ST. PAUL CATHOLIC 2019-09-19آ  BIRTHDAY WISHES Happy Birthday to Ann Buck on May 24, Helen Schimpf...

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Transcript of ST. PAUL CATHOLIC 2019-09-19آ  BIRTHDAY WISHES Happy Birthday to Ann Buck on May 24, Helen Schimpf...



    St. Paul and St. Bruno Confirmation Class of 2017

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    PARISH STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE We are truly grateful for your sacrifice and generosity.

    Income 2017 March Actual ..................................................... $ 161,874 2017 March Budget ..................................................... $ 127,922 2016 March .................................................................... $ 131,862 Expenses 2017 March Actual ..................................................... $ 135,261 2017 March Budget ..................................................... $ 127,869 2016 March .................................................................... $ 159,712 Mortgage Update

    Current Mortgage as of 3/31/17 ........................ $1,253,570.85

    God bless you and your families.





    My children could never succeed without their mother and me. That isn't me thinking too much of ourselves, it is just a fact. No one can find success in life in total isolation. I could never have become who I am today without my parents, various teachers and mentors, and my wife. Truth be told, I probably owe a lot of who I am to my children as well. I can only imagine the fear and concern of the first disciples when it was apparent that Jesus was not going to be with them much longer. Some probably thought since Jesus had risen from the dead, he might just live with them in the same way forever. But Jesus tried to calm their fears by assuring them, "I will not leave you orphans." He said he would continue to come to them and that he would send the Spirit to be with them at all times. They would not have to continue what he had started and preach the good news to the ends of the earth on their own.

    We may sometimes feel that we are alone. We may at times try to do too much or show others that we are independent and strong. However, without the help of others, without the help of God, true success will always elude us. Our actions and words can become empty. The gifts we have received can either be cultivated in secret and in the shadows, or we can welcome the help that God provides in his Spirit, his community, and the sacraments he gave us. By working to- gether the world will truly know the power of the risen Lord.

    Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS © Liturgical Publications Inc

    We are grateful to all who lent their efforts to cleaning up our Parish grounds on Sat. May 13th. Your time and talents were very much appreciated and resulted in a spruced up look throughout our campus. We are blessed to have you here.

    St. Paul Staff

    Vacation Bible School

    Cancelled due to lack of interest.

    A Place For You Welcome! Maybe you have been away from the Church for a little while or for quite some time, but now you feel a tug at your heart calling you back to the Catholic Church. Listen to that tug. It’s your Heavenly Father reaching His arms out to you, the Holy Spirit whispering in your ear, hoping to draw you home.

    We hope you accept this as your invitation to rediscover the truth, wonder and mystery of the Catholic faith. As your brothers and sisters in our worldwide Catholic family, we want you back. We’ve missed you, and our Parish is not the same without you.

    Regardless of why you left or got out of the habit of going to Mass, you can always come home and return to the practice of the sacraments and the fullness of relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. We are Catholic. Welcome home!

    If you are a practicing Catholic and have decided to make St. Paul your church home, simply call 262-968-3865, come by or visit to get registered.

    Stay after mass on Welcome Weekend, June 10/11 to meet with a parish representative to register and get a tour.

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    MASS INTENTIONS – at almost every Mass there is a specific intention. This is usually in memory of a loved one who has died, but it could be for a special anniversary or another special intention. These intentions are published in the bulletin every week for the upcoming week. If you would like to have a Mass celebrated for a special intention call 262-968-3865 or stop by the Parish office. The stipend for each mass is $10. - Free Resources Through our parish, we all have access to movies, Catholic study programs, audio presentations, and access to eBooks. Go to and enter the parish code 274255. Great Catholic content all in one place.

    Parish Resources & Needs

    Share your Talents-Stewardship: Do you have a background in Banking, Finance, or Cash handling? We are looking for a few more people to help with a very important Ministry here at St. Paul as a Contribution Counter. Time commitment is once a month, 1-2 hours at most after Sunday Mass. For details, contact Sherri Meyer at 262-968-3865 or Please consider this Ministry!

    Resisting Happiness….. One of the chapters that captured my attention was chapter 13 titled Hour by Hour. It brought to my attention a quote that I enjoy by St. Paul : “ Pray without ceasing “. Matthew Kelly explains how to take each hour of your work day and dedicate it to a specific person, cause, situation or activity. Many of us lead very busy lives and find it difficult to set aside time each day in prayer. That is not to say that work is an acceptable excuse or substitution for prayer but if one were to take each hour of the work day and devote that hour to a person, cause, situation or activity we all would be much closer to fulfilling St. Paul’s advice to “pray without ceasing “. At the very least we would be putting people and situations in the forefront by recognizing the various needs and asking God for assistance. I must say that even though I have not been perfect in remembering to do so every hour, I have been able to fill many of my work hours in prayer.

    Deacon John C Mezydlo


    Question: How do we know when we receive the Holy Spirit?

    Answer: My brothers and I discovered something as we got older. There's a little bit of Dad in us. Each time we catch our- selves using one of his gestures, expressions, or comments about a meal, we say, "I'm getting more like Dad!" When we are confirmed, we receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is no radical change in us that makes us seem suddenly different. Over a period of time we come to see that there is a little bit of the Spirit in us. We catch ourselves using the gifts, and often end up wondering where a bit of wisdom came from, why we were so patient, or we feel an intensity in our prayer. Perhaps we felt drawn to deepen our spiritual life or found courage in witnessing to our faith. That's when we know we have re- ceived the Holy Spirit. We take on his image. Yes, we grow in age, grace, and wisdom, but we also grow in our awareness and understanding of the working of God in our life-we realize we're getting more and more like God. Our thoughts, words, and actions carry that quality and others also see it in us. You might call it holiness. But be confident-there's a little bit of God in all of us!

    REMINDER - Mark your calendars

    May 20/21 - Loaves & Fishes Wednesday, May 24-Spring Concert, 6:30pm CH

    Monday, May 29 - The Parish office will be closed.

    Sunday, June 4 - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast following 9am mass Wednesday, June 7 - 8th Grade Graduation, 6pm CH Friday, June 9 - Last day of school, 1pm release

    3 Minute Witness

    If you haven’t visited the parish website in a while, take a look at the new 3 Minute Witness videos of our Faith Formation team at both St. Bruno and St. Paul Parishes, as they answered one simple question, “Why are You Catholic?

    In return, they have a question for you…“Will You Witness?” If you or your family is interested in giving a video testimony that is no longer than 3 Minutes that answers the question “Why You are Catholic?” please e-mail Bill Snyder for more information at


    Adult Formation Coming Events: Married Couples - An Evening Together (tentatively planned for this summer) Watch the parish website for details. Questions contact Mary Kral

    Art & Prayer

    Just as the women of Bethany supported each other, let us gather together to "encourage one another and build one another up" (1 Thess 5:11).

    Ladies (12 and up), mark your calendar for Saturday, June 17, 9-11am at St. Paul. We will be talking about prayer, creating two pieces of framed alcohol ink art, and sharing fellowship, food and of course prayer. This opportunity is limited to 25 participants, the cost will be $10. Please see the parish website for a link with more information and samples of finished artwork as well as the registration through SignUpGenius. This session will be repeated at St. Bruno in the fall.

    Contact Mary Kral for more infor- mation.

    You do NOT have to be an artist to participate so "do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God, is with you" -Joshua

    tel:(262)%20968-3865 file:///C:/Users/khav