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Steven I Mclaughlin, DVM, MPH, ACVPM Company- The Zuku Review Lecture Title: Speedreading, Speedlearning and Multiple Choice Strategies for NAVLE: "What to do when you don't know what to do" Dr. Mclaughlin will discuss effective test-taking strategies to help you maximize your test performance, even when you don't know the answers. Areas covered include Speed-reading, Speed-learning, The top 3 myths of adult learning, and how to answer ANY multiple choice question, even when you are clueless. We will practice with real NAVLE-format questions and you will be amazed at how well you can do on topics you know nothing about with a little training. (Chickens anyone ?)

Speed-reading, Speed-learning-orHow to get information off a page and into your head

Steven I McLaughlin DVM, MPH, ACVPM Steve@Zukureview.com www.Zukureview.com 1 800 928 8218

A StoryOnce upon a time, there was a world called veterinary medicine, covered in many forests. One forest was called Dogs; another Pigs and so on. In the Dog forest, there were many trees. One tree might be called Cardiology and another called Endocrinology. On that Cardiology tree might be a single leaf called Dilated Cardiomyopathy One day, a good-hearted but near-sighted vet student wandered into the Dog forest, and got so engrossed studying the bark on a single tree that she got lost, and a big bad wolf called NAVLE came and ate her. The End

The need for speedIt is time to go fast, people. The goal is not to know everything The goal is not to get every question right The goal is to pass In the forests of knowledge, let this be your machete

The #1 Myth about learning

Reading = Learning

Reading is not learning Reading alone is too passive You START with reading (But not the way you may be used to it) You FINISH with short notes Presentation, DDX, Test of Ch., Rx, Prev/Prognosis The notes are what you study GOAL: Be able to re-write notes on a blank sheet

Get the info to stick: 3 Steps1. Speedreading: Preview-Read-Review 2. Make summary notes 3. Review those bodacious notes Review those bodacious notes Review those bodacious notes

What is Speedreading ? PRR PREVIEW READ REVIEW

PREVIEW the page FAST 2 minutes Scan it Titles Scan Presentation / DDX / Rx Scan the figures, diagrams

Pick 3 take-home points ie: Cushings: Panting, Pot-belly, PU/PD ACTH Stim or LDDS tests Mitotane/o,p-DDD

READ (if time) SLOWER Tech info is dense- theres no shortcut Highlight or underline key points If time is short (ha-ha), skip this step and go straight to review/note-making

REVIEW FAST Ask yourself, What are the Super summary points ? Presentation DDX Test of Choice Rx Prognosis/Prevention

Write em down, people These notes are your foundation They will be worth their weight in gold as test time approaches


USE IT OR LOSE IT MOST adults forget 50% of what they just read And 80% within 24 hours BUT !! Anything you have studied well will come back very quickly with a review .IF you make good notes

Good Notes Summarize in one page or less Incorporate PICTURES Make connections with other notes Fit your learning style(3x5 cards, outlines, diagrams, doing the hokey pokey while you say memory points out loud)

Images Anchor IdeasA picture IS worth a thousand words: Use pictures to anchor ideas

Fluid-filled lungs: Pulmonary edema

Floating lungs: Pleural effusion

Images courtesy of Dr. Terri Defrancesco, DVM, ACVIM, All rights reserved, copyright 2007-2010

Online Image ResourcesCase studies and imagesSurgery case studies http://www.acvs.org/AnimalOwners/HealthConditions/ Radiology case studies http://www.vet.k-state.edu/depts/VMTH/radiology/cow/index.htm Clin Path Case studies http://www.medvet.umontreal.ca/clinpath/choice.htm Clin Path images http://www.medvet.umontreal.ca/clinpath/banq-im/menuE.htm Vet video library: www.vetvideos.com

Dr. Ducks tech hintsIf you rightclick your mouse over an internet image, you can copy and paste it elsewhere

Merck images onlinehttp://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/mvm_list_img.htm

Repetition is the key Repetition is the key Repetition is the keyThe big pay-off comes from reviewing notes, written IN YOUR OWN HAND, and committing the big stuff to memory YOUR GOAL is to be able to write your notes from memory on a blank piece of paper for the Top 20 conditions by species

In a nutshell PREVIEW - fast READ (sloooooow) REVIEW fast MAKE SUMMARY NOTES invest time here Next day: REVIEW NOTES -moderate Day after that: REVIEW NOTES -fast Weekly: REVIEW NOTES -so fast youll be amazed

Effective learners Study when they are most sharp Eliminate distractions Work hard Actively process info (take notes, teach, discuss, test themselves, use images) Take time out to rest

