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Transcript of SS X TREME - Train Aggre · PDF file 2012. 12. 4. · 4 SS X TREME SS X TREME...

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    SS X TREME Copyright 2012 © by Joe Meglio and Travis Stoetzel

    All Rights Reserved.

    No portion of this manual may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including fax, photocopy, recording or any information storage and retrieval system by anyone but the purchaser for their own personal use. This manual may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Joe Meglio and Travis Stoetzel, except in the case of a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages for the sake of a review written for inclusions in a magazine, newspaper, or journal – and these cases require written approval from Joe Meglio and Travis Stoetzel prior to publication.

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    The information in this book is offered for educational purposes only; the

    reader should be cautioned that there is an inherent risk assumed by the

    participant with any form of physical activity and diet. With that in mind,

    those participating in strength and conditioning programs should check with

    their physician prior to initiating such activities. Anyone participating in these

    activities should understand that such training initiatives may be dangerous if

    performed incorrectly, and may not be appropriate for everyone. The author

    assumes no liability for injury; this is purely an educational manual to guide

    those already proficient with the demands of such programming.

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    SS X TREME SS X TREME includes 4 killer workouts that are designed to challenge you

    physically and mentally. These workouts will be some of the hardest workouts

    you have ever done. Each workout will be a blend of FOCUSED Strength work

    and a highly advanced High Performance Conditioning Finisher that is

    designed to transform your mind and body. All we ask of you is that you give

    110% during each workout.

    We suggest you do these workouts for a minimum of 4 weeks. During week

    one the goal is to establish some numbers. During weeks 2-3 you should be

    looking to improve upon these numbers by A) pushing more weight or B)

    completing the workouts faster. If you are feeling good during week 4 you can

    hit it hard again and look to improve upon weeks 3 numbers.

    Reading The Workouts Below is a list of lifting terms you need to understand in order to read the workouts properly…

    Submax = leave 2-3 reps in the tank. If you can do10 pull- ups, only do 7 or 8 reps. If you can do 20 push-ups, only do 17 or 18.

    Max reps = Do as many perfect reps as possible and leave just 1 rep in the tank.

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    “s” = seconds. For example, 30s =30 seconds

    “/” = each side. For example, lunges 3 X 6/6 means do 6 reps on each side.

    “1A” “1B” “2A” “2B” etc…= Do 2 exercises in a row before you rest. 3A/3B/3C means do all 3 exercises in a row before you rest.

    AFAP = As Fast As Possible

    AMAP = As Many As Possible

    AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible

    EMOTM = Every Min On The Min

    Alt. = Alternating

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    How To Choose A Weight Choosing the proper weight is a critical component of The Strong & Shredded Program. Make sure you follow these rules outlined below before selecting weights…

    Only use weights you can do with great technique

    Use weights that allow you to do the number of reps prescribed in the program

    Use a weight that allows you to leave 1-2 reps in the tank. So for instance, if the workout says 4 X 6, you should do a weight that you can do for 7 or so reps.

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    How To Structure Warm-up Sets For the main exercises in the program (1A exercises) you will work up to a 3 or 5 rep max. Before you work up to your 3-5 rep max, it’s critical that you do 3-5 warm-up sets first. The stronger you are, the more warm-up sets you will need. Below is an example of how we would warm-up if we planned on squatting 300lbs for that day…

    135 X 5

    185 X 5

    225 X 5

    275 X 5

    300 X 5

    Please note that you will not be using these warm-up sets on every exercise. Only use these warm-up sets on the main exercise for the day (1A exercises)

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    Should You Do Straight Sets? Throughout the program you will notice set and rep schemes like 3 X 10, 4 X 6 etc… these sets should NOT be straight sets. Instead, start with a medium to hard weight and then progress from there. 2 straight sets that are challenging and allow you to leave 1 rep in the tank is perfect. Keep in mind the first 1-2 sets should not be light, instead they should be heavy enough to challenge you. For example, let’s say you can do 90 lbs on DB bench press for 8 reps and the workout says 4 X 8. Here is what you should do

    75 X 8

    80 X 8

    85 X 8

    90 X 8


    70 X 8

    80 X 8

    90 X 8

    90 X 8

       

       

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    Rest Periods The amount of time you rest in-between sets will vary and will depend on how conditioned you are. You will rest only as long as you need to recover from the previous set. If you do the next set and your performance and strength drop, you didn’t rest long enough. On the other hand, if these workouts are taking you longer then 1 hour to complete, you are resting too long. You should be able to finish most of these workouts in 45minutes to just under an hour. Rest as long as you need with the main exercise of the day and push the pace during the rest of the workout.

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    What Days Should You Train On? The Strong & Shredded program is a 4 X a week program. The days you train on will depend on what works best for you with your schedule. The only requirements here are do not train on 3 consecutive days and do not take off more then 2 days in a row. With that said below, are a 6-sample workout splits… Option # 1

    Monday- Day 1

    Wednesday- Day 2

    Friday- Day 3

    Saturday-Day 4

    Option # 2

    Monday- Day 1

    Wednesday- Day 2

    Thursday- Day 3

    Saturday-Day 4

       

       

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    Option # 3

    Monday- Day 1

    Thursday- Day 2

    Saturday- Day 3

    Sunday-Day 4

    Option # 4

    Monday- Day 1

    Tuesday- Day 2

    Thursday- Day 3

    Saturday-Day 4

       

       

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    Option # 5

    Tuesday- Day 1

    Thursday- Day 2

    Saturday- Day 3

    Sunday-Day 4

    Option # 6

    Tuesday- Day 1

    Thursday- Day 2

    Friday- Day 3

    Sunday-Day 4

       

       

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    Quick Notes On Attacking The High Performance Conditioning Finishers Within Strong and Shredded You’ll see that each of the workouts listed has a short “High Performance Conditioning Finisher” at the end. These are all designed to be fast, effective, and done with INTENSITY. The finishers will serve as your conditioning and will also help aid in fat loss as well as increasing your “motor” / overall endurance. If you’re someone who is strictly looking to gain mass and you’re an absolute hard gainer, it may be a good idea to possible skip over these finishers, but you can still gain mass while doing these. That’s up to you. Also, if you’re someone who’s more of a beginner and your overall training capacity is low (meaning you get pretty beat up from just a little bit of training), you may consider skipping over or reducing the finishers to help yourself become better acclimated to this type of high intensity training. The HPCF’s are listed progressively within the Strong and Shredded programming. The different set ups you’ll see for the HPCF’s are the following: WORK / REST INTERVALS – For this set up, you’ll hit your finisher with a Work / Rest Ratio Interval meaning if it takes you 2 mins to go through the HPCF circuit, then you’ll rest 2 mins. Take note of the Ratios. AMRAP CIRCUITS - For these, you’ll do a timed AMRAP set of the prescribed finisher meaning you set a clock for X amount of mins then try to get as many reps or rounds as possible within that time frame. As soon as the clock hits zero, you’re done.

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    ROUNDS for TIME - If you’re more advanced and you feel you can stay at a HIGH intensity level during these finishers while keep solid form and technique, you’ll perform rounds for time meaning, you’ll get through the prescribed rounds AFAP (as fast as possible) E.M.O.T.M. – For these, you’ll simply do the work prescribed every min on the min. Start the circuit and do it as fast as possible. If it takes you 35 secs do do the work prescribed, then you’ll rest for the remaining 25 ses then do the circuit over at the top of t