Specialized Surgical Instruments & Techniques Endoscopy and Laparoscopy CTVT 1154-55 Objective:...

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Transcript of Specialized Surgical Instruments & Techniques Endoscopy and Laparoscopy CTVT 1154-55 Objective:...


Specialized Surgical Instruments & TechniquesEndoscopy and LaparoscopyCTVT 1154-55Objective: Properly identify specialized instruments and all of their parts, and understand the set up, care, and maintenance of each.EndoscopyThe technique of examining internal anatomy using optical instrumentationView internal body structures via an orifice ; not an incision Examine tissues directly; remove foreign bodies; biopsy organsGeneral anesthesia needed; intubation required for oral procedures

Types of EndoscopesFlexible

Endoscope Capabilities4 way distal tip deflection

Water flushing channel

Air insufflation channel

Suction power

Accessory channel

Common Endoscopic Procedures

Types of EndoscopesFlexible Fiber optic Endoscope

Eyepiece for direct viewingCan attach a camera

Types of EndoscopesFlexible Video Endoscope

Do not have a direct viewing lens and eye piece

All images are seen on a monitor

Can take photos or video

Types of EndoscopesRigid Endoscope

For procedures involving a direct pathway that are better viewed with a straight or direct line of sight Otoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy

Endoscopy PreparationVeterinary technician is responsible for prep:Hook up endoscopeEnter patient data on computerTurn on machine and check light sourceSet up distilled water for flushingTest machinePress the water valveSubmerge tip, cover the air valve, check for bubblesLeave tip submerged in water and press suction valve

Endoscopy Room

Endoscopy Room

Endoscopy CabinetStore endoscopes in a designated cabinet in a hanging position

Safe keeping; longer life;allows proper drying

Do not store in original padded case

Handling the Endoscope

Biopsy SamplingFlexible biopsy forceps obtain the sample1.8- to 2.4-mm cup for specimensUse 25-27g needle to gently get sample out of the cupsSample storage?

Endoscopy Accessories Biopsy forceps, wired snares, wire baskets, pronged grasping forceps, cytology brushes

ColonoscopyPatient preparation: Perform fecal sampling before beginning procedureFast for 24 to 36 hours; NPO for 4 hoursRemove fecal materialLavage solutions given orally Lavage colon (enema)Do all tests prior to administering the lavage solutionEndoscope CleaningClean immediately with an enzymatic solutionMay use soapy distilled water

Endoscope CleaningAll channels must be cleaned and sterilized!