NAVLE Countdown Study Plan: TWO


1. Review: a. Priority areas (ie: Cushings, not diabetes insipidus) b. Weak areas (chickens anyone ? Pigs ?) If you need structure to review: a. Make super-summary notes on top 20 Dzs b. Stick to Best Books- Pasquinis, 5 Min Consult Sm An. 2. Hone your test-taking skills with practice tests Esp. IMAGE tests, Weak areas, My Missed Question tests Do 3 tests EVERY DAY

Best Books for NAVLE and BCSEOutside a dog, a book is a mans best friend. Inside a dog, its too dark to read.- Groucho Marx

If you believe everything you read, better not read.- Japanese proverb

Best Books for NAVLE and BCSEGuide to Bovine Clinics 4th edition Chris and Susan Pasquini Guide to Equine Clinics 3rd edition Chris and Susan Pasquini, Phil Woods Tschauner's Guide to Small Animal Clinics 2nd edition Chris and Susan Pasquini Generous, well-organized and creatively illustrated with cartoons of animals and conditions that stick in your memory.http://www.sudzpublishing.com/availablebooks.html

5 Minute Veterinary Consult, Canine and Feline 3rd edition Larry P. Tilley and Francis W.K. Smith eds. Plumbs Veterinary Drug Handbook, 5th edition, Donald C. Plumb

Online Study ResourcesOnline Notes:Gumshoevet http://gumshoevet.net/Documents.aspx Auburn Univ Board Review materials http://www.vetmed.auburn.edu/index.pl/review_material

Practice testsNVBME practice test http://nbvme.org/practice.zip Zuku Review Question of the day archive: http://zukureview.com/QOD_Archive.PHP Zuku Review free user sample tests: http://zukureview.com/home_freeuser.php

Youre on your way!

Effective Multiple Choice Strategies-orWhat to do when you dont know what to do

Steven I McLaughlin DVM, MPH, ACVPM Steve@Zukureview.com www.Zukureview.com 1 800 928 8218

It is not enough to be a good chess player, you must also play well.-Savielly Tartakower

Effective Study Strategies for NAVLE NAVLE by the numbers MOST NAVLE points lie in only 4 species Good to study some chickens, pigs but Not at expense of cow, horse, dog, cat

Multiple choice tricks of the trade You WILL see questions you dont know DONT waste energy on panic DO learn to make effective choices, and MOVE ON

NAVLE by the numbers 360 questions, ~ 1 minute per question Only 300 questions countThe actual percentage of questions that a candidate has to answer correctly in order to pass ranges from 55% to 65%. http://www.nbvme.org/?id=12&page=NAVLE You need to get a little more than half the 360 questions correct to pass

NAVLE by the numbers72 (24%) Canine: 72 (24%) Feline: 84% of the NAVLE 51 (17%) Bovine: 51 (17%) Equine: 12 (4%) Porcine: 9 (3%) Pet Birds: 9 (3%) Public Health and Food Security: 9 (3%) Ovine/Caprine/Cervidae: 6 (2%) Other Small Animals: 6 (2%) Poultry: 3 (1%) Non-Species Specific: 300

Remember Suttons Law

Go where the money is

Pop QuizWhat percentage of students passed the NAVLE in 2006-2007 fall and spring testing cycle ? (A) 58.1% (B) 69.6% (C) 70.6% (D) 75.7% (E) 89.1%70.6 % of the all candidates (5046) taking NAVLE in the spring and fall testing cycles PASSED. 89.1% of candidates who were senior students in accredited veterinary schools taking the exam for the first time (2841)PASSED.http://nbvme.org/components/get_file.php?mid=114&fn=techreport06.pdf/techreport06.pdf

Multiple choice tricks of the trade The Good News Correct answer is GUARANTEED to be among the choices The Bad News You WILL hit questions you dont know Common mistake: Spending MOST of your time on questions about which you know the LEAST. Key to success: Train yourself to MAKE CHOICES and then MOVE ON.

Multiple choice tricks of the trade READ the question first (DONT look at answers) PREDICT the answer (protects you from distractors)

Is your answer the best of the choices ? If Yes SELECT it and move on Unsure of the correct answer ? ELIMINATE wrong ones, choose from whats left, and MOVE ON

What if I dont think this system will work for me ? Do what works for you. How do I know when I should I change an answer ? Stick with your first answer unless you recognize that it is clearly not correct - studies show that changed answers are more frequently wrong. I am clueless about chickens/cardiology/box turtle halitosis, what do I do? Read, Predict, Eliminate, Select -The correct answer is guaranteed to be among the choices. Whittle the choices down to as few as possible and guess.

Multiple choice tricks for smarties Look for: Convergence Longest answers Most inclusive answers (and, or) Answers like these are often, (but not always) correct.

Pop Quiz 1What is a Cook's speculum?

A) B) C) D)

Three-pronged ear speculum Four-pronged rectal speculum Three-pronged nasal speculum Three-pronged rectal speculum

Multiple choice tricks for smarties: ConvergenceWhat is a Cook's speculum? A) B) C) D) Three-pronged