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  1. 1. SPELLED MOON SHORT BIO *Lost in the Forest of a Dream, Andy Sarcone Rooney (Lead Guitarist / Vocalist) conjured up this hex on a windy night, under the light of a SPELLED MOON... *Conceived in a professional studio atmosphere, since the beginning; and styled, on an eclectic mix of Power Metal and Neo Classical flavors, with movie score bac- kgrounds. The tales that start this journey were written, and the magic began to happen. *The recording sessions soared to new heights of pro- duction value at Tony Bongiovis POWER STATION Stu- dios (Jimmy Hendrix, The Ramones, Bonjovi, Sting) with main manager, Rob Roy, and chief engineer, David Levy. *Kicking hard Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen / W.A.S.P), joined ranks to play the mighty drums, brin- ging a marvelous style and performance. *Stinging with Venomous bass playing style, Ralph Rieckermann (Scorpions), joined this crusade and took over the low end for two of those tales. Moving in full throttle, the band went into gear. *Following destiny from shore to shore, Mr Rooney, mo- ved across the mountains, to build a recording studio within BLACK GATES, upon the city of fallen angels, in Los Angeles California. There he wrote, recorded and produced almost the entirety of this material. *Daniel Trajtemberg DANKER (Rata Blanca / Mario Ian / Malon), captured the essence of this musical as- sembly, and became the visual director, illustrator and photographer. *The EP Forsaken Spells was released on jan of 2013, conjuring up a compilation of legends, and every day situations masked in fantasy tales from long forgotten times. Some of them, rooted on real life characters from cen- turies ago. *Countless moons passed by in the making of this tas- ter, bearing a previously unreleased Scorpions song (writ- ten by Ralph Rieckermann and Grace Sharington). Now called Hidden in the Winds (new lyrics and arraignments by Andy S Rooney). The following power ballad, Soul Mates, chronicles a mans struggle to cope with the loss of his eternal lover. Triumphantly finishing with the clincher of the trio, a thunderous call to battle aptly named A War of Sha dows. Which tells about a warrior that the gods puni- sh to live in eternity. He finds in the moon, a friend who never listens; however, he still asks her to intercede with the kings of the heavens, to save his damned soul. *A determined engineer, Dave Jenkins (Uli John Roth, Joe Lynn Turner, Matt Sorum, etc.), mixed this Extended Play at The Wine Cellar Studios in Burbank California. *Brad Vance from Red Mastering (Ritchie Blackmores Night, Cannibal Corpse, Fates Warning), contrive the the final tweaks, at the dusk of 2012. *Soon after, Mr Jimmy Wiggle (Zakk Wylde, Eddy Van Halen, Slash), was in charge with the mission of twea- king and modifying Rooneys amplifier heads; they were later used on the full length albums Guitar Tracks. As one of the many guest in SPELLED MOON, *Bass player Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, House of Lords, Impellitteri), recorded two songs bringing great & tasty licks to those tunes.... *Mr Joe Petro (Heaven and Earth / Randy Piper (W.A.S.P)) , on Bass took care of the 6 remaining tracks, bringing to the band, eccentric tones with his many 8 Strings Bass Guitars. *Jimmy Ledezma (AL-Dimeola / Lalo Schriffin), plays percussions for the song Sorceress The Fiery Dragon. *Now in the city of Sins. Las Vegas, Nevada, whe- re the Desert Winds brought, Mr Rooney, to finish this adventure called Craft Of The Wise. With 11 songs screaming throughout this Full Length Album. *Playing Percussions in Selene The Vampire, a great friend of SM, the renowned Argentinean Drummer from the band Rata Blanca, Fernando Scarcella, who brings all his magic and talent to this song. * Veronica Cavallaro Joins The Team becoming the President of the Moonless Midnight Fan-club / Public Relations & Media Director for the South American and the Spanish Territories. *With a whole team and a strategy, SPELLED MOON keeps writing chapters for this story; *Planning for the full length album to be released rea- lly soon. *At the witching hour in times of sorcery we gather, under the light of a SPELLED MOON...