Uttarkhand Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport

    West Bengal

    Balurghat Balurghat Airport

    Cooch Behar Cooch Behar Airport

    Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

    International Airport

    Important Dance forms in India


    Andhra Pradesh Kuchipudi





    Ankia nat

    Arunachal Pradesh Lion and peacock dance


  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    Barso chham

    Aji lamu


    Jata jatin

    Faguna or fag



    Chattisgarh Panthi

    Raut nacha


    Dandya Ras













    Khunbi dance


    Lamp dance

    Musal dance




    Gungga dance




    Chhathi dance

    Dhamal dance

    Jhumar dance

    Himachal Pradesh




  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Giddha parhaun


    Mala dance


    Jammu And Kashmir




    Jharkhand Chhau dance





    Simha nutrya

    Dollu kunitha





    Ottam thullal

    Chavittu natagam

    Kaikooti kalai



    Tapatri kai


    Madhya Pradesh





    Ahiri dance




    Grida dance


    Mizoram Chiraw(bamboo dance)

    Chailam dance

    Manipur Thang ta

    Dhol chalam

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |





    Dahi chala



    Koli dance

    Mehalaya Nongkrem

    Nagaland Naga dance









    Puducherry Garadi






















    Singhi chaam

    Yak chaam


  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    Tamang selo

    Tamil Nadu







    Theru kuthu

    Bommal attam

    Puli attam

    Oyil attam

    Telungana Tappu










    Barada nat


    Uttar Pradesh






    West Bengal










    Important Food Festivals Around the World

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |



    Alba White Truffle Festival Alba, Italy

    Abergavenny Food Festival Wales ,UK

    Baltic Herring Festival Helsinki, Finland

    Chinchilla Melon Festival(Watermelon) Australia

    Chocolate Festival London, UK

    Grape Throwing Festival Mallorca, spain

    International Mango Festival New Delhi, India

    Ivrea Orange Festival Ivrea, Italy

    Maine Lobster Festival Rockland, USA

    Maslenitsa Festival (Pancake Festival) Moscow, Russia

    Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Melbourne, Australia

    Mistura Food Festival Lima, Peru

    Monkey Buffet Festival Lopburi Province, Thailand

    Oktoberfest Munich, Germany

    Onion Eating Festival Spain

    Orange Festival Poland

    Pancake Festival Moscow, Russia

    Potato Festival Sweden

    San Francisco Street Food Festival San Francisco, USA

    Tomato Festival Spain

    Vegetarian Festival Thailand

    Important Sports and Trophies



    Agarwal cup

    Chadha cup

    Divan cup

    Narang cup

    Amrit Diwan Cup

    Asia Cup

    Australasia Cup

    European Cup

    Harilela Cup

    Ibrahim Rahimatillah Challenger Cup

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Sophia Cup

    Kitiakara Cup

    Thomas Cup

    Tunku Abdulrahman Cup

    Uber Cup


    Aga khan Cup

    Begam Rasul Torphy (woman’s)

    Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup

    Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (woman’s)

    Gurunanak Championship (woman’s)

    Nehru Trophy

    Sindhia Gold cup

    Murugappa Gold Cup

    Wellington Cup

    Dhyanchand Trophy


    World Series Cup

    Anthony D

    Mellow Trophy


    Asia Cup

    Champions Trophy

    C.K Naidu Trophy

    Gavaskar –Border Trophy

    G.D. Birla Trophy

    Gillette Cup

    ICC World Cup

    Irani Trophy Interface Cup

    Jawharlal Nehru Cup

    Lomboard World Challenge Cup

    Mc Dowells Challenge Cup

    Merchant Cup

    Prudential Cup(World Cup)

    Rani Jhansi Trophy

    Ranji Trophy


    Sahara Cup

    Sharjah Cup

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Singer Cup

    Sir Frank Worrel Trophy,

    Titan Cup

    Vijay Hazare Trophy

    Vijay Merchant Trophy

    Sheesh Mahal Trophy


    Beghum Hazarat Mahal Cup

    BILT Cup

    Bordoloi Trophy Colombo Cup

    Confederation cup

    DCM Trophy

    Durand Cup

    Rovers Cup

    B.C. Raj Trophy (National Championship)

    FIFA world Cup

    Jules Rimet Trophy

    Kalinga Cup

    Santosh Trophy (National Championship)

    IFA Shield, Scissor Cup

    Subroto Mukherjee Cup

    Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy

    Todd Memorial Trophy,

    Vittal Trophy

    Table tennis

    Berna Bellack cup( Men)

    Cobillion Cup (women)

    Jai Laxmi cup(women)

    Rajkumari Challenge Cup (women junior)

    Ramanuja Trophy (men Junior)

    Travancore Cup (women)

    Swathling Cup (men)

    Basket ball

    Basalat Jha Trophy

    B.C. Gupta Trophy

    Federation Cup

    S.M. Arjuna Raja Trophy

    Todd memorial Trophy

    William jones Cup

    Bangalore Bules Challenge Cup

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Nehru Cup, Federation Cup


    Basalat Jha Trophy

    Holkar Trophy

    Ruia Gold Cup

    Singhania Trophy


    Ezra Cup

    Gold Cup

    King’s Cup

    Prithi Pal Singh Cup

    Radha Mohan Cup

    Winchester Cup

    Athletics Charminar Trophy

    Federation Cup


    Aspy Adjahia Trophy

    Federations Cup

    Val Baker Trophy


    Canada Cup

    Eisenhower Trophy

    Muthiah Gold Cup

    Nomura Trophy

    President ‘s Trophy

    Prince of wales Cup

    Ryder Cup

    Air racing

    Jawaharlal Challenge Trophy

    King’s Cup

    Schneider Cup


    Naidu Trophy

    Khaitan Torphy

    Lin Are City Trophy

    World Cup

    Rugby Football

    Bledisloe Cup

    Calcutta Cup

    Webb Ellis Trophy

    Shooting North Wales Cup

    Welsh Grand Prix

    Volleyball Centennial Cup

    Federation cup

  • Static GK Capsule for IBPS RRB/PO/Clerk Mains | |


    Indira Pradhan Trophy

    Shivanthi Gold Cup

    Yatch Racing America Cup

    Important Revolutions Around the World


    Blue Revolution Fish Production

    Brown Revolution Leather,non-conventional,Cocoa production

    Golden Fiber Revolution Jute Production

    Golden Revolution Fruits,Overall Horticulture development,Honey Production

    Green Revolution Food grains

    Grey Revolution Fertilizer

    Pink Revolution Onion production,Pharmaceutical,Prawn production

    Red Revolution Meat & Tomato Production

    Round Revolution Potato

    Silver Fiber Revolution Cotton

    Silver Revolution Egg/Poultry Productio

    White Revolution Milk/Dairy production

    Yellow Revolution Oil Seeds